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The Ultra-Liberal Bill Maher Is Now Admitting That The

impeachment circus surrounding President Trump was a colossal mistake and his Bruce Willis said and Diehard Bill welcome to the party Pal we’re gonna look at Bill Maher‘s sudden dose of reality and why he’s absolutely right. The impeachment circus has made Trump stronger and bolder than ever you’re gonna absolutely love it greetings everyone Dr. Steve here also to be with you as always if this is your first time here on this channel we post two videos a day analyzing current events. It’ll add some super awesome conserved trends, so you can live in the present in light of even better things to come so if you haven’t already done so you know what to do make sure to smack that Bell and subscribe button to be an absolute privilege to have you as a regular part of. This channel where we each and every single day get we have the honor of celebrating together the inevitable collapse of left-wing globalism and the unstoppable rise of a new conservative age also for everyone before we do anything else make sure to click on that link below and head on over to my special website for my patriot food supply with all the quarantine that are being enforce and with all those pictures of empty shells that we’re seeing perhaps you saw them firsthand.

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Several Months Back He Back He

was talking with Michael Moore interviewing Moore and they were both having this Nicholas you know anti-trump rant fast they’re not my president smooth fest and all of a sudden mark comes out and says that the whole impeachment Fiasco was in his words a horrible thing and if he knew what he knows now he wouldn’t do it the whole thing was one big massive mistake in his argument. In the midst of Moore’s assertions that Trump was threatening and bullying Muller and he threatened James Comey and all that sort of stuff, which of course is hilarious. I mean these two more and more seem to love the deep state. They love the swamp, but regardless Bill Maher was insistent. The impeachment was a giant mistake and for Marv it was a mistake because it only ended up embolden entron Pand.

He Cited Trump Firing All.

Inspector generals which both again Morin and Maher see as Trump sworn accountability. They think the deep state is good okay Inspector General’s. Unfortunately for them have been radically politicized in this environment of the swamp. In fact as I understand it.

It Was An Inspector General That Passed On

the whistleblowers accusations to government officials that ended up blowing up into this whole impeachment. Fiasco I mean this this last State Department inspector general that just got fired from the State Department. He was drawing scrutiny on Secretary of State Mike Pompeo dog for heaven’s sakes so there’s Michael Moore and Bill Maher wallowing over Trump dismantling the deep state and Maher admits now that the impeachment circus only ended up in bolding Trump, which of course is bad for everything left-wing and liberal and swampy and the like now I think we need to recognize here that Bill. Even though he’s frankly he’s an ultra-liberal Bill Maher is one of the few honest ones out there At least. He seems to have a genuine moment of honesty here and there and he’s willing to tell the truth.

Hes Willing To Tell The Truth

about the growing number of Karen‘s and are increasingly defining the Democrat. Party. He’s willing to call out the Clintons as ridiculous and political poison. He’s willing to call out Ilhan Oumar and occasional cortez is absurd and he is finally seems to be coming to his senses over the whole impeachment disaster several months back, and he does certainly admit that it was a disaster. It’s unfortunate that it took him this long to conclude that now we here on this channel did several videos during the whole impeachment Circus that made the sustained argument that impeachment was only going to strengthen Trump.

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And Weaken The Democrats In Fact

our very first video on all of us When Nancy Pelosi first uttered out her announcement that they would be impeaching the president. Our very first video was entitled Impeachment will destroy the Democrats okay. We knew from the very first day. This was all gonna blow up in the Democrats faces. In other words, we knew that the polls would end up showing two growing trends that there would eventually be a decreasing amount of support towards the Democrats in their push to impeach Trump on the one hand, and we would be seeing an increase in approval and support for President Trump on the other those are the trends that we predicted and the reason for that was rather simple.

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The Huge Risk That The Democrats

were taking was that they would increasingly appear to be the very Washington establishment actively attempting. to destroy a populist leader who campaigned against that establishment right that’s why we’ve predicted this would end up blowing up their faces and only increasing Trump support. The Democrats risked appearing to look more and more like a Washington establishment, trying to destroy a president who campaigned on ending the corruption of that establishment and so doing the thereby hardened and solidified Trump’s political base that elected him. In 2016. Trump was elected to drain the swamp and what did we see what was the swamp trying to do to him.

They Were Trying To Impeach Him.

The man who’s trying to drain them and so the logic Here is that the more the Democrats attempted to thwart and sabotage Trump the more they end up legitimizing his 2016 campaign. That was the major risk that the Democrats took going into that impeachment trying to impeach Trump. They would only end up making him stronger and that they only further verified and confirmed the legitimacy of his campaign and so we predicted that we would see two trends coming out of all of this okay. The first trend would be a decrease in support for the Democrats and their impeachment on the one hand, and an increase in support of President Trump on the other and those two trends.

Those Two Trajectories Would Put A

massive amount of pressure on the Democrats and most especially Democratic presidential candidates in effect causing the party to eventually crack up. Okay so that was the overall argument We put forward and what have we seen we’ve seen The Democratic Party nominate perhaps the single weakest candidate in recent memory. I mean Biden makes Romney look strong by comparison, and what did we see at the State of the Union right. You remember that the last State of the Union with Nancy the Ripper Pelosi right Nancy tore loser pull oh, Oh we could go on and on right She cracked. She had a total and complete meltdown on national television when she started tearing up a speech that included the families of victims of an illegal immigrant murderer and a baby who survived after being born prematurely in a fourth grade.

It Was Now Going To Be Able To

go to the school of her choice. Through a grant. She tore up a speech at 80% of the nation supported. And adored I mean gang you know you just have to let this stuff hitch is she cracked.

She Utterly Cracked Up And Shes

still cracking up what we predicted has happened and I’ll say that I think things are even worse than I thought they would be. I didn’t see a Democrat defecting over to the UK, but of course that happened with Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey and we also predicted that the mainstream Marxist media. They wouldn’t be able to save the Democrats like they’ve been able to in years past they wouldn’t be able to save the Democrats precisely because no one’s watching the Marxist media anymore. No okay and we have to understand just how much the mainstream media has actually imploded in popular there was a poll released a couple of months back that found that only about seven percent of the population.

Actually Had Genuine Confidence In The Marxist

media seven eight percent. I mean Breitbart is getting more hits than most of these mainstream media outlets today Okay, so we knew the media wouldn’t be able to salvage the Democrats lose her image and the elections that have taken place since the impeachment over the last couple of weeks is bearing this out okay just a couple of weeks back again we’ve done videos on this Republican. Mike Garcia flipped a Democrat held seat in California’s 25th district just outside of UK a district that voted for Hillary by 7 points in 2016, the first time since 1998 that the UK successfully flipped a congressional seat in California from Democrat to Republican and not only did Garcia win, but he won by over double I. Mean he won by double digits beating his Democratic opponent by 12 points and the other.

Special Election, Wisconsin The Trump Backed

candidate Tom Tiffany crushed his Democrat opponent by decisive 14 points. On the same day, the Republicans swept all three special elections for the Statehouse in Pennsylvania and earlier this week, the Republicans flipped to Virginia City Council’s the election since the appeasement have borne out that the impeachment hadn has made the Democrats incredibly weak. It was a rotten idea and Trump as it turns out has come out stronger than ever now Before you go you will definitely want to check out my latest video on Biden’s latest ridiculous flub I’m sure you all know it by now if you don’t know it you ain’t back we’ll go over such an absurd comment and how again it only weakens the Democrats and ends up strengthening President Trump you’re gonna absolutely love it so click on the link and I’ll see you over. There God bless!


The ultra-liberal Bill Maher is now admitting that the impeachment circus surrounding President Trump was a colossal mistake . The impeachment circus has made Trump stronger and bolder than ever you’re gonna absolutely love it greetings everyone Dr. Steve here also to be with you as always if this is your first time here on this channel we post two videos a day analyzing current events . No one makes it more ridiculously easy and affordable as my patriot food supply their food kits. They’ve got a guarantee policy that will knock your socks off and if you act now, you could save $100 off a full four-week emergency food supply. When you click on the link below to my special website you heard that right $100 . Click here for more information about the benefits of the food kits you can buy them from Dr. John Sutter’s patriot food supplies at his special food supply site. Dr. Sutter is available on his special website. Click here to read more about the food kit. The next episode will be on…. Click here to read more and watch the full video