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Leftist Blue States Are Losing Political Power As Residents

flee in mass. In this video we’re going to take a look at the political fallout from the 2020 census. How red states are rising in political powers. Blue States are faltering and how a demographic implosion among liberals promises the eventual implosion of leftist liberalism itself. You’re not going to want to miss this greetings everyone Dr steve here would be wonderful to be with you as always we’re here to give you each and every single day conservative hope in the midst.

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better so you can feel better and provide for you a patriot path to freedom so if you haven’t already done so you know what to do make sure to smack that Bell and subscribe button before we begin if you’re looking for an encouraging and hopeful alternative to. All the despair and nonsense it’s spewed out on a daily basis from the left dislikes of CnN and MsNBc. In the New York Times, You’re gonna find no better antidote than what’s in the pages of my book The Return of Christendom Now Gang Don’t take my word for it though you should but head on over to Amazon and check out all the reviews. There’s over 260 of them and you’ll find how this book cuts through all the cynicism and despair that we so often feel living in this crazy globalist world in page after page I give you all the data the statistics and indicators that show nothing less than a new conservative Christian majority emerging not just here in the United States, but even in Europe, and it’s already transforming the world map into a more nationalist, populous and traditional world if you click on. That link below? We are offering this gem for a limited time at 50 off that’s right a 50 discount so do not wait.

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on that link get your book at a super discount today and arm yourself the information you need to crush despondent fake news once and for all okay let’s dive right in here. You know it’s a beautiful day when you look at a left-wing rag like the Washington post and you read how they have to report news that you know hurts it really puts a spring in my stuff. I have to say and that’s because undeniable reality every once in a while undeniable reality gets forced on our mainstream media, and they have to take a break from their concocting their fabricated version Reality is Woke Wonderland and begin reporting what’s actually taking place which is. Total opposite so here it is from the Washington Post itself look at that headline you know it hurt new census numbers shift political power south to Republican strongholds Yes thank you for publishing what we here on this channel have been saying for years now the political and cultural trends are indeed moving steadily yes more slowly than we often like, but they are indeed moving in the direction of the political right. The post reports that Texas Florida, North Carolina three states that voted twice for President Donald Trump are set to gain a combined four seats in Congress in 2023 because of population growth granting them collectively as many new votes in the electoral college for the next presidential election as Democrat leaning Hawaii has in total.

So The Post Is Reporting That

the electoral votes gained by these three states combined to make up for what. would have been lost as radically liberal blue state of Hawaii, so it’s pretty impressive stuff. In fact Dan Mclaughlin over at National review. He does a really nice job, comparing the electoral college total from the states that Bush won back in 2000 and 2004 to what that total would be today with these new electoral college numbers. If you recall back in 2000, Bush won by a squeaker right 271 electoral votes to 266 Agora, but just to give you a sense of how significant this power shift is towards the GoP from the 2020 census.


If that same election were held in say 2022 Bush would have won 289 electoral votes to gore’s 249. . In other words, Bush would have gained 18 electoral votes and Gore would have lost 17. that’s the amazing power here in terms of the power shift and electoral strength now you.

Know Why The Democrats Want To

get rid of the electoral college Don’t you right these blue states are literally disappearing demographically this has been. This has been going on for some time. Now we talked about this in our last video on the gruesome newsome recall, but according to the Us census every year for the last 15 years, an average number of a hundred thousand Californians leave the state as open against those who move in and that loss of resonance is now taking its electoral toll on the golden state. California for the very first time ever has actually lost a house seat due to its rampant depopulation. The same thing’s going for New York for Illinois.

The Deep Blue States Are Hemorrhaging

residents. I know. For example, I grew up in Connecticut Okay and Connecticut was losing residents left and right for the last 15 years. As well, I saw it I saw these major shopping areas in New haven that were really vibrant. When I was a kid.

Theyre All Boarded Up But Boarded

up now and closed right well over the last year. Connecticut’s actually been gaining residence precisely because so many people are leaving neighboring New York. So the bluest of the blue are really falling here and we’re already seeing the political repercussions of this shift to the right in our demographics. According to a memo released by the National Republican Congressional Committee. Voters in what are called ticket splitting districts okay so this is where a Democrat congressional candidate was voted for, while the district as a whole went for trump.

They Found That Democrats In These Districts Were

falling apart in terms of support and so the Republicans should have a relatively easy time picking up seats in these ticket. splitting districts in 2022 and you’ll be happy to know that another survey of voter sentiments and 85 battleground congressional districts found that a majority of the voters were ready to turn on the Democrats in 2022 and vote republicans. This is very very good news I like what newt Gingrich had to say about it all in the end. All these states have to do is blame their addiction to leftist liberal policies of high taxes out of control bureaucracy, their unionized machine systems and most especially their skyrocketing crime, which of course has been caused by these left-wing governors, mayors and city councils deliberately abdicating their law enforcement responsibilities all in the name of appeasing far-left. Marxist advocates in blm, but in many respects, I think there’s something actually deeper going on here.

I Think That This Is All

part of a much broader pattern of why we’re. Democratic demise and the rise of an increasingly conservative population here in the United States and indeed around the world now just before we get into that what do you think of this shirt h You think this is cool well. We got plenty work plenty more where that came from. If you click on that link below. You can check out our awesome merch that celebrates the worldwide patriot movement that’s rising up all over the globe Summer’s just around the corner and what could be better than sporting This awesome apparel that identifies us as unified patriots.

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The Democratic Decline For Blue States

has been going on for quite some time and a number of demographers have been warning about this for some time now and i’m thinking particular of the demographer Philip Longman look at this article. This goes back to 2004 fertility rates could tip politics and the culture war and what Longmen noticed was that Blue States were not just losing residents because of high taxes and stifling regulations and like that certainly was the case but Blue States were in fact losing residence also because. of their predominantly secular liberal population that wasn’t reproducing at the replacement level 2. 1 children per couple. He noticed back in 2000 that George W Bush had won in states that had a birth rate of 2.

1 Children Per Couple, Which Is Right

at the replacement level. However, in the states that Al Gore won the average birth rate was 1. 89 children per couple, which is significantly below the replacement level, and he noticed that if all the states that voted for Gore had seceded from the union and formed their own country. Their total birth rates would be comparable to the then relatively low birth rates of the nation of France. He saw the same pattern repeat itself in 2004 quote among states that voted for president George W Bush in 2004.

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Fertility Rates Are 12 Percent Higher Than In

states that voted for Senator John Kerry. Now you. Can learn about these patterns in my book The Return of Christendom right by clicking on the link below, but suffice it to say Here, Blue states have been literally demographically dying now for nearly two decades, and we’re beginning to see the political fallout from that which was made so evident in the 2020 census. Here’s some other examples of the political fallout from this demographic implosion look at this this is from gallup.

This Is An Extensive Survey That Came

out in November of 2019. The number of states where Liberals far outnumber Conservatives has dwindled to a mere six states. You heard that right the number of states where Liberals outnumber Conservatives has dropped more than 30 percent to just six states in the entire union so we’re talking of course, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Vermont, Washington, New York, New Hampshire okay interestingly enough New Hampshire that’s interesting because. In many ways after 2020, I think we could take new Hampshire out of that category.

Theyve Gone Solidly Red.

They have a Republican triumphant in both their state house and Senate, as well as their governorship or all Republicans. Ironically, California is evenly split as liberal versus Conservatives. So obviously we have to take these findings with a grain of salt and that they don’t necessarily translate into voting for the respective party generally representative This ideological split Liberals going with Democrats right Conservatives going with Republicans.

Obviously Thats Not The Case And

they evenly split California yet by the way yet we’ve just uploaded a video on the prospects for the gop to take over California in the upcoming gubernatorial recall but again besides California self–identified Conservatives lead in every single state. According to gallup in 25 states, the conservative advantage is significantly greater than the national average. He called 19 highly conservative states in which could serves outnumber liberals by over the astonishing 20 percentage points, so it’s no wonder that we have currently 30 solid red states right now, which are functioning more and more.

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In this video we’re going to take a look at the political fallout from the 2020 census . How red states are rising in political powers. How a demographic implosion among liberals promises the eventual implosion of leftist liberalism itself . Leftist Blue states are losing political power as residents flee in mass . A new conservative Christian majority is emerging not just here in the United States, but even in Europe, and it’s already transforming the world map into a more nationalist, populous and traditional world if you click on. Get your book at a super discount today and arm yourself the information you need to crush despondent fake news once and for all okay let’s dive right in here . We are offering this gem for a limited time at 50 off that’s right a 50 discount so do not wait. Click on. The Return of Christendom Now Gang is available at for a $1,000 discount to buy your copy of the book at $2,000. For more information about…. Click here to read more and watch the full video