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Today, Joe Biden Prepares To Confront Vladimir Putin

amid his G7 blunders more vaccine passports on the way and Chuck Schumer is apparently an ableist. We have a lot coming up today and it starts right now welcome to the news and why it matters I am Sarah Gonzalez Yes it is still the same show just with a different opening sorry. I missed you guys yesterday Jason Buttrell was supposed to fill in for me and then he just went and got food poisoning, which I found to be very rude so our apologies but we are back and ready to go. Also back with Yakubu. Yen’s host of the Aku Bullions show who by the way I would just like for everyone to know before well let me just go ahead John Doyle.

I Guess Ill Introduce You.

I guess I’ll introduce you of course. This is a heck-off commies own John Doyle, but I had a lot of people reaching out to me. I think that they were worried that there was some rift because Yakubuyun says an on where is Yakubuyun, where is he why isn’t he on Willyaka was out of town. There’s no rift right.

I Was I Was Dying.

I was dying for him to come on time. I so missed you. I so missed you it’s so good to be back thank you so much. I know you did a great job.

I Actually Got To Watch Some

of the shows while filming our Tv series Yeah. I I got to you know I I was a big time producer. I had a makeup I had withdrawals yes I know well. We did too so it’s good for you to be back. It’s an honor you’re welcome everyone.

We Like To Give The People What

they want so let’s get into the news of the day so obviously like I said I was gone yesterday. We didn’t get to talk about all of the G7 summit meetings Blunders and then of course now Biden is preparing to confront Vladimir Putin in Geneva This week now Biden has been blunt in his assessments of Putin in the past. You will recall probably um they had asked like do you think he’s a killer and he basically unequivocally had said yes a little bit different now. I believe this was yesterday. During the Nato summit he was asked the same question and then what would you say to Vladimir Putin and I think Joe Biden once again short circuiting live on television watch this.

In A Weekend Interview, Vladimir Putin Laughed At

the suggestion that you had called him a killer is that still your belief sir that he is a killer. Answer the first question I’m laughing too. They actually well look. I mean he has made clear that the answer is I believe he is in the past essentially acknowledged that he was there are certain things that he would do or did do but look um. When I was asked that question on air.

I Answered It Honestly, But Its Not

much of a i. I i don’t think it matters a whole lot. In terms of this next meeting we’re about to have now. This is of course, I mean the stakes are high for this meeting since biden last met Putin in person. The United States has accused Russia of interfering in two two elections the second in 2020.

And Executing An Unprecedented Cyber Attack

against U.s, businesses and government institutions and of course there is crimea so I’m not sure that I would call this a strong stance. At this point. I believe it took about seven seconds for Joe Biden to fully reset before he could speak again gentlemen What are your thoughts. Oh it does matter from a guy to the world It matters.

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This Is Major Point Score Putin Putin

the guy with no shirt riding a horse bear back right in Russia damage that I wanted no thank you but now you’re going to come you know what’s going to happen next week. When a big cat slaps a little cat and is putting the killer doesn’t even have to it is point scored It is advantage Russia it is Usa is subject to because our leader that’s walking in there goes Oh it. Doesn’t really matter you know I’m just going to meet with the strongest you know opponent we have and he’ll play nice. He’s going to slap you like a big cat and laugh at you while he’s doing it. This is why bring trump back that pushes people aside that says Usa first America first hey putin you’re under my shoe.

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This Is Not Good.

This is this is back remember China laughed at us in Alaska and said you don’t even come from a place of strength you. This guy is saying This is not bad. This is this is an atrocity if I was his coach and this is fight day. I’d say fake an injury.

Dont Show Up Because Youre About To

be humiliated and and I’m so pro America Sarah, but this is not the representation. We want yeah G7 yeah John I mean I can. Hear the calls for impeachment now had President Trump said something like that I mean he was you know he did his whole trumpian way of speaking when he talked about Kim Jong–un and the press couldn’t believe it the left couldn’t believe it that he would say these things about this killer now we have Joe biden like I mean what difference at this point does it make yeah they live in these thought bubbles and they’re not aware that most of the rest of the world isn’t enlightened on things like egalitarianism and feminism and so fundamentally people still respect and respond to strong male leadership right and you have someone like Joe Biden, who you know he’s good looking he’s charming he doesn’t have a whole lot going up going on upstairs anymore. I think he’s a handsome guy. I think he’s not he’s not as unlikable.

Like Hillary Clinton Okay Thats Like Hes Kind

of pretty unlikable. He’s got that smile but you know like if you’re just I don’t know that’s my opinion, but anyways compare that to someone like Vladimir Putin, who like you said the optics of riding the the horse bareback shirtless and you know he goes hunting and he just commands respect like when he walks people just he looks like a guy who knows that he’s untouchable and joe Biden. You know you watch videos of him walking. They take the still images and they put them on twitter like you know two weeks down or whatever look at A video of him walking around he’s looking and then Jill Biden has to come and escort him towards where he is. He has no idea what he’s doing and so on the world stage, someone like Donald Trump, You know maybe he didn’t have the policy knowledge necessary, but he had the instincts to go in there and know that like he’s just generally gonna do what’s best for the American people where Joe Biden doesn’t even know what he’s doing He’s gonna like a joke yeah well okay so on that note let’s let’s play.

There Were A Ton Of Clips That

that we had to choose from. I know that there was one that probably most of you saw out there that was Joe Biden forgetting that he was introduced to the was it the South African president and that was speaking of John. I mean really there’s this look of emptiness in his eyes whenever he’s looking around it’s like he’s not quite sure who everyone is where he is but here is another one that surfaced of Joe Biden just kind of interrupting himself getting lost in his own thoughts watch and I’ve said before and I apologize for a lot of people here you know there’s a lot that that is is happening come on look man the thing you know the thing here’s the deal honestly acting is reacting and if you look at the faces of the other leaders that’s sitting in the room they’re going swallow me up please it’s almost. Like they say, can somebody throw the U. s a lifeline yeah? Can we send our coaches to help you.

So You Can Be A Worthy Opponent

by the way him not knowing Cyril Ramaphosa, the the leader of South Africa, who is the number one champion of all things China around the world. In the brics coalition who is the second highest threat to the Us at the moment the brics Coalition Brazil, Russia, India, China South Africa. The fact that he doesn’t even know the man by by just looking at him, tells you how little he’s in touch the country at the moment the show we did with Glenn that is murdering white farmers at a rate that is unseen reverse racism that is unseen the fact that our president can’t identify this guy should tell you that this man is not on this planet. I don’t know. What they shoot him up with to get him up in the morning, but it’s it’s he’s not here.

This Is This Is A.

This is a serious problem. I mean just a little bit. It’s just the leader of the free world who can’t would you have me back if you pass to me and I go um yeah you know so anyway so anyway there’s a lot of people here you can’t expect me to remember names yeah.

I Mean Its Painful Listening To The Stutters

and the actually you know what I don’t want to call it a stutter because they’re going to say oh well remember he has a stutter that’s it’s not it’s a stumble not a stutter. I should not say stutter John yeah he said what was it that he had a speech impediment and he tried to like victimize himself every time. He doesn’t know a word and he short circuits they’re like you can’t make fun of a man with a stutter Are you crazy? Which is interesting because the coalition in which he’s operating as we’ll get into a chuck Schumer seems to be a little bit ableist towards those types of people. Yes yes so yeah.

Im Laughing At What You Said

or what he said about would you have me back if I did this because I heard through the grapevine that you were critical of my tendency to simply respond to takes was just so true and yet I’ve still been able to come back. You have yeah but you do it with your eyes up and you do it with your confidence and you go so true. I’m not saying it’s a cognitive decision. It’s not a 45 second decision to say so true true right.

But Now You Really Want Me, But Im

not a narcissist though you make a good point. I’m not going to say well that was good but let me make it my point. I’m just going to say good points there so true and that that’s the end of it that’s why what a gentleman John Doyle is over here okay so so we’re talking about how bad optically it looks to be you know to have Joe biden as your president right now we’re not the only ones talking about it.


Sarah Gonzalez is back with Yakubu, Yen’s host of the Aku Bullions show who by the way is John Doyle, the commies own John Doyle . Yakubuyun says there is no rift because Yakubueun says an on where is Yakubun, where is he why isn’t he on Willyaka was out of town.& I was I was dying for him to come on time.& Joe Biden prepares to confront Vladimir Putin amid his G7 blunders, more vaccine passports on the way and Chuck Schumer is apparently an ableist.& We have a lot coming up today and it starts right now welcome to the news and why it matters I am Sarah Gonzalez and we like to give the people what they want so let’s get into the news of the day. We like to Give The People what we want. & I was there for a lot of the people that they want to talk about all of the G7 summit meetings Blunders….. Click here to read more and watch the full video