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around the world. It seems, but Bill Gates says there will be more pandemics to come. Why would Bill Gates be saying this because we don’t know for sure what his interests are and what investments he has is that troubling to you hello there you 4. 7 million awakening wonders here We are on a glorious pilgrimage together to the brightest light of all the light that is within us I’m all over the Uk in April May March, come see me live there’s a link in the description. You can get tickets as long as everything’s okay by then.

It Seems Like Things Are Moving In The

right direction around the pandemic and the perception of it, but Bill Gates says there will be more pandemics to come. In fact he’s got a lot of interests in pandemics. I mean. He’s just interested in pandemics. I’m not into conspiracy theories, but I am into conspiracy facts and I’m not a conspiracy theorist.

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Im As It Says In The

comments below and add your comments here a conspiracy analysis who is it that come up with that brilliant phrase Let me know in the comments below. So let’s have a look at what’s going on around Bill Gates because I’m not interested in stuff that’s pie in the sky Rhubarb rubbish. I want to know the facts. I want to know the truth. You can’t handle the truth No yes I can.

Microsoft Co-Founder.

Bill Gates, who predicted the Kovid 19 outbreak in 2015 has warned over the emergence of more pandemics in the future. Gates has urged governments to spend billions to prevent the spread of future diseases and pandemics, which according to him could be far more deadly than. well, it’s pretty obvious that they could be. I mean if it does prove to be true that the outbreak of this disease was as a result of gain and function research in Wan whose funding is yet to be established.

Then Of Course, I Mean If Other Similar

comparable experiments going on, then there could be more lab leaks. If it was a lab leak as the world responds to the challenge of a rapidly evolving virus. The need to deliver new life-saving tools that I sell UK has never been more urgent gate said last week. I mean does this not to some degree and I’m not suggesting that Bill gates is this or a big farmer is this but my word hey it’s a nice civilization. You’ve got there be a shame if anything happened to it.

Our Work Over The Past 20 Years

has taught us. Early investment in research and development can save lives and prevent worst case scenarios. I’m not suggesting that billionaire entrepreneur Bill Gates has any interest other than the betterment of the planet. I’m open-hearted to all people. Perhaps all Bill Gates wants to do is help others, but did you notice that in what I just read There’s a lot of talk of billions being spent necessary development So let’s have a look at what he could mean by that and some of the activities of the Gates Foundation.

The Gates Foundation Reported A 40 Million

dollar stake in Curvac. One of dozens of investments. The foundation reports having in companies working on Covid vaccines, therapeutics, diagnostics or manufacturing You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to ponder whether or not it is profitable to be in the business of making vaccines when vaccines are mandated right you know. Belts cool all right yeah if you’re making seat belts, though that’s a good time for you H. These investments amounting to more than 250 million dollars.

Show That The Worlds Most Visible Charity

and one of the world’s. Most influential voices in the pandemic response is in a position to potentially reap. Considerable financial gains from the Kovid 19 pandemic now for me perhaps the reason Bill Gates knows a lot about Covid and predicted it in 2015 is because it’s the subject he’s been interested in and that’s obviously not something he’s sought to hide. He goes on the television talking about it is the motivation. You want to help people or is the motivation you want to profit from it not that there’s any evidence or proof that Bill Gates does profit from it it’s simply we’re looking at this investigation into the activities of the Gates.

Foundation And Then Having A Reported

40 million dollar stake in Curevac If there is a financial benefit and we live in an economic system that is driven by economic benefit and the need for profit. Then you would have to be extremely naive and poorly educated not to consider a possible congruence between those data revelations of the gays Foundation’s financial stake in Kovid 19, which Bill Gates does not appear to have publicly disclosed in dozens of recent media appearances speak to broader criticisms about the lack of transparency in the foundation’s increasingly central role in the pandemic. Do you know like the thing that we’re encouraged to say about spying and data capture If you’ve got nothing to hide why are you worried about being spied on that’s okay so if transparency is what you want from us when it comes to data capture being tracked by. big tech that information being shared with government how about some transparency around the activities of the Bill Gates foundation. What reason could there be other than you would not like this information Who are they accountable to they Don’t even have a governance structure that’s clear notes Kate Elder senior vaccines policy advisor to doctors without borders a pretty cool little organization doctors without borders just want to help people go around helping people increasingly i see less information coming from the Gates foundation.

They Dont Answer Most Of Our

questions. They don’t make their technical staff available for discussions with us when we’re trying to learn more about their technical strategy on Covid and how they’re prioritizing certain things those certain things presumably are you know you take your own um guess about what those priorities are, but that’s interesting Isn’t it that K Elder, a senior vaccine. policy advisor to doctors without borders is concerned and Gates’s priorities in developing and distributing a covid vaccine. Elder says are increasingly the world’s priorities as multilateral institutions like the World Health Organization have ceded leadership to a group of public-private partnerships where Gates provides key funding we’ve done videos before have a look at it. I’ll point you at the end that shows you the amount of investment Bill Gates makes in media and some might say that that would affect the kind of coverage that Bill Gates receives in media now we’re learning that there are a lot of private public partnerships with organizations that dictate policy now no one would allege anyone who’s sensible and doesn’t have really really powerful lawyers that they’re devencore would not suggest anything untoward is going on but it’s interesting as K Elder here points out in this article that i’m reading.

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Loud These Organizations, The Coalition For

epidemic Preparedness innovations and Garvey the Vaccine Alliance are working with the who to develop the largest and most diverse Covid19 vaccine portfolio in the world. James Love, director of the NgO Knowledge Ecology International says the foundation’s decades of work on vaccines, along with its sprawling financial ties allowed it to assert influence early in the pandemic. He had enough money and enough presence in the area for a long enough period of time to be positioned as the first mover and the most influential mover. So people just relied upon his people and his institution says Love in a pandemic when there’s a vacuum of leadership. People that move fast and seem to know what they’re doing they just acquire a lot of power and he did in this case that’s interesting from James love there isn’t it that because bill gates.

Was Prepared Because He Was Talking About

it in 2015 because he already had this infrastructure when that power vacuum emerged because it was a novel situation We’ve never had anything like this. You know a situation where lockdowns were being proposed a pandemic, Whatever there was an opportunity for someone to step to the forefront again, I don’t know what the right policy is how could. I possibly, but it’s interesting that someone who has it might appear things to gain from this situation was able to dictate direct and influence policy if that is indeed what happened. Gates’s leadership in the pandemic has been widely almost universally praised, but because Gates is not an elected representative or public official. The details of his far-reaching influence and finances have largely eluded public scrutiny you have an enormous amount of power that affects everyone around the globe and there should.

Some Accountability Some Transparency Says Love People

are not asking unreasonable things. It’s a charity We’re asking right let’s see if these questions are reasonable to you can you explain what you’re doing like If I saw bill Gates picking up the bins outside my house. Can you explain what you’re doing no mind your own business What I do with new Europeans is my affair. Can you explain what these contracts look like absolutely not particularly since they’re using their money to influence policies that involve our money okay well those are two good questions. The Gates foundation declined requests for interviews and did not respond to detailed questions sent by email, including about his investments in pharmaceutical companies working on Covid now a lot of the time when you hear stuff about bill Gates it’s reported like eyes are conspiracy theorists wackos lunatics, but like this is like.

All Serious Stuff Can You Explain What Youre

doing? Could we have a look at those contracts? How are you influencing policy that’s not like hey. I think Bill Gates is coming from the moon baby and he’s living with a space man. He’s saying I wonder if Bill Gates financially benefits from these policies that he appears to yeah that’s not madness is it love and other critics say a key role. Gates has played in the pandemic has been elevating the pharmaceutical industry, for example, pushing the University of Oxford to deliver its leading coveted 19 vaccine platform into the hands of Big Pharma. The result in partnership with Astrazeneca had another effect changing the university’s distribution model from an open license platform designed to make its vaccine freely available for any manufacturer to an exclusive license controlled by Astrazeneca now obviously if one of the things that people are curious about because it’s not being investigated is financial impropriety or not even impropriety.

The Chance That Profit Is One

of the motives. Among many other philanthropic motives for the pharmaceutical industry. Bill gates and everyone involved in seeking a solution for the global pandemic. Then a bit of evidence like they made someone whose policy was to make things freely available to any manufacturer make it exclusive now I bet that they can come up with a camera argument. It’s because we want to control the quality I’ve seen them do stuff like that but you feel like does it also, though as a side effect to you making it like better quality make you more money.

Oh God.

I haven’t thought about that that is weird I’ll be doing that profit-making thing that my whole life has been defined by Oh my God what a lucky coincidence. George Schaeber, executive director of German advocacy group Buco Farmer campaign sees the Gates foundation as having an ideological investment in this business model pointing to many of the foundation’s senior staff who come from the pharmaceutical industry, including the president of Gates Global.


Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates says there will be more pandemics to come . Gates has urged governments to spend billions to prevent the spread of future diseases . He has warned over the emergence of more pandemic diseases in the future . Let’s have a look at what’s going on around Bill Gates because I’m not interested in stuff that’s pie in the sky Rhubarb rubbish. I want to know the facts. Let me know in the comments below and add your comments here a conspiracy analysis who is it that come up with that brilliant phrase. Who is it who came up with the brilliant phrase? Let’s add your comment below and tell us what you think about Bill Gates’ conspiracy theory. I’m as it says in the comment below. Let’s also add your thoughts about what he thinks about the conspiracy theories. I am not into conspiracy theories, but I am into conspiracy facts. You can’t handle the truth. I don’t know what it says. What you think….. Click here to read more and watch the full video