BIKERS FOR TRUMP to RETAKE Antifastan as ARMED MEN Guard Statues Across US


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The Pushback Against Ante For Radicals And

the leftist politicians who support them has begun an organization known as Bikers for Trump pledged to liberate the Seattle autonomous zone in the 4th of July in honor of Independence Day. All the while armed citizens have begun guarding our heritage and our monuments across the country. In this video we’re going to take a look at the latest developments in citizens standing in the gap of our feckless left-wing leaders and how the movement to take back our nation from anarchists is just beginning you’re not going to want to miss this greetings everyone Dr. Steve here with you. I certainly hope you’re all doing well.

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with you each and every day. If this is your first time with us and you know you’re just looking for some daily encouragement and optimism in the midst. All the nonsense spewed from our left-wing Marxist media you found your oasis in this channel. We analyze current events analyze some super awesome conserve trends so you can live in the present In light of even better things to come we help you to think better, so you can feel better alright so if you haven’t already done so you know what to do make sure to smack that Bell and subscribe button it’ll be an absolute privilege to have you as a regular part of this channel. We’re together each and every day we celebrate the inevitable collapse of left-wing globalism and the unstoppable rise of a new conservative agent.

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Let Me Tease You A Bit Here.

I am excited to let you know that we have a major announcement coming next week. So you’re not going to want to miss it, but we have some huge changes. Coming to Terli talks that you’re going to absolutely love so stay tuned I’m gonna tease you with that let’s start with our video chat question of the day Shall we do you support the retaking of Seattle’s so-called autonomous zone Let us know in the comments section below. Do you support the retaking of Seattle’s autonomous zone or should we just let them rot like we talked about in yesterday’s video how these left-wing cities are just completely collapsing at this point let us know what you think in the comments section below because we are going to look at the latest developments among citizens throughout our nation who are mobilizing not only to protect send our monuments and our heritage, but indeed to take back parts of our cities that cowardly left-wing politicians have abandoned you’re going to love this but before we get into it all let’s.

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Alright Gang Lets Dive Right In Here Fascinating

stuff It looks like we’re beginning to see the right answer to Antifa and it’s not good news for an Tifa. A group of self–proclaimed bikers for Trump is pledging to retake Seattle’s Capitol Hill autonomous zone on the 4th of July in honor of Independence Day now I’m sure you’re all aware by now nauseatingly so in the left accessable known as the city of seattle Antiva linked radicals took over 6 or 77 city blocks at the police department abandoned and these radicals while they originally called it Chaz or the Capitol Hill autonomous Zone. I believe they just named it chop. The Capitol Hill occupied protest zone would it be better for we’re chopped Zz4. The zone.

It Has A More Of A Rap Feel

right and I came across it look at this you actually have the site. lead with this article how Chaz became Chomp Seattle’s police free zone explain it is it’s a freaking laughing stock in these left-wing nuts in Seattle or literally parodies himself explaining this, but nevertheless, you got there’s a ton his own setup and it centers around an abandoned police station. They’re refusing leave until their list of demands are met which include Seattle banning the police force completely as well as providing black doctors for black patients right you heard that right segregated hospitals right that’s the fat among our university elite where they’re citing studies that minorities are more prone to Covin 19 because they’re not as forthcoming with white doctors as they would be with non-white doctors. It’s the latest in our descent into tribalism brought to you by the American Marxist left but again I digress so you’ve got this occupied territory known as Chop chat. in Seattle right even it even comes with a warlord in charge, how’s that I mean you literally can’t make this stuff up a guy by the name of rapper as Simone and his armed crew or declaring themselves now the law and order of the area that’s why I think we should call it chop Z, but regardless right now.

Im Sure You All Know That The

ultra-left mayor of Seattle thinks this is all cool right both the governor of Washington and the mayor. They think this occupation is really like lovely right they’re digging it man and as a result like we talked about on yesterday’s video you have a total breakdown between the mayor’s office and the police a breakdown in law and order. The police are ready to take back the city blocks that are being illegally occupied by what is in effect a radical. That’s instituted by by the way of they’ve instituted race segregated occupied territory all right but I’m just like our just like our cultural Marxist universities been doing but nevertheless you have this total breakdown between lawmakers and law enforcement and of course, like we talked about in our last video. You you have the epitome of unintelligibility.

When You Have Lawmakers Siding With Lawbreakers

right as overt against the very law enforcement that they employ it’s the epitome of absurdity, but that doesn’t matter to the cultural Marxist left If what they’re overseeing is the destruction of a racist bigoted in sexist society and so with this break between lawmakers and law enforcement we’re beginning to see citizens sane citizens as opposed to the collective insanity that characterizes our political class. Today, Sane citizens are starting to mobilize to take back to so called autonomous own or empty fast. And as we like to call it And so what we’re seeing now Is a group known as Bikers for Trump who are pledging to take back and Tifa stand on behalf of the United States. On their Facebook event page. They posted quote on July the 4th Independence Day coalition of Patriot groups and all who want to join are going to retake the Capitol Hill autonomous zone for America and Tifa members are illegally occupying public property and terrorizing small businesses neighborhood American.

Patriots Have Agreed To Come Together Again

remove the barricades illegally obstructing traffic and free the people in the zone close quote amen to that at this point one point seven thousand are committed to going another 15,000 are interested and they make it clear that you know they have no intention of engaging in any your deliberate acts of violence. Unlike the anti-fost. And thugs they’re not going to be breaking the law Unlike the ante for stand things they’re simply going to show up in mass numbers and begin the process of removing the barriers that were set up by these anti-fost and thugs. They’re gonna dismantle the barriers and then they’re gonna return the police station over to the Seattle Police Department and there’s really nothing these anti-fost and thugs can do about it again. This is scheduled for July 4th and correspondence with Independence Day and this happens this may all this may be all that needs to be happy to happen in order for Trump to act decisively.

Trump Has In Fact Said That If

this mayor does not end this occupation once and for all, then he will and what we can see play out. Here is that these bikers for Trump and by the way. You don’t have to be a biker to join anyone who’s interested in just restoring law and order is invited, but we could see these bikers for Trump showing up and if there’s even the slightest bit of a skirmish, then that’s it. I think Trump and the feds will move in the whole situation with at that point I’ve gotten out of hand and it’s gotten out of hand precisely because he’s left-wing looms. These cultural Marxist morons he’s so-called lawmakers have refused to actually enforce the law now While all this is going on another fascinating developments happening and that’s a number of armed citizens gathering together and protecting monuments across the nation.

For Example In Kentucky In The City

of Brandenburg, a group of armed citizens surrounded Confederate statue after they heard that black lives matter mob was expected to gather around it to face or destroy. In Philadelphia, a group armed men gathered around a statue of Christopher Columbus in South Philly gathered to keep it safe from vandalism from UK and Auntie foe activists and again God bless these people you see this is what we’re seeing emerged through all this. I think it’s very important as left-wing mayors and governors cower before the warlords of cultural Marxism as again let this hit you as lawmakers side with lawbreakers because they’re cowards as lawmakers turned their backs on law enforcement inside with the lawless American citizens are standing in the gap and I need to add. These are brave Americans They are courageous Americans do not ever forget this we as a nation were originally founded on the notion of virtue, particularly the classical concept of civic virtue and virtue classically. Speaking involves cultivating a soul that loves what’s truly lovely desires was truly desirable.

Hence Were Able To Experience Our Highest Human

freedom and our highest human flourishing And this is key without you know the coercion of government. This is what civic virtue is all about civic virtue is about cultivating a sense of self-government where we voluntarily pursue the public good without coercion from the government. So this is how we bring together law and liberty in this distinctive American experiment and classically speed and classically meaning when you go back to Athens and Rome and Jerusalem. Right the very foundations of our Western civilization. Classically speaking, courage is the central virtue right you have what’s called the four cardinal virtues right wisdom, moderation justice and courage and the notion here is that without courage all the other virtues fall apart right you have to have fortitude to want to be free to want to cultivate and protect the public good.

And Without The Fortitude And The

courage to do that all the other virtues collapse. So God bless these men who are protecting our heritage and our monuments. God bless these bikers for Trump because they’re ready.


The pushback against ante for radicals and the leftist politicians who support them has begun an organization known as Bikers for Trump pledged to liberate the Seattle autonomous zone in the 4th of July in honor of Independence Day . Armed citizens have begun guarding our heritage and our monuments across the country. The push back against ante- ante for . radicals and . leftist politicians . is just beginning a movement to take back our nation from anarchists . The movement has begun to begin with armed citizens standing in the gap of our feckless left-wing leaders and how the movement to . take back . our nation is just under way now. We analyze current events analyze some super awesome conserve trends so you can live in the present. In light of even better things to come we help you to think better, so you . can feel better alright so you know what to feel better . Stay tuned to Terli talks that you’re not going to want to miss it, but we have some huge changes. Stay tuned…. Click here to read more and watch the full video