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Welcome Back To New Rockstars Im Erik Bosse In

Black Widow released a new trailer during the Superbowl and while on the surface, it’s not as Earth-shattering as Scarlet Witch’s, new sitcoms or Loki‘s Prison Flare. It does contain some hidden clues that caught our ear and no I’m not referring to David Harbors Banshee scream Ok We got some major clues about taskmaster. Some details about the timeline of this movie and how this all connects to the events of Avengers Endgame so let us break down everything you might have missed in this trailer and spoiler warning in case I predict anything too right and ruins your life hey and thanks to privacy dot-com for sponsoring this episode. If you sign up now a privacy calm slash new rock stars you can get $5 today to use on any purchase online Ok Let’s get started with the first. The trailer you don’t know everything about me The Avengers weren’t my first family okay now much of the footage here is stuff that we have seen in past trailers be sure to go check out our past breakdowns of those but a few new details to point out here.

Natashas Voiceover States You Dont Know

everything about me. Avengers weren’t my first family. It’s interesting that Natasha would say this because remember this movies apparently set between civil war in 2016 and Infinity 1 2018 and early on and endgame years later. Her words to cap directly contradicted what she says here I just have nothing and then I got this. This is John his family and it was always better because of him and yeah Natasha only emotionally equate Ian.

Her Fellow Of Enters With Family Was So

important to work an end game. It’s kind of weird. For her to now say oh wait I had another Russian family at I never talk about those theorize in that this black widow movie could be taking place in a separate timeline within the Marvel Multiverse as the events of infinity warned Endgame could use this as evidence that this is a different antosha one that we could see live on an UK face for or this just means that the events of this film will be so bitter for Natasha that this family of Russian spies will leave her feeling so betrayed and alone that she will just move on in pretend. They don’t exist in our history to that which he talks to captain Endgame. She really considers those a-holes nothing to her.

I Should Also Point Out That When Natasha

says the Avengers weren’t like first family the end of that sentence audio does not match. Chose lips at all just weren’t my first family first Yeah We sure there’s a lot in the trailer breaking down business. Either this audio is from a different scene altogether or so totally possible. It was just recorded for promo purposes and won’t at all be in the movie and speaking of awkward audio sting came next there’s the Lexie’s Weird shriek Avengers weren’t my first Emily Yogi berra I’m really enjoying the electric music that is in these trailers I’m wondering if this is the moment of Lexi’s rescue from Rush imprisoned by his old family his friends because his reaction here reminds me a lot of Thor‘s surprise reunion with Hulk and Ragnarok actually let’s fix the shriek here Yeah better now a few visual details with Alexi here. We have talked about his Russian Prison Tattoos in previous videos, but this angle shows us more of.

That Ankang Down Linking Each Side

of the tower of St. Basil’s Cathedral you can make out a double-headed eagle. Now. This emblem is on the Russian coat of arms. It dates back to the days of the Byzantine Empire.

After The Fall Of Constantinople.

This symbol became a general imperial icon on a soaring predator looking out eastward and westward. It was used by Russian Czars and an important motif in heraldry of the house of a Romanov, probably not the same as Natasha Romanoff, but it’s kind of fun connection. Now the double-headed eagle was abolished by the Russian Revolution in 1917 Soviets, erasing much of their brush and cultural ancestry, but it was restored in 1993. Depending on Win Alexei got that Tat it could have been an insult to his Soviet UK captors and before i move on notice that nametag on Alexis Jacket here those.

To Be The Russian Cyrillic For A

cove Maybe it’s just his surname Shostak ov, but I don’t know there’s enough room on that tag for just I just want him in a world where Red Guardian killed a fellow prisoner and stole his jacket. You know to paralleled Natasha stealing your Lane is best and faster stealing all the Avengers gear like all families. This siblings steal each other’s clothes now look folks with Marvel Phase 4. Upon us Disney is taking our money not just for the theatrical releases. We got to go see but also all the Disney Plus series that will supposedly tie-in with these movies forcing us to subscribe to yet another streaming service and for me the best way to manage all of my content subscriptions.

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You Can Cap Those Subscription Payments With Privacy

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‘s also a privacy Chrome extension where you can fill out all of your card info to save time one-click and all your details are instantly entered just ahead to privacy calm / new rockstars to sign up for an account and as a special treat for my viewers. New customers will automatically get five bucks to spend on your first purchase for a limited time only. Isis free money just go to privacy comm slash, new rockstars and sign up now Okay let’s move on to the second half of the trailer. At some point we all have to choose between what the world wants you to be new you are okay some more new footage here in this wreckage that we have seen Etosha standing among in pass shots she’s apparently joined by Alexei Molina in Yelena.

You Could See A Parachute Billowing In

the background so i’m guessing that this takes place after that debris littered skydive sequence. We also get a new look at the exploding structure. I think they’re jumping from which looks to me like some kind of modern architecture tower let me know what you think this is but really the takeaway detail of this trailer is Taskmaster, a character whose identity remains a mystery could the mirrored movements of. The character point to Molina or Yelena and disguise well.

The Leading Speculation Of The Moment

is that Taskmaster Tony Masters is a character Otzi fact Finlay will be playing since he’s really been M.i. a from all the promo footage so far. I also have suggested recently and a theory that you guys really need to go check out even if you don’t buy it that Taskmaster could be Natasha herself in a plot that involves time travel because visible and past footage have been objects that look very much like Pym particles and particles also appear in the Funko pop figurines and as I have said before the toys never lie in this trailer Taskmaster mirrors yet another move specific to another Avenger that Captain America Shield Kickflip we saw cap do this at the end of the famous Elevator Fight in Winter Soldier Taskmasters powers in the comics.

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Allow Him To Use Photographic Reflexes

to mirror any combat move that he observes, but he was not present in that elevator. Though there was security camera footage of it as seen by Sitwell, observing it remotely and at the end of that movie, Natasha leaked all of this shield slashed Hydra servers to the public. So presumably Taskmaster could have found that footage online and learned the shield move there but I love this easel if you look even more closely at Taskmasters hands you can barely make out another mirrored. Avenger attack claws on the tips of his fingers.

Just Like The Claws On Black Panthers Vibranium

suit gloves. Literally Taskmaster must have watched all of Peter Parker’s new UK videos from Civil War saw a black panther scratch cap Shield and said I want that now a reminder that you can chat directly with me when these. Trailers drop on new Rockstars official Discord which lately has been kind of my go-to for theories and the place where I get to unleash all my unfiltered reactions to these Marvel updates for Discord access become a patron of new rock stars today at Patreon complex new rock stars, but you do you think taskmaster is comment down below with your thoughts and be sure to check out my breakdown to the footage from the Disney Plus teaser wanna business outcome Winter Soldier lookie some really good clues found there follow me at UK boss followed new rock stars on social media and subscribe to new rock stars for all of our Marvel breakdowns thanks for watching Bye.


New Rockstars Erik Bosse in Black Widow released a new trailer during the Superbowl . The trailer contains some hidden clues that caught our ear . We got some major clues about taskmaster. Some details about the timeline of this movie and how this all connects to the events of Avengers Endgame so let us break down everything you might have missed in this trailer and spoiler warning in case I predict anything too right and ruins your life hey and thanks to privacy dot-com for sponsoring this episode . If you sign up now a privacy calm slash new rock stars you can get $5 today to use on any purchase online. Ok Let’s get started with the first episode of this week’s New Rockstar Talk Back to the latest episode of the latest from iReport. Back to The Daily Mail Online at to the previous episode ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video