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Today, Joe Biden Is Announcing His Supreme

Court nominee the latest on Russia and Ukraine and the CdC announces another change in masking guidelines. We’ve got the latest for you today and it all starts right now Happy Friday welcome to the news and why it matters I am Sara Gonzalez as you can see. I am not in my house still and I am not wearing my controversial glasses, so I hope everyone’s happy excited we’re excited to be here it’s still freezing cold outside, but there’s no more ice so we’re here The crew was able to come in everything’s great al by the way Alex Stein, who looks like what are you talking about not why I’m wearing them, but I will say they do come in very handy because on days where like I you know I do have two children and work full full-time and. You don’t have anyone to watch your children and the school’s out and it just gets very chaotic so whenever for those of you who watch the program a lot. They know when I show up in glasses or a bun they’re like Sarah’s had a tough day.

Sarah Has Had A Tough Day So Far.

Sarah you’re doing so gracefully do not beat yourself up. I think Sarah looks I mean come on She looks like a superstar Literally we’re team glasses here no but this isn’t the kiss Sarah’s butt shower saying Sarah they’re all there. They all have you know insecurities that are even way worse than yours, so so let them that’s their therapy You know sadly as a beautiful woman. You’re gonna be a pin cushion for people that are they call haters.

You Know What I Mean So I Think

that’s just part of it that actually means that you are successful and that you are a shining light because they’re like oh. I can’t handle it because my insecurities you know they want to they want you to deflect and that’s all it is is a coping mechanism for your greatness. I appreciate that Al Alex really wants to come back. I do I love service I just can’t believe Sarah you’ve got a great show you’re a blaze. You know you’re just a successful woman successful mother and then you would have any insecurities you could start trolling and I’m.

Like I, It Was A Fan Of

the show. I’m like why are you dogging me when you watch the show my goodness as I say often who needs friends who needs enemies with friends like these. I also want to introduce Jorge Ventura reporter from the Daily caller and also you know Jorge. I think the fans know now whenever you come into town. You have a new documentary out because you’re like the documentary machine just producing these documentaries every chance you get I don’t know when you sleep, but it is tell us about the new one.

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Yes Sir So We Just Released

um the hero to zero documentary. It could be found on Hero20doc. com and we just wanted to do something different at the daily caller we were looking at um you know the corporate press has essentially you know held any frontline workers like police. Officers nurses teachers as these kind of frontline heroes has praised them and you look right you know rightfully. So is the height of the pandemic I’m from Los Angeles.

Our Mayor Eric Garcia Told Us That

at 6 p.m every night we had to bang our pots and pans and as soon as the mandate started coming we saw the corporate press start to demonize these first responders people in the working class middle class so we didn’t you know we didn’t agree with that and we wanted to give back and give these people a voice and tell their stories of what they’re going through and it’s um it’s some pretty sets that one of the firefighters featured in a documentary Jar sadly he’s been placed on unpaid leave since October so till today as we’re speaking right now he hasn’t received a paycheck. He has a mortgage. He has four kids. He has a wife um and right now.

We See That The Corporate Press Is Cheering

on also the firing of these workers, so we wanted to do something for them give them a voice and tell their stories and show hey. These are real people that are going through this just for making their own personal decisions. After being on the front lines of the pandemic. Most of these frontline workers, like nurses, firefighters have already contracted covet and if we’re going to trust the science. According to the CdC Natural immunity protects them six times more than a a vaccine so yeah we just released it hero2.


com please check it out and share it and you know it’s just like I said it’s telling the stories and giving a voice to the first responders. Yeah well. We appreciate the work that you’re doing constantly. Again, I really don’t know when you sleep but yeah, we thank you we thank you for that um so do you think they take advantage of them In the documentary is it just to set an example, though just to scare people to fear monger people in the future like why do you think they are going after the first responders so bad because I haven’t seen the documentary in your opinion Jorge um I mean to be honest.

I Have No Idea It Almost

seems like they’re being scapegoated and like I said right now like when these first responders like all right if I’m being placed on unpaid leave like when am I getting fired or anything the county won’t give them give them a date, so they’re just kind of been stuck in limbo. I think they’re just trying to make an example. You know. of these folks, the La Times even put out an editorial saying We need to build back better by firing all the anti-vaxxer firefighters after those fighter fighters were like saving people’s lives for the past two years. Right right so I have no idea but right now in California.

Its Becoming A Big Fight And The Good

thing you know now that the mandates are starting to drop so hopefully something works out there where these folks get their you know their jobs back and at least get some type of back pain. I mean to go since October before getting a paycheck right yeah it’s criminal well everyone make sure that you check that documentary out. I want to switch gears here and I know I think Russia and Ukraine is obviously the top story globally, but um we discussed that at great lengths. On the program, there’s a little bit that’s transpired since then, but I do want to get to first Joe Biden, who has apparently selected his Supreme court nominee. He tweeted out earlier.

Im Proud To Announce That I Am Nominating

Judge Kitanji Brown Jackson to serve on the Supreme Court. Currently serving on the U. s Court of Appeals for the DC circuit. She is one of our nation’s brightest legal minds and will be an exceptional justice. I love that all that all of the articles that I’m seeing about this like one of the first things they say is that she would be the first black woman to serve on the Supreme Court and I’m like I know that’s why he picked her wasn’t that like weren’t.

We Already Told That That Was The

literally the only criteria that he had so I don’t think you need to. put that at the very beginning of the freaking article and the original Black Supreme Court Supreme Court Justice that was nominated. Biden was the one that stopped that so it’s like he actually stops progress but listen contagi Jackson no relation to Michael Jackson for the people that say that are you sure everybody’s saying that I want to squash that rumor no relation no but you’re never confirmed it’s the problem it’s the intersectionality I mean it’s with the entertainment too. It’s like you know you can’t even have a hit Tv show or any Tv show on a major network. If you don’t have like a you know trans you know character that is fight person of color that is fighting some sort of existential conflict that is propaganda for like the mainstream news, so that’s where we’re at right now it’s like the creativity is gone.

I Wanna I Wanna Bring Up

look I as soon as they announced I was like I need to look into this woman look into like what are her views what you know what is her history? I do know that she has face in scrutiny where she sits now on the circuit Court of Appeals for overturned decisions. So apparently she has had a lot of decisions that have then gone on to be overturned. It’s almost like she might be trying to be an activist from the bench. I I don’t know and change law from the bench but um jorge, what are your thoughts on oh let me let me give you one more. I did see online that her husband, who is a doctor, an Md does have pronouns in the bio on Twitter, so they’re those people yeah well is she worse than.

Them Expanding The Supreme Court In Your

opinion than than hiring her that’s going to go inside no because she’s just going to replace a liberal for a liberal is not like a it’s a wash in my opinion. It’s just interesting to see how they’re making you know Amy coney Barrett also hasn’t even been ruling right besides the conservatives, so it’s a it’s a big loss. The the thing that I mean we I guess we all would all agree is just just pick the best person for the job. You know. I guess has a history of not doing that even when it came to the vice president pick you know he said hey I’m gonna pick a woman of color ended up being Kamala who is extremely unpopular at that time.

I Think A Lot Of Folks

who might have not who don’t remember, but when. She was running for president. She was actually pulling one percent lower in her home state of California to Andrew Yang when no one even heard of Andrea from the ubi so that’s how unpopular Kamala is um so i’m not even surprised at this point. I think the next supreme court has to be like you got to now be black Trans you got to be like not everything I guess sexual.

Theyre Going To Get The Pig Theyre

not going to be able to find anyone Oh crap you’re saying that so do you know about Sam Britton who the guy who’s in charge of biden‘s nuclear waste energy is a furry. He’s a you have you’ve seen this guy. His name is Sam Brenton look him up and he’s in charge of the nuclear waste of ours he’s trans something right he’s He’s a transsexual but. He’s pansexual and he’s a furry the thing is he has an incredible story.

Hes Had Mormon Parents And They

put him through gay conversion therapy so that’s why he’s like a little extra flamboyant then according to his own story so but what I’m saying is he’s a nice guy. I love Britain. I’m happy I want him to be more flamboyant, but I think he gets picked for the job because of his flamboyance and not his brain.

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Sara Gonzalez is not in her house still and I am not wearing my controversial glasses, so I hope everyone’s happy excited we’re excited to be here it’s still freezing cold outside, but there’s no more ice so we’re here . Joe Biden is announcing his Supreme Court nominee the latest on Russia and Ukraine and the CdC announces another change in masking guidelines . Sara Gonzalez: “They all have you know insecurities that are even way worse than yours, so so so let them that’s their therapy You know sadly as a beautiful woman.& You’re gonna be a pin cushion for people that are they call haters.& Sarah you’re doing so gracefully do not beat yourself up.& I think Sarah looks I mean come on She looks like a superstar” The latest on the news and why it matters to the nation’s most important question is whether the U.S. Senate should vote on the issue of legalizing marijuana in the country’s decriminalization of recreational marijuana ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video