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The President And Vice President Hit With A

backlash over their memorial day messages and Dr Fauci cashes in on Kovid a new book deal. You guys are going to lose your minds today and it all starts right now welcome to the news and why it matters I am Sarah Gonzalez today joined by my friends we’ve got Eric July Blaze Tv contributor Eric July and all the also Matthew Marsden filmmaker actor Just Jack of all trades extraordinaire Matthew Marsden, who we just liked. We like to have him on the show because a he he’s he knows a lot but B we just like to listen to him talk so i’ll take that my wife doesn’t like that at all. Oh really she’s over it Yeah she’s totally okay wait is she she’s British too no she’s more she’s okay okay Oh so i bet her accent. Is pretty nice too yeah She’s got a cool accent okay we’re gonna have to have her on too so I can just listen to her talk all right so over the weekend a lot of backlash surrounding both the vice president and President’s Memorial Day messages now of course it started with vice president Kamala Harris, who tweeted out.

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I Believe That This Was On Friday.

She tweeted out a picture of herself with the caption enjoy the long weekend kind of like a pile on after that point I’m sorry. This was saturday. It was kind of like a pile on at that point with people pointing out um enjoy the long weekend not really like do you know why we have the long weekend. Do you know why this is a holiday weekend, which prompted her to tweet out Later on.

I Believe This Was The Next.

Day throughout our history, our service, men and women have risked everything to defend our freedoms and our country as we prepare to honor them. On memorial day. We remember their sacrifice their service and their sacrifice much different than the the picture of oneself and the caption enjoy the long weekend. Let’s go ahead.

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I Want To Get Your Thoughts

but let me go ahead and and throw in President Biden and what he had to say as well so President. Biden actually gave a memorial day speech and of course couldn’t miss an opportunity to push for diversity. Talk about how democracy was under attack and of course empathy. Here is a little bit of that speech watch the lives of billions from antiquity to our own hour have been shaped by the battle between aspirations of the many and the greed of the few between people’s right. To self–determination and the self–seeking of the dictator between dreams of democracy and appetites for autocracy which we’re seeing around the world.

Our Troops Have Fought This Battle On Fields

around the world, but also the battle of our time and the mission falls to each of us each and every day. Democracy itself is in peril here at home and around the world what we do now. What we do now how we honor the memory of the fallen will determine whether or not democracy will long endure empathy is the fuel of democracy. Let me say that again empathy empathy is the fuel of democracy. Our willingness to see each other not as enemy as neighbors.

Even When We Disagree To Understand What

the others going through empathy is the fuel for democracy democracy Democracy Eric I have a feeling that you have something to say about that. That other stuff that you know I’ll let you guys handle the more militaristic stuff. Let me just speak on that specific thing when hearing that it just makes me cringe to the point to where I’m about to pop a blood vessel myself Because look it’s not just I know the cliche thing is to say America is not a democracy which I it’s it’s not effectively. Though unfortunately, it is trending in that way, But what I get so frustrated at is how world leaders politicians talk about that concept as if it is inherently a good thing and it’s not. It’s never been and it’s it’s even more ramped up and may just be me.

Maybe I Havent Been Paying Attention As Much

a lot of folks have been around longer than i have maybe they always talk this way, but when I hear these guys speak. about democracy nowadays it’s like that’s all there is and it’s the greatest thing ever no. It is basically tools and a lamb deciding on what’s to eat for dinner That’s effectively all that it’s ever have been and this moronic idea that people get to come to get us. It’s funny because he mentions self–determination that is antithetical to democracy antithetical which I would agree with the idea of self–determination, individualism and individuality. These guys being able to ask individuals to pursue whatever it is that they want but to hear these idiots who may have gotten their position by way of this process, Which is why they like it so much talk about democracy as if it’s just such a lovely thing and we have to fight for it.

Dont Seem To Understand That For

guys like myself the people that actually value liberty when you say something. are threatening me with a good time yeah, I mean whenever I watch these things like You know look at what Kamala Harris said and what what what he said I always think about the people that are actually writing these things Because there’s no way bite does not seem. Then he’s been writing that stuff right and neither is she right so who are they surrounding themselves with that don’t understand the fabric of this country. They don’t understand what you know it’s a it’s a republic. It’s not a democracy as you were saying.

I Know That I Came To Learn

that when I came here because I think it’s important to understand the country that you’re living in when you come from another one right and and I just think that that when you it concerns me when I see you can imagine them all sitting around. You know everyone that they’re in the pool whatever they’re like if you’re having a good weekend. I’m gonna have a great we’re gonna have a barbecue tomorrow and that’s what’s going on in their world right. They’re not thinking about the men and women that died to preserve this country and our freedoms right. It’s just the truth so to me What what is alarming is a reflection of the people that are really pulling the strings behind yeah the people that are out and then you know you can imagine them like after that tweet went out because I I saw that tweet on the on.

I Think It Was On Sunday Right And

then there was the pylon like you said there was just and then I’m like okay you can imagine more going. Oh we got it wrong quick you know what are we going to. say say something about the country that’s about people sacrificing all these words. They just keep spamming out and when I watch that that speech it just sounds like Gobbledygook to me. It’s just like saying a lot of stuff about nothing at all Yeah No it’s interesting too when he talked about diversity has always been an incredible strength when it comes to the armed forces because we’ve been seeing this push with the new ads.

The New Military Ads With Diversity Equity

inclusion well. I have two lesbian moms and that’s why I joined the air force it’s like why are we focusing I mean call me crazy, but I feel like when it comes to our armed forces and our military. We maybe should be focusing on just like the strength of it rather than what the hell color of skin everyone has and what you know. They identify as and whether or not they’re gender fluid well that’s just the other things that they advocate that have basically infiltrated basically that I mean those are the things that they obviously focus on I mean the highest levels right. They don’t care about merit based on anything say what you will about like military everybody here knows some of the anarchists at the table so how I feel about what they do is is another conversation, but you would think that of all time right this whole protection a protection idea.

You Would Think That Thats What It Would

be about it be about merit more than anything how you look how you act none of that matters can you pass x amount of you know whatever again is mayor Bates do you have the skill set to fill this particular position. Now you think that of. all things if even if I did concede that it was a legitimate thing. You think of all things health We’ll take it back to like a private militia. If if we even looked at it from that standpoint, you want those people to be the best suited for that job and it doesn’t matter if they have a one eye.

You Know Whatever Skin Tone Brown Purple

black doesn’t yell it doesn’t matter what what their skin tone is but that’s not what they’re pushing they’re focusing so much on this whole diversity element and this whole diversity is our strength which doesn’t really make any sense because it’s really not like that doesn’t mean anything the makeup of something which is what at the point that I’ve been driving home When it comes to this concept the makeup is irrelevant to whether or not that is a good. Or bad thing? This is why? I say when it comes to diversity that’s just a symptom like sometimes some things may have a over well. There’s no such thing as an over-under-representation, but you get it. Maybe example, I always use track and field athlete with my entire life.

If I Owned A Sprint Facility Or

something where I trained athletes most of them. Probably that are coming through are going to be black that’s just the nature of what it what it is that doesn’t mean that just because my staff or that that’s working there and athletes that come through are predominantly black. There’s something wrong with that or that we’re actively keeping out some sort of person No that’s just naturally how it happened but for you guys that do value like the you know the militaristic institution you should be scared for your. life the fact that that all that Marxist bullcrap that they’re putting out there has infiltrated that so you thought it was immune to it.

No It Was Not Not Even Close Matt.

I can just imagine like Russia is coming to attack us or you know whoever China and but we’re like well we’ll out woke you because well I have two lesbian moms so take that oh you’re shooting me. This is it the most important thing is that the military is the most efficient lethal force in the world. They’re about killing the other people hopefully the threat of killing the others means that that never happens but but of course that’s.

The Only Thing That Matters Is

is how efficient you are what you do here’s the the strange thing is I’ve been very fortunate to work with a lot of branches of the military over. my career and they do not care about color. They none of those things has ever come up.


The president and vice president hit with a backlash over their memorial day messages . Dr Fauci cashes in on Kovid a new book deal and Dr Kovid gets a book deal . Matthew Marsden, Just Jack of all trades extraordinaire, who we just liked. We like to have him on the show because a he he’s he knows a lot but B we just like to listen to him talk so i’ll take that my wife doesn’t like that at all. Oh so i bet her accent.& Is pretty nice too yeah. She’s got a cool accent okay we’re gonna have to have her on too so I can just listen to her talk all right. Dr. Kovid and Eric July are joined by our friends. We’re looking forward to the news and why it matters. We want to talk about our favorite stories of this week’s Live Show Showcase: Showcase, This Morning, Today at 8 p.m. ET….. Click here to read more and watch the full video