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The Co-Founder Of Black Lives Matter Resigns As Support

for BlM collapses. In this video, we’re taking a look at the embarrassing scandal that precipitated this founder’s resignation. How such scandals have utterly soiled and tarnished BlM’s reputation and why polls are finding that whites in particular are abandoning their support for Blm in droves you’re not going to want to miss this greetings. Everyone patriots all across the globe. Dr Steve here with you great to be with you as always if this is your first time with us and you’re looking for some daily encouragement and optimism as well as some analysis to help you make sense of these crazy times wherein you found your oasis.

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The Popularity The Black Lives Matter Movement Is

indeed collapsed there’s really no other way of saying it. We have a number of polls. Here first. According to a morning consult, politico poll conducted with 2 000 respondents just released the other day. Support for BlM has dropped from a high of 61 percent to now a mere 48 a 13 point drop.

While At The Same Time, 46

percent of adults believe that race relations have actually worsened with only 30 percent expecting them to improve in the next five years, but the real story in my view was picked up by U.s News and World Reports. Support for BlM is imploding because whites have largely abandoned BlM the Daily News Uk. reported several weeks back that support for BlM was dropping even more dramatically than this morning consult poll. They recorded near 20-point drop in support and again The key here was how so many whites were turning their back on the movement.

Only 35 Percent Of White Americans Approved Of

BlM, while 50 disapproved just a few months prior to that polls the other way, around 53 percent of whites approved of BlM. So support among whites dropped 20 points comparable to the drop in support of BlM, and while this poll was from several weeks back that rather low number 35 support continues to be corroborated by a civics tracking poll that finds that as of today, only 38 of whites support the movement with 49 opposing now if you factor in the 12 percent who don’t care who don’t give a rip about Blm then that number surges. Over 60 percent over 60 percent of whites either oppose or during or Don’t give a rip about BlM so that’s a pretty astonishing number but check this poll out. This is from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Just nine percent of Trump supporters support BlM, nine percent.

Im Frank Im Astonished The Number Is

that high given the trump supporters I thought have all taken the red pill. We understand what Blm really represents is it’s just you know the mainstream Marxist media never tires to be their cheerleaders and all that but of course that notion as well founded the media today is doing everything they can to try to explain away. Why Whites have largely abandoned their support for BlM, but I frankly, Don’t think that we need to look any farther than Blm. ‘s leadership to see why people are abandoning them take a look at this. The co-founder of BlM has had to resign in the midst of a humiliating real estate scandal.

Patrice Coolers, Who Has Led The Organization

for the past six years, announced that she is indeed stepping down. She says in order to focus on a book deal as well as a tv deal. Pundits are skeptical. There knows they’re noticing their exits in the shadow of bombshell Revelations that the self–described Marxists went on a massive real estate buying spree which included the purchasing of 1. 4 million dollar home in an exclusive Los Angeles neighborhood where the vast majority of residents are indeed white.

The Home Is Reported To Be About A

15-minute drive from Malibu beaches, but as it turns out the Glitzy La home was only one of a number of other properties she purchased all around the same time. It was reported the self–described Marxists snagged a. 3. 2 million dollars. The New York Post reported that she also eyed property in the Bahamas at an ultra-exclusive resort where Justin Timberlake and Tiger Woods both have homes now.

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Of Course, This Revelation Was Beyond

humiliating and it doesn’t help when outlets like the National Pulse report on the fact that she actually eulogized the American Communist Party at one point but we can obviously see why so many Dr Steven hey no hold on I can’t hear you hold on all right Hannah Hannah what are you doing here excuse me Dr Steve. I am listening to this incredible video and I just need to tell everybody something all right well In case not everyone knows this is Hannah Owens, our insider’s club hostess and press con correspondent here I was I was like this. I like the hostess with the mostest and you got me caught up. up what’s going on? Oh hey well, Hey everybody good to see you. I’ve never met you before yes.

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Ill Ill Let You Get Connected

can I get back to the video now all right all right have fun everybody Y’all are great see you later Hannah owens everybody Hannah owens well getting back to it here. I don’t think the abandonment of blm by whites is any mystery President Princeton University scholar Carol Swain, who is herself black and a vocal opponent of black lives matter. She just sees him as nothing more than a front for cultural Marxism. She authored a very large and substantial study literally 20 years ago, that predicted in many respects a backlash against.

Something Akin To Blm! She Noticed

that back in 2002 she’s way ahead of the curve Here. She noted that what she called the new white nationalism is different than the white nationalists of the past, who understood white people to be biologically genetically and intellectually superior to non-whites. This is of course that’s the white nationalism the KKk or white supremacists that mark the kind of social Darwinism so characteristic of the first half.

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The co-founder of black lives matter resigns as support for support for BlM collapses . The popularity the Black lives matter movement is indeed collapsed there’s really no other way of saying it. We have a number of polls. The popularity of the movement has indeed collapsed. Whites in particular are abandoning their support for the movement in droves. We’re not going to want to miss this greetings. Dr Steve here with you great to be with you as always if this is your first time with us and you’re looking for some daily encouragement and optimism as well as some analysis to help you make sense of these crazy times. In this channel we post two videos a day analyzing current events and allows some pretty awesome conservative trends to . help you to think better so you can feel better in these turbulent times. If you haven’t already done so you know what to do make sure to smack that bell and subscribe to subscribe to the subscribe button. The sponsor of this video is collagen available at my special website now…. Click here to read more and watch the full video