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Newly Declassified Documents Show That Hillary Clinton Was Behind

the trump-russia plot. Joe Biden might not debate President Trump next week and Texas has taken the lead against Netflix. We’ve got that much more coming up and it starts right now hi there welcome to the news and why it matters I’m Hillary Kennedy. I’m filling in for Sarah Gonzalez while she’s at home enjoying her new baby boy, but at the table with me today. I’ve got two people that know a few things about kids.


Chad Prather of the Chad Prather show. I got it. I got a few. I got five of them and a vasectomy is fantastic and we also have Jason Butcher, the head writer and researcher for Glenn Beck Glad you’re here you know something about kids too.

I Thought You Said Because We

are kind of like kids that was where this. Going based on my comment, glad you guys are here today all right so I want to get started with the Dni declassifying Brennan’s notes and the Cia memo on the allegation that Hillary Clinton approved the plot to tie trump to Russia. So the Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliff. He declassified those notes along with the CiA memo from 2016 citing intelligence that Hillary Clinton approved of this plot by her campaign to accuse him of collusion with Russia in order to distract from that email scandal ahead of the election back then and we’ve got a clip of Brennan playing down his role in this What can you tell us about these notes that you wrote about this Russian intelligence and what do you make of Dni Radcliff releasing them right now well. John Radcliffe is anything but an intelligence professional.

He It Is Appalling His Selective.

Declassification of information that clearly is designed to advance the political interests of Donald Trump and Republicans who are aligned with him. But these were my notes from the 2016 period when I briefed President Obama and the rest of the National Security Council team about what the Russians were up to and I was giving examples of the type of access that the Us intelligence community had to Russia Russian information and what the Russians were talking about and alleging now if in fact, what the Russians were alleging that Hillary was trying to highlight the reported connections between Trump and the Russians if in fact that was accurate and that’s a big if there is nothing at all illegal about that and so John Radcliffe and others are trying to portray this as potentially unlawful activity that deserves follow-up investigation by the FBi no it was a campaign. So the notes that Brennan wrote they say things like cite alleged approval by Hillary Clinton on proposal from one of her foreign policy advisors to vilify Donald Trump by starting up a scandal claiming interference by Russian security. He also wrote um Potus in the margin.

He Wrote The Names Of Or

initials of some people Jc Dennis and Susan, but they could have been referring to FBi director James Comey Susan could have been referring to the national security adviser Susan Rice so Jason you’re you know a lot about this yeah so tell me your take on this talk about selective I love so we’re probably I don’t think so Trump has asked for the everything to be to classify without um any redactions. I don’t see how that’s going to happen because what he’s talking about here and he mentions that he even uses an acronym. For whatever source this was? He says C-i-t-e I don’t think we’ll ever hear what C-i-t-e is it’s just some intelligence acronym, but they’re never going to give up that source so you’re not going to see portions of this which is sad but to put everything into context here. This is what happened so in July I think it was like. July 22nd.

The Dnc Emails Were Released Right

after that this is when they picked up this information from the Russians. The Russians were saying hey which is probably like NsA intercepts is what I’m just assuming or guessing that the Russians are saying like Hillary Clinton and her campaign want to redirect everything. They want all the eyes off them. They want everyone to blame trump for the collusion. Now we know from another um Declassification and release that the Steele dossier you know that was the main driver of the entire Russia Collusion case.

Their Main And Former Source Was

a Russian spy. Now this is insane. He was a Russian spy. He worked. I believe it was was it for the Atlantic Council.

I Dont Remember It Was A Big Think

tank in Washington, DC um. He I think he was actually a Russian national. He had been caught by the FBi with consorting with known Russian intelligence operatives here in the U. s. He was also overheard and I don’t know if you heard this but this is insane.

He Was Also Overheard Talking To People That

he worked with saying if you ever get a position you know within the white house or within the Pentagon, There’s money to be made through information. This guy’s a Russian spy. I’m sorry so the FBi knew all of this. They knew it was opposition research and they knew a Russian spy was helping them now all of that in context to this so this sounded like Brennan was warning Obama that’s what it sound like to me say look this information’s out there. This is what’s going on at the exact same time.

They Have This Information At The

exact same time they started the crossfire hurricane investigation not mentioning Hillary Clinton, but the exact narrative that Clinton was saying that I want to redirect you know and make it look like that it was trump colluding with the Russians over these emails. It was almost word for word what they used in all their fisadocks and their justification for the to start the entire investigation It’s insane do you think we will ever see any arrests No never. I. Don’t think so I really don’t. I think people like John Brennan.

I Think That A Tier I Think

they’re pretty much untouchable. I think they’re too big to fall. I think that other people what I think and what I’ve been saying is that there will be lower level people that will go down for this. I even think Susan Rice is above is in that pay grade where she’s just above the law. I don’t think we will I really don’t.

I Think Theyll Try And I

think Donald Trump was pissed off. I think he’s pissed off right now because Barr and Durham are taking forever investigations take forever, but I think that I’m assuming that and again. This is all just assumption that probably Bar and Durham gave him the green light to say look We’ve already gotten to that part in our investigation you’re not. We’re not going to see any indictments because these things take a while but you’re green lit to really start releasing some of this information so I think this is just the first of a lot more to come well, So you mentioned this earlier for people who haven’t been following this story. Trump did authorize the declassification of all the documents related to the Russia Hoax.

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He Said I Have Fully Authorized

the total declassification of any and all documents pertaining to the single greatest political crime in American history. The Russia Hoax. Likewise the Hillary Clinton email scandal no redactions and he added all Russia hope scale information was declassified by me long ago. Unfortunately, for our country people have acted very slowly, especially since it is perhaps the biggest political crime in the history of our country act. So this announcement that he made it came within.

Hours Of Director Of National Intelligence, Sean Ratcliffes

declassifying that heavily redacted Cia memo do you think any of this changes anything in the election. I really don’t I well. I think okay well, let me let me caveat this with I think there’s a lot of independents. Now that um are teetering so they’re not too sure they see what happened in the last debate and they’re like oh my gosh that was just such a debacle maybe I’ll vote for biden and then so they could go either way then they see maybe something like this that could this could be the smoking gun for them to say okay they were so corrupt for sure voting for trump. So I think there’s a small you know minority.

The Problem Is Thats Actually A Big Problem.

There’s not enough people in the middle nowadays in America we’re so polarized. to the left and right so I think all of all the people that on the right. We know the danger of the far left shift that’s going right now and where they’re going to end up but all the people on the left they’re in their camp. They just hate trump because he’s trump and he’s a danger to the agenda that they had going for eight years under Obama.

So I Think Everyones In Their Camp And

now everyone’s fighting over that small you know sliver in the middle. I think it can make a difference. I I really do. I I I think they’re running out of time, but they’ve got what four weeks now to convince people that look this when he said that that’s not hyperbole. I I truly believe this was the worst political crime in history screw Watergate all that other stuff This.

Was We Havent Had A Peaceful Transition

to power since 2008. we really haven’t right? This is they were weaponized from day one. This started before he even got in office and then we’ve seen hashtag resistance that involves Obama You know like his organization organizing for action they they’re the ones that have been active. You know mobilizing all these people and putting them out in the streets like it never stopped he never really peacefully trans transferred power. I do think it can make a difference.

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I Really Do, But Theyre Running

out of time and so you think that they won’t continue to expose some of this information you don’t think that a lot of this redacted information will be made public as we get closer to the election. I think it’s going to be hard to get some of the some of the redactions out because. There’s a whole lot there’s like the you know the presidential communications privileges that you know how did Obama react to that you know what I’m saying like when Brennan was like Hey there’s this information what was Obama’s next sentence like Oh crap we can’t let that get out We can’t let them know that we’ve been helping this along like that’s not going to get unredacted. If it did this is all over you know it’d be so it’d be so great but there are things that will not be but I i but I really do I think that they’ve got how many years now have they been looking into this they’ve been looking into it for a while that’s why the president’s also frustrated because it’s just not coming out. You know as quick as he would want it to and he knows he knows all.

This Stuff He Knows What They Were

trying to do that. The Obama’s team was in league with Hillary Clinton to help her redirect the narrative and frame him as a basically a Russian spy. It’s so ridiculous, but Trump knows all this stuff that’s why he’s frustrated but yeah.


Newly declassified documents show that Hillary Clinton was behind the trump-russia plot . Joe Biden might not debate President Trump next week and Texas has taken the lead against Netflix . We’ve got that much more coming up and it starts right now with Hillary Kennedy filling in for Sarah Gonzalez while she’s at home enjoying her new baby boy . We also have Jason Butcher, the head writer and researcher for Glenn Beck, and Chad Prather, who knows a few things about kids . We’ll talk about the President’s debate with Joe Biden next week. We’ll also talk about Texas’ lead in the race to beat Netflix in the state of Texas. We have a few of them and a vasectomy is fantastic, we’ll also feature some of the best things about a vasectectomics. We’re back at the bottom of the news. We want to talk about our favorite news stories from the U.S. and the latest iReporters on CNN iReport. Back to Mail Online ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video