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Today, President Biden Defends All Of His Executive Orders

and his climate Czar is busted in a resurfaced clip traveling by private jet. We’ve got a lot to get into today and it starts right now welcome to the news and why it matters I’m Sarah Gonzalez today joined by Glenn Beck himself the one and only how are you Hello Hello, Hello Hello Nice to see you Hello, Oh God we’re in for a treat today also Jason Buttrell, chief researcher for the Big man. What was that that’s that’s all i have we’re here to give you the headlines of the day Wow you’re in for a real treat because apparently we’re all in a mood today all right so Joe Biden made it a point today to defend the like high extremely high number of executive orders that he has already signed he said I’m I’m not. Making new law please We called it law whenever President Trump was signing them, but I’m just eliminating the bad policies Here’s Joe Biden. I want to make it clear.

Theres A Lot Of Talk With Good

reason about the number of executive orders that I have signed I’m not making new law. I’m eliminating bad policy that’s not true taking on the issues that 99 of them that the president, the last President United States issued executive orders. I thought were very counterproductive to our security counterproductive to who we are as a country particularly in in in the area of immigration. This is about how America is safer stronger, more prosperous when we have a fair orderly and humane legal immigration system. So Glenn, who knew that um making the border less secure is actually safer for America well, it’s more equitable and by the way none of that is true of what he just said that he’s only eliminating.

He Is Doing All Kinds Of

things instructing the agencies to fundamentally transform. It is really important that people understand he corrected himself a few days ago when he said equality and then he corrected himself and said equity he has in these in these federal orders these executive orders changed everything we are not about equality anymore. We’re about equity and that is equal outcome not equal chance not creating laws is kind of the problem. Here I mean he’s really saying the the problem with the entire system where every time a president comes into office he just doesn’t go through Congress” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>congress just like writes these executive orders and bad. policy some of that policy was actually trying to combat the problem that their little foe problem was It was a problem, but the thing they just centered right on Donald Trump was with the kids in the cages that was separating Obama and Clinton Yeah Clinton started it and Janet Reno.

It Started With Him.

It was on steroids under Obama, but so now I mean I just read that he just opened up another child attention facility down here in Texas in South Texas where’s all the outcry with the New York times just being an uproar. I don’t think so that is interesting because he also said today. When he was talking about all of these executive orders. He said we are going to work to undo the moral and national shame of the previous administration that literally not figuratively ripped children from the arms of their.

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Families With No Plan None Whatsoever

to reunify the children? I mean I just literally I can’t take the lies it’s not hypocrisy. It’s not that we view things differently. These are lies from people who are telling us that they should be the arbiters of truth that is not true the children in the cages thing. I know I was there and I tried to reach out to all the left to say look at what is happening. They wanted nothing to do with it until Trump got into office and I was with them when trump was in the office.


Finally you’re with me this is wrong. I can’t take the lies from from the media and from these institutions anymore, and it’s gonna get worse it’s going to get much worse, So glenn let me ask you because you were there you were at the border. Do you remember what year that was 12 13. I think it was like 20 Probably 2015 15.

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Yeah 14 Or 15.

so because we had a conversation about this yesterday with Yaku Buyance who I you know does a lot of work with you know sex trafficking survivors but so you would agree that when children come to the border with an adult. There has to be some sort of separation for a certain amount of time documentary proof or DNa right you know and you could provide they could do a swab test and a DNa test really quite quickly and this is for the protection of the children not because you keep them apart now under obama. They had different cages for different age groups that was really cruel. You can’t put you can’t put a bunch of boys and girls together that are 15.

Years Old But You Also Dont Want To

separate brothers and sisters who are there so you’re put into this awkward, horrible situation where you’ve got a six-year-old boy and a 14-year-old girl and they’re in different buildings and that six-year-old is terrified terrified and what makes things even worse is everything They’re doing is just going to exasperate that’s that situation Yes there’s caravans coming there’s floods of people coming now that they’re talking about blanket amnesty um it’s. I mean I can tell you what’s going to happen Biden is probably going to actually they won’t say this out in the media, but they said it about Obama Obama was the what was he the um the deporter in chief Yeah the deporter-in-chief that’s what he was known as before Donald Trump, then all of a sudden they forgot about that but the same thing’s going. be weak on the border they’re going to be very very vocal on on amnesty. They’re not going to They’re not going to turn these people away. I don’t think Obama did Obama had to play the game somewhat you know they’re not playing the game anymore.

They Dont Have To Care They Dont

care how how long can they get get away with that I mean you’re going to have to go through Congress. Then on some of this stuff they’ve proven that they will not do that at what point I mean are you kidding me okay right if this is a 2008 conversation. I’d agree with you. It’s 2021 man you thought last year was nuts wait until you see what’s coming up. These people are not they’re talking about packing the court seriously now talking about packing the court.

Theyre Seriously Talking About Adding New Say.

States are well they’ve got to go for Congress No they don’t. I mean if they were interested in playing by the rules, Probably you’d be correct what part of the constitution do you think they’re real fans of how scary is that conversation. I mean this is seriously. I mean we’re facing constant forever fundamentally altering the constitution that’s what we’re looking at over the next few years.

I Mean Would We I Cant

I don’t ever remember having this conversation before I I don’t but that literally is the reality right. I’ve had so many conversations with really people that people would really respect and I’ve stopped almost every conversation in the middle and said can I just point out how bizarre it is to seriously be considering what we think is coming yeah. I mean it’s a it it is coming it is coming and um you. know one of my um? I think about this all the time now. I had a prompting 2012.

Learn Your Scriptures Memorize Them Theres Coming

a time where you’re going to need them and you won’t have them. It scared me so badly because I had seen the things that are coming and it scared me so badly that I did the opposite for a long time. I put my scriptures away and I didn’t want to do it because I figure somehow or another about a stupid like a six-year-old kind of thing to do well. If I don’t do that then I won’t be in that position or you know whatever and I regret that because we we are going to need the hope that can only come from above. I really truly believe that yeah in other headlines.

John Kerry, Who Is Of Course The

the new climate Czar? He apparently there’s a new resurfaced club that he’s taking a lot of heat for he was on his way to Iceland to receive the Arctic Circle award for his work on climate change and he just he just took a private jet and so he was confronted by a reporter there who said I understand you came here with a private jet is that an environmental way to travel and he said if you offset your carbon it’s the only choice for somebody like me who is traveling the world to win this battle and then of course added. I negotiated the Paris accords for the United States that’s not just a private jet that is a DC-10 that I don’t know exactly that I don’t think that’s a global what were those called global that that is a. Very large plane coming out of that’s not a little private jet right that is a very global express. Maybe um and you’re burning lots of fuel. What about that but he’s doing a lot of great work and you know what I really honestly believe that um.

These People Dont Think Theyre Doing

evil Most of them . I think they think they’re doing good because they think they’ve been convinced they are only hanging out with their kind of people and so they all are like well. This totally makes sense we have to because these people are just I mean they’re like animals and so I mean they don’t know what to do when the whole world breaks down and so we’re gonna do this and they really actually believe it and they also um. They just know that they’re different because they have to do this otherwise The planet will go away and so well. Yeah of course the little people Don’t have to do that, but they’re not me.

Im Doing These Great Things.

I don’t think that they I really I don’t think they even believe it They don’t believe that the planet is not as they believe it’s a tool Yeah exactly so the Paris agreement which you just brought up that’s the perfect example of this which Joe Biden is rejoining rejoining John Kerry that’s that was one of those flagship things you remember. He brought his granddaughter up on stage when he signed it at the U. n um everything that they meticulously negotiated would change the temperature by what 0. 05 degrees wow 50 trillion dollars 50 trillion it’s not going to stop it it’s dumb it’s nothing it doesn’t.

Do Anything Except Destroy Jobs And

cost money that’s all it does and create a giant billions of pounds billions slush fund that they’ll use to subsidize more of the companies that they’ll partner with um that’s really all it does you know when he said. I think he said like people like me or something like that. This is the only way to travel and when he said that it.


President Biden defends all of his executive orders and his climate Czar is busted in a resurfaced clip traveling by private jet . Joe Biden made it a point today to defend the like high extremely high number of executive orders that he has already signed he said I’m I’m not. making new law.& I’m eliminating bad policy that’s not true taking on the issues that the president, the last President U.S. issued executive orders . Glenn Beck is joined by Jason Buttrell, chief researcher for the Big man, to give you the headlines of the day . Sarah Gonzalez and Glenn Beck are joined by the one and only how are you Hello Hello Hello, Hello Hello Nice to see you Hello, Oh God we’re in for a treat today. We’re here to talk about the news and why it matters. What was that that’s that’s all i have we’re here and what we need to do with the Big Man. Back to the page you go back to Mail Online…. Click here to read more and watch the full video