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The Suspect In The Brooklyn Subway Shooting

has been arrested. We’ve got more information on him. Texas drops off the first busload of illegal immigrants to Washington D. c and the CdC apparently wants to keep you masked up forever. They have just extended another mask mandate.

Its Not Ever Going To End

if they have their way. We’ve got all of that and more coming up and it all starts right now welcome to the news and white matters. I am Sarah Gonzalez and We’ve got another jam-packed show today with a full table which i always enjoy we’ve got Chad Prather host of the Chad Prather show. Author of Am I Crazy which everyone should buy also America‘s favorite Cowboy. It’s the dumbed-down version of Dave Reuben’s new book that’s the way I’m describing my book am I crazy So Dave Reuben’s got Don’t burn this country I’ve got.

And Mines For The Toilet Daves Is For

really thinking you sit on the toilet and read my book anyway. Jacqueline Booleans is here that’s quite a sound. It’s quite a self thank you everybody uses the toilet Chad’s book is for good thinking Oh my gosh higher things higher thoughts higher thoughts. Yeah Yaakov, which it is his birthday today that it is thanks Mom we’re we are actually yeah thanks mom we’re actually I was very honored that you chose to come in and do this stupid show on your birthday. I am in fact committed to this show Yeah you are because I love these people listen you know what’s fun about this today is I’m with two real men.

You Are A Real.

I feel feel the testosterone toxic Monday show. I had to sit in here with you Yeah and Lisa Yeah and Sydney Yeah. That’s more testosterone than it was at this table. It’s a lot of woman right there at all a lot of girls.

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Jason Also Believes Tv Chief Researcher Thats What

I’m going to call you just blaze. Tv chief researcher yeah brains yes yeah he is the big brains behind everything basically here but yeah but um so it’s interesting. As of the time of the taping yesterday. We obviously knew that there had been a shooter that was on the loose on the run that had come into New York City subway station threw a bunch of you know put on a gas mask gassed it up and started shooting and we didn’t know much about him at the time. Now we have more information.

This Is Frank Robert James, Who Has Since

been arrested he was arrested earlier today so he is in custody and i just I. want to go into um his horrifying background that we know about him. So. He is a 62-year-old man who apparently is a black nationalist and he not only is a black nationalist. He has a very long history of saying very disgusting violent rhetoric .

He Was Lets See Let Me

go let’s go to this tweet let’s go to this tweet that says Oh, Oh Black Jesus please kill all the whities. This is andy no who went through andy Noah is so great at the post millennial at go finding these suspects going through combing through their social media finding them online and seeing what they’re really all about. Oh Black Jesus please kill all the whities and this is a post that Frank James had made. He posted a photograph of the black lives matter shooter who killed five police officers in Dallas He. also posted a prayer asking for Whites to die.

One Of His Videos On His Youtube

is titled We Once Were Kings, so he did have a Youtube. He posted multiple videos on there all of them very disturbing, but there’s also a video posted online of him just walking around Brooklyn just assaulting random brooklyners and saying very racist offensive things to them let’s watch that you and your white ass too you white mother racist mother they had to put it in for good luck. I don’t get listen yeah white racist they do exist They do exist look at me motherfu and they hate your guts too slander pieces all that you know in Vietnam they get out of your friend ain’t your friend you’re something less than human to them. You better get that in your thick skull Oh I know I’m not black I this. Galaxy yeah it it gets pretty it gets a lot worse actually so on his Youtube.

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He Also Posted A Video About

how mad he was at Katanji Brown Jackson for having a white husband hear some of that I had no idea with that african name that she would be married to a white man. One of my subscribers brought that to my attention. Yeah our black sister Supreme court justice power to the people is very 12 white man. Black sister Canton married to a white man um I want to play one more clip and I want to get your thoughts gentlemen as I’m as I’m watching these as I watched them previously. When these first surfaced, I thought to myself.

You Know If This Kind Of Content Were

on Youtube and the reverse it were flipped and it was opposite. I’m just saying I I would be. I would love to know if this channel was monetized at all. I would love to know that but here is Frank James. Just in case you weren’t clear he just like really hates white people and doesn’t think that black people should be associating with them watch white people and black people as we call ourselves should not have any contact with each other.

You Still Refuse To Understand This.

You want to make up some story about some Jesus and the Bible said dumb. They don’t see it that way they hate your guts and why they hate your guts because they know that your rightful places as a slave in this country. They know that you’re the only one who. Doesn’t realize that so this man apparently had been known to the FBi but was cleared from their watch list in 2019, probably because they were too busy.

You Know Entrapping People To Go Kidnap Gretchen

Whitmer instead of actually doing their damn jobs, but um look I want to get your thoughts gentlemen, but I guess the the first thing that I want to hone in on is um should we expect anything different when we have places like CnN MsNBc and all of these mainstream media outlets that are constantly telling us that white people are the worst people on earth and constantly covering for people like this the driver in wakesha. All of these black nationalists who are doing these awful things perpetrating these awful crimes should should we expect anything different yeah um so Yucca and I off there were kind of talking about this this. goes way beyond the media. This also goes to public school systems that’s a great point pre-school all the way up through high school. If you have a white child, they are told they are the enemy.

They Are The Oppressors And Then If

you have any other color under the sun, they are told that they are victimized. you’re we’re growing this sentiment all the way up from public education. and you look at the New York times. You see how New York times reported on this was that today or yesterday. What they said was that .

He Had Some Very Disturbing Anti–Black

sentiment, including and especially black women that’s how they reported on this and I was looking at the videos and I was like because he because he criticized Katanji Brown Jackson was that the black so they want to victimize themselves even further. people basically that are are not giving in to what he’s saying which is you have to hate all the whities. You have to hate all the Asians and Latinos, which he called out in that video before like that’s how they spun this narrative around that’s maddening. I mean this is what this and you mentioned the FBi. I mean this is this is the second black nationalist attack in less than a year the other one being the Christmas parade.

I Mean Yeah Well And Wasnt There

a what was it a Louisville like mayoral candidate or something that that there was a black nationalist who tried and just wasn’t successful. So there that was another one that it’s like well. I mean yeah he wasn’t successful but he still tried yeah the Covington kid Scenario. I mean that was egged on also by a group of those. Black nationals Hebrew Israelites were doing the same thing they and you’re absolutely right.

I Mean If There Was A

white supremacist group in DC, none of them would be stupid enough to do what they do, but they wouldn’t be doing it out in the open it would get shut down immediately. You have these other groups that do these things which have the potential to be very violent but we’re just turning a blind eye on it because again we’re being not only conditioned, but we’re being educated from preschool on up not. I mean that basically water isn’t wet to think the exact opposite it’s just I mean I tell you what I mean I’m kind of you know promoting for our Tv show next week. But if you’re a parent you have to have to it’s mandatory you have to watch it. I mean I I would pull my kids out of public school luckily.

I Only Have Two More Years.

I would pull them out of public school to get them away from this crap from this indoctrination, I can’t really afford it, but um I think the alternate is is you have to have a parallel education system within your own home that’s that is the op that’s the alternative If you cannot pull your kids out of public school, you have to teach them to question every single thing a teacher says every single thing anybody says in authority. You have to question every single thing if they tell you something is so that is that doesn’t mean it that just means you have to that’s your cue to look it up for yourself and to figure out what you think about it. Yeah it’s you obviously come from. South Africa, I feel like yeah thank you.

I Am African.

I feel like you have some valuable insight here Yeah look This is. I got like flashbacks to my military 1994 Nelson Mandela true racism. He who calls out racism. He who talks about racism is in fact the one with a racist heart because they cannot depart from it and it is the the left in this country that man is a racist.

Ill Say It That Is A Thats

what a racist looks like that’s what they do when last did you see any of your neighbors do that and you can’t talk like that as a white man. This is absolute ascendant could you imagine if you told your your buddy your white buddy hey you shouldn’t be marrying that black woman Sarah I mean it’s like the country I come from you lost your life. For things like this okay you didn’t This is not even jail time it was you’re losing your life for things like this it’s but we are programming kids. My wife lost a very dear friend because this friend in front of my wife chose to tell her four-year-old son white people hate.


The suspect in the Brooklyn subway shooting has been arrested . Texas drops off the first busload of illegal immigrants to Washington D.&c and the CdC apparently wants to keep you masked up forever . Chad Prather says his new book Am I Crazy is the dumbed-down version of Dave Reuben’s new book that’s the way I’m describing my book am I crazy . Yaakov says he was very honored that you chose to come in and do this stupid show on your birthday . He says Yaakov is committed to this show because I love these people listen you know what’s fun about this today is I’m with two real men.& Jason also believes Tv chief researcher that’s what I’m going to call you just blaze. He is the big brains behind everything basically here but yeah but um so it’s interesting to see how much testosterone is more testosterone than it was at the taping yesterday.& I had to sit in here with you Yeah and Lisa and Sydney…. Click here to read more and watch the full video