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Today On The News And Why It

matters the 2020 Democrats, the state of them ahead of the Nevada caucus This weekend. Also the Trump administration announces a peace deal with the Taliban. We have got it all for you today and it starts right now welcome to the news and why it matters happy. Friday I am Sara Gonzales today joined by the one and only Pat Gray of Packer, a Unleashed thanks for being there Pat yes chief researcher of the Glenn Beck program and Jean-carlo So Poe from double-a is calm thanks for being here guys so let’s talk about you know Nova Nevada yes Nevada I keep I say it Nevada and people keep getting mad online that I’m saying Nevada I understand you guys say it weird I’ll say it for you a weird Nevada is it tomato or tomato Tomato Nevada anybody who lived. West noses of that I know that’s what they tell me, but it just feels weird to say so the Nevada caucus is of course tomorrow and you know we just had the last presidential debate for the Democrats earlier this week, We’ve got another one next week and we were just kind of going over the national polls off air but I wanted to bring up a new poll that just came out from of course.

Joe Bidens Key Primary State Of South Carolina.

Now South Carolina is the very next election to take place after Nevada. It is on February 29th and Joe Biden historically back in September. He had a 20–point lead in South Carolina. Recent polling shows that he has dwindled down to a 5 point lead so Joe Biden a 24 percent support in South Carolina with Bernie Sanders rising to 19% support and he.

By 8 Percentage Points Since September In That

same poll Pat is this is it’s a practice is it surprising and does it worry you at all. Does it worry me for Joe I’m not really that worried about I mean Are you that the Democrats are I mean it it looks like they are going to have a social role blue socialist as they’re their nominee No I you know I think that at least I hope Americans are still Americans and we reject socialist president I He’ll get a lot of votes from young people. If he’s the nominee, but Trump will have that opportunity to show the big dichotomy. This is and he’s the biggest dichotomy between what Trump will bring to the table. It has brought to the table and what he’s proposing I mean you couldn’t have a starker clearer choice and I think that plays well for for Donald Trump.

I Hope Jason Axe, Who Absolutely Shocked That

the Biden is doing that bad in South Carolina and I I mean he was counting on the black vote and even there it looks like turning on him. You know Glenn was just talking to Candace Owens and she was saying that she thinks that Republicans are hit twenty to thirty percent of the black vote which I don’t think is ever happen huge right so ever I think that if Bernie Sanders does get the nomination they’re they’re setting up for a historic loss and I was just looking I’m talking with Stu on Studios America about this tonight But I kind of see Bernie Sanders as the grumpy You know. Communist version of Barry Goldwater 1964 Both radicals consider radicals of their time. Only Goldwater was the radical. Then he lost a historic election as most radicals and elections do I think it’s still historic for what it was it was the largest popular vote defeat I think ever, but look what it did to the party and this is where it gets scary because historic defeats.

He Goes On And You Know

that’s when we had the time for choosing speech by Ronald Reagan problem maybe one of the best speeches ever, but then going forward. It led this huge youth movement to spurn you know the modern-day conservatism. What is that doing the Democratic Party right now if he gets nominate well, it happened the same way with all those young people that you pointed out that are now looking at him for guidance so we may win. Now what does that say for the future? Yeah I have a full-blown Communist as the as the head of the Democratic Party or the standard-bearer of the party from now into election day. It’s pretty scary enlarged, let’s just well hold on he doesn’t call himself a communist so I’m calling him a communist well right but just just to clarify here he is selling himself as a communist you’re just you know judging him by his own actions and I’m judging it.

Yeah I Mean Anyone Who In The 60S

70s and 80s was siding with the likes of Fidel Castro and the Soviets that person would be called a communist. We wouldn’t bother with any of these little silly philosophical nuances? What’s happening in South Carolina I think is that Bloomberg is appealing to a certain cross-section of black black voters who kind of see him as having a ton of money that he could pump into a general election. They see that they think he’s more viable at this point than Joe Biden so Biden’s numbers are collapsing because of that because some of the supporter bases is being transferred over to Bloomberg and the greatest beneficiary of this transaction is Bernie Sanders because Biden’s candidacy is dead in the water if he does not. I I would say like he can’t just like barely win South Carolina he has like pretty convincingly win. Carolina and what we’re gonna see in Nevada is Bernie Sanders is probably gonna is gonna win that pretty handily if you see all the polls, but I guess you never know the Democrats can’t run a caucus.

So Well See What Happens There But I

really am terrified like you said Jason for the future of the country because Sanders is ideology is going to be normalized and their media is gonna be gaslighting the country, saying that it’s normal that this is just what they have in Europe. It’s not what they have in Europe. His tax rates are much higher than anything they have in Europe. Europe isn’t proposing to confiscate private assets or any of that nonsense. They’ve been moving away from nationalized industries for decades.

So I Really Think Were In A Heap

of trouble and sure maybe I mean I actually I have no. doubt that President Trump is going to defeat Bernie Sanders, but ideologically I think it’s going to have a bad long-term effect on the country. Pat does Giancarlo’s point I you said that Sanders ideas will get normalized. I mean aren’t they already because you have Bernie Sanders who proposed Medicare for all what four years ago and everyone laughed at him. Nobody wanted to vote for it and now it’s the platform for every single 2020 Democratic candidate Yeah I’ll never forget being called racist.

In 2009 When We Called Barack Obamas Proposal

for Obamacare mm just a precursor to socialized medicine to socialism. Oh God you’re just racist well here they are just a few short years later really bashing Obamacare good Obamacare socks now to them and they’ve wholeheartedly embraced the universal single-payer health care system. You really Amazing you guys called that then and said look what’s gonna happen what that’s a precursor to and now if you just now they wouldn’t say that then now they’re saying Yeah that’s basically what it was and they’re going to step further in the Democratic socials of America are saying well yeah Yeah that’s what it was but now once we get single-payer health care that’s the precursor to sees more and more of this gilded capitalist system. Yeah I mean they’re telling us exactly what they’re doing, but then when you call them out on it in public. You know like on a debate stage like no that’s how what we’re doing we’re for Denmark for crying out loud some people are calling.

Obamacare, A Trojan Horse Remember That

and then the architect of Obamacare came out and said was it’s not a Trojan horse that’s what we. We’re gonna get there we weren’t hiding him I’m being very clear about this particular thing. I feel like he’s like being very deceptive with these comparisons to Denmark Yes the Danes doing time Yeah, The Danes do not ban private insurance a significant populate its percentage of the population. There has private insurance the only country that I know of at least in this hemisphere that bans private insurance is Cuba so he’s not working off the the European Social Democratic model. He’s working off the old Soviet model well Elizabeth Warren desperately trying to hang on for dear life.

In This Race.

She took issue to Mike Bloomberg, who came out the other day and said the real winner of the last debate was Donald Trump, which he said if we choose a candidate who appeals to a small bias, a small base like Senator Sanders, it will be a fatal error and Elizabeth Warren. She said that Bloomberg is wrong and he should just like drop out that would be really really convenient for everyone watch what happens from here well. I hope that Michael Bloomberg decides to live by what he says he just wants to see the Democrats beat Donald Trump so that’s great Mike Bloomberg drop out of the race keep putting your money in to help Democrats beat Donald Trump and just take your ego out of this. It’s interesting for someone to say take your ego out of this who’s polling way lower than Mike Bloomberg.

Even Though Shes Been In The Race

for far longer. Yeah I also love that she wants him out of the race, but she wants it’s pretty good arrangement. He’s an evil billionaire when he’s using it to help his own political aspirations, but if he drops out he can still give us all their powers right really interesting to see how desperate Elizabeth Warren is getting Giancarlo Yeah I think also it’s it’s it’s kind of comical because clearly the path the the greatest challenge to the nomination for her and the rest of the Democratic field. It’s not like Bloomberg.

Its Its Bernie Sanders Sanders Beats All

of them on a one-on-one matchup. They could probably take down Mike Bloomberg. If it’s a one-on-one the one they had to get rid of is Bernie Sanders so what that points to what that suggests to me is that there’s. motive here maybe she’s positioning herself to be a running mate for Bernie Sanders.

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I Cant Possibly See Bernie Sanders Is

so far to the left I can’t possibly see him trying to triangulate or moderate by having a moderate vice president or something like that like someone like Tim Kaine or someone like that right I just don’t see him doing that he’s gonna want to nominate a fellow progressive maybe someone who’s just not as radical as he is so he’s gonna go with a phony like Elizabeth Warren that’s against a good call. I mean I’m fully expecting Tulsi Gabbard I think that would be the smartest thing he could do yeah because she knows because she was a supporter of his last time around which most people are forgetting that they are ideologically the same She’s not conservative. The only reason Conservatives have warmed to her.


Sara Gonzales is joined by the one and only Pat Gray of Packer, a Unleashed and Jean-carlo So Poe from double-a is calm . The 2020 Democrats, the state of them ahead of the Nevada caucus This weekend . The Trump administration announces a peace deal with the Taliban . We have got it all for you today and it starts right now welcome to the news and why it matters happy.& Friday I am Sara Gonzalez today joined by Pat Gray, the chief researcher of the Glenn Beck program and the one-and-a-lover of the show’s Glenn Beck show . The Nevada caucus is of course tomorrow and Joe Biden a 24 percent support in South Carolina with Bernie Sanders rising to 19% support and he.& by 8 percentage points since September in that same poll . In South Carolina is the very next election to take place after Nevada.& It is on February 29th and it is on Feb. 28th and the next election is February 29st and…. Click here to read more and watch the full video