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All Right Everyone The Me To Assault Against

Judge Brett Kavanaugh on the upcoming populist revolt that’s would be talking about on today’s video if this is your first time here on this channel a very warm welcome to you I post two videos a day analyzing current events and light of conservative trends. So you can personally and professionally flourish and so let me encourage you to support that work by clicking on the patreon link below and get all kinds of benefits that are solely for our patreon supporters and of course smack that Bell and subscribe button it’ll be a privilege to have you as a regular part of this channel alright so a few memfs back when I reported on Trump’s nomination of Brett Kavanaugh as the Supreme Court. I said I said that you better buckle yourselves in there would be no limit to the. fury that the Liberal left was prepared to unleash to keep him from becoming the fifth member of a new Conservative majority on the Supreme Court and of course the left has not disappointed as I’m sure you know by now a woman by the name of Christine Blasi Ford has come out and accused Brett Kavanaugh of attempted rape back when they were in high school. I believe back in 1982 up to this point.

I Believe Its Fair To Say

that the super majority opinion among those who have analyzed Ford’s claims is that it really boils down to a he-said she-said scenario not only has the alleged incident surpassed the statute of limitations and is therefore beyond any kind of criminal investigation. But there’s simply no corroborating evidence really of any kind for the accusations themselves. It is and will most likely remain a very spurious accusation. Both the source and the timing of the accusation of suspect. Ford is a known left-wing political activist and the senator that released the accusation.

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Dianne Feinstein Knew About It For Months And

did nothing about it until just before the Senate Judiciary Committee was to have their vote on Kavanagh. This Thursday so this appears to be a clear case of political sabotage that the Democrats have unfortunately become experts in now what interests me here in all of this is the way in which Ford’s accusations against Cavanaugh have been received among the political and mediate leads. They’ve already tried and judged and indeed sentenced Brett Brett Kavanaugh you you have Democrat after Democrats saying and even yes even republished some Republicans were saying that these allegations need to be taken very seriously and that his nomination is now in Jeopardy Republic, Jeff Flake and Susan Collins and then they wonder why Donald Trump was elected president. The media is treating Ford like me to Martyr. She’s, a brave woman coming forward to confront the stigma sexual assault and the like and you know I’m sad to say that in many ways, though certainly he can still be confirmed as was Clarence Thomas in the midst of the Anita Hill accusations but I’m sad to say that the political and moral climate is such that the mere allegation and accusation of violence against women is enough to tar and taint.

Cavanagh Social And Professional Reputation For Quite

literally. The rest of his life however, I think that this politically correct reaction among our elites is actually more exposing a massive political rift in our nation and I want to explore that with you and what it means for the future first. I think we have to understand that what these accusations explicitly demonstrate is that liberal globalization has been able to effectively redefine and reconfigure our social taboo codes. All societies have what are called taboo codes. There are just some things that you’re not allowed to do even the UK show South Park that seems to know no boundaries for mockery and offense nevertheless has its limits of where it goes.

There Are Some Things That South Park

will not touch particularly regarding. For example, the sensibility of ISlam. It just doesn’t go there and the purpose of taboo codes is to protect the social order of. any society taboo codes in many ways act like an immune system that kills off what are considered any threats to the health and stability of the social system. Now what globalization has been able to effectively Institute Is a new taboo system that scholars call emancipatory politics.

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We Know It More Popularly Simply As

politically political correctness at least in terms of the weight governs speech. Emancipatory politics is a globalist political philosophy that involves utilizing the power of the state to liberate people from traditional social structures and arrangements that are now deemed in our contemporary society to be unjust and unfair and bigoted and repressive at least by our secular elite make no mistake. Emancipatory politics is widely recognized as a form Marxism, particularly what we call cultural Marxism, and it is enforced through a speech code known as political correctness where what we say and how we say it is measured against a standard of sensitivity for emancipatory concerns now. This of course is why when the Democrats do parade Cavanagh” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Cavanaugh‘s accuse her in front of the cameras next Monday She’ll be treated like a sacred object. She’ll be treated that way, regardless of the evidence that she provides for her claims she will most certainly be treated as sacred by the Democrats and their propaganda wing known as the mainstream media because they as part of this elite class need to demonstrate to one another that they are all practitioners and advocates of political correctness and the political emancipation that such speech and acts seek to realize.

However, And Heres The Key.

To my argument here, what we have to understand is that if the Trump electoral victory has taught us anything it’s that such fidelity and devotion towards politically correct norms such as feminism and the me2 movement are emphatically not felt by all. Indeed, what the Trump president is revealed. I believe is the massive gap that exists between the taboo codes that govern and direct the social norms of our political, economic and media elite on the one hand and those that govern the people the Heartland the populace on the other. The reason Why Trump’s rhetoric, his anti–immigration Rhetoric is public feud with Megyn Kelly when she was at Fox News, his suppose a demeaning of Hillary Clinton calling her crooked Hillary he’s taking to Quitter and Twitter and mocking female news hosts like morning shows Mika Brzezinski.

The Reason Why These Antics Were So

denounced by our political media elite is that they violated the taboo norms by which their idea of a globalized society functions remember they are political media elite as the Brett Kavanaugh accusations demonstrate they have no problem insulting accusing Lambasted impugning mocking and the like collectively. If you think it through their sneers and insults make Donald Trump look like a choirboy. By comparison, This is not an issue of the rhetoric that Trump uses it’s rather an issue of against whom such rhetoric is directed. It’s directed towards those who are considered protected protected classes within. emancipatory norms, but what is so often overlooked is that the trump presidency reveals that there’s another side to all of this.

There Is Another Taboo Code.

There’s another social norm system that is every bit as operative today as the politically correct one, but it’s operative among those who do not have political power. They do not have a lead economic status. They don’t have access to expressing their views of the world through the elite media, but they do have a voice and they do have a vote and that voice and votes spoke very loudly. In November of 2016 they said here we are we stand firmly behind this man.

Donald Trump Of What He Stands

for his Nationals populist and traditionalist agenda and when you elites whine and complain and virtue signal and roll over and disgust over the things he says in does there’s one. simple truth that you have blinded yourselves to as far as we the people are concerned. There is nothing simply nothing that President Donald Trump can do that could even come close to provoking the kind of disgust and moral outrage that we feel towards you the political elite and the Washington establishment. There is nothing absolutely nothing that President Donald Trump can do that could even come close to provoking the kind of disgust and moral outrage. The tens of millions of us feel towards you.

The Corporate Globalist Politically-Correct Elite And That

is the new emerging Taboo code that is defining more and more of this nation and indeed I would argue the whole of the world particularly Europe that’s the new Taboo code. The new Taboo code is not political correctness. It is a renewed disgust and rejection of all things elite. It is a rabbit and. distrust of the political economic and media elite that are more and more being seen as the reason our world is in such political, economic and cultural chaos.

Now If Were Tracking Rightly With These Populist

trends and I don’t think we should be anywhere near as surprised as the elites were when polls started coming out in the last few years that showed that less and less women considered themselves feminists. In fact, a recent UK News poll found that less than half of millennial women call themselves feminists. Indeed a number of scholars have recognized that we are in fact entering into a kind of post-political correctness era among the vast majority of our populations they tend to refer it as a post-emancipatory era emancipatory politics drew from this Marxist-inspired modernity that assumed universal truths for all people for all times for all places and. So the emancipatory myth was positioned by cultural Marxist among our political economic media lead to be that single absolute truth for all mankind. However, that modernist assumption about absolute political, economic and cultural standards for all people’s times in places of so dominant in the 20th century that’s withered away it’s being replaced more and more with what scholars call post-modernism and an increasing tendency among populations to turn towards nation culture.

Custom Tradition Land Language Ethnicity Is The

basis for social order. But This fact, however, has not prevented our political economic and media elite from seeking to continue to defend and promote political correctness as we’re seeing with the latest feminist inspired smear against judge Kavanagh by the cultural Marxist Democrats, who continue to export political correctness and cultural Marxism throughout the world and so Indeed, there was a massive blowback a backlash against this in the form of intensified nationalism, populism and traditionalism that serve as mechanisms of resistance against this politically correct cultural imperialism and so while I don’t know what the outcome will be with this particular situation involving Brett Kavanaugh. I do know that the fate of political correctness and its secular aristocratic elite is destined inevitably for the ash heap of its own Marxist history as always please like comment and subscribe click on our patreon link below become a monthly support of this channel and help. us to continue to analyze current events in light of conservative trends, so that you can personally and professionally flourish God bless.


A woman by the name of Christine Blasi Ford has come out and accused Brett Kavanaugh of attempted rape back when they were in high school . The alleged incident has surpassed the statute of limitations and is therefore beyond any kind of criminal investigation . This Thursday the Senate Judiciary Committee will vote on whether to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court on Thursday . The vote will be the fifth member of a new Conservative majority on the court . The left has not disappointed as I’m sure you know by now a woman is a known left-wing political activist and the senator that released the accusation of suspect is a well-known left-winger and the Senator that released it is a political activist . We are happy to have you as a regular part of this channel. Please click on the patreon link below for all the benefits that are solely for our patreon supporters and of course smack that Bell and subscribe to our channel. We will be happy to share our videos with us on this page. Back to Mail Online home…. Click here to read more and watch the full video