Camille Vasquez Absolutely RUINS Amber Heard AGAIN


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He Testified That A Light Fixture Was

broken similar to the way that Yes Other than the lightning the only thing that was broken in the trailer. According to Mr. Knight was a light fixture Yes or no and we are back again to Camille desks. Johnny’s attorney ruining Amber‘s lies and showing the world what type of person she really is when asked about the Hicksville trailer event where she had stated that Johnny had grabbed her friend’s hand and threatened to break it. She stated that everything she had previously said was true, but her ex-best friend Rocky had never mentioned that incident happening.

Amber Had Claimed That Johnny Was

the one who started the entire fiasco and now when they went to the trailer. He trashed it to the point where the manager of Hicksville came and was angry about it, but previously the manager himself came. testified that he was actually there that day and he saw Amber getting jealous because Johnny was not giving her the attention she needed and that when he went to look at the trailer the next day. It was it really trashed except the light fisher that had been removed. Testified that he charged Mr.

Deb Only 62 Dollars For The Damaged Light

fixture. You heard that correct I did in hicksville You were the only one that was jealous and Mr. Dev was spending time from other people isn’t that correct Mr. That is incorrect in hicksville. You were the one who was upset that Mr.

Depp Wasnt Giving You Enough Attention Incorrect Again.

You told this jury that you had no idea that the press was going to be outside after you got the ex party tro on May 27 2016. do you remember that testimony I apologize. I must have misunderstood Ms Vasquez um Camille then reminded Amber that she had told the jury that she did not know. There was going to be press outside the courtroom when she went to get her Tro Amber tried changing her statements by saying that she had had nothing to do with it.

Were Going To Be There Not

when I walked into the courtroom that day, it was completely quiet still empty. Even though I had given Johnny’s team notice that I was finally honored to strive and your honor. I would also ask that you instruct the witness to please stop talking once I lodge an objection. But then she went back to claiming that she was never aware of whether the press would be around because the courtroom was so silent. But then she started branching off from the relevant answer and was talking about things.

That No One Really Wanted To Know About

and when she was being asked to stop talking she continued talking as if Johnny’s attorney wasn’t talking to her. It wasn’t until the judge got involved that she stopped talking. I do I’ll strike. The last part is non-responsive just if you guys answer the questions asked okay thank you Mister Camille then reminded her that on that day she had gone to court with her publicist and that it was weird that Amber always wore tinted moisturizer. But on that particular day that tmz came to take pictures she was without makeup well.

You Did Bring Your Publicist To The

courthouse with you. On May 27 2016, Didn’t you I sure did I’m a public figure. I brought my publicist in case it blew up in case. You actually had alerted TMC that you would be filing a tro against. One day you didn’t bother to wear makeup to cover up the mark on your face.

I Didnt Know Amber Tried Salvaging Her Situation

by saying that she’s a public figure, so she came with her publicist Just in case things blew up yes. I heard him say that I don’t know if that’s true or if that’s possible because it didn’t hurt for me I was flying tremaine. I know that’s incorrect is what I mean to say another liar on the stand. I just know that that’s incorrect when asked about who sent the video of Johnny smashing tables and cabinets to the TMZ. Amber Deny ever sending it because she was flying but the TMZ guy had testified that they received that video 15 minutes after it was shot meaning that it could only have come from the source.

Amber Refuses And Calls The Guy A

liar. Which is the second time she has called someone a liar today? TMz even declared that they owned the copyrights of the video that Amber took of her husband’s smashing cabinets, but yet again Amber denied having no knowledge of this to find that TMZ owns the copyright to the cabinet video right that’s news to me. The cabinet video you filmed of your then husband yes the copyright ownership of that is news to me. I learned that yesterday it’s the cabinet which is very weird since Amber was the one who took the video from her phone and that same video was uploaded the night before her divorce. It’s also pretty suspicious that the video TMZ received was not fully complete because the part where Amber was setting up the camera had been cut off.

Also The End Part Where Amber Is

seen Smirking was also cut off. Though Amber tried to argue that she hasn’t smiled or smirked in this trial, which is a huge fat lie. She can be seen smirking. At the end of that video, she has been smirking while Johnny and his witnesses were testifying. In other words, she has been smirking and smiling a lot be seen smirking.

I Know You Testified Earlier That You Havent

been smirking in this trial, but you sure were caught on camera smirking. In that video. I disagree with that was also not included in the tmz video. Everyone can watch that video and you can determine whether you think it’s funny to me or not that’s because the video came from you right. The video portion you edited out the portions that made you look bad before sending it to tMc.

Youre Very Wrong About That So

that I wanted to leave information I could. have done it in a more effective way a lot sooner and a lot more because I was living with this evidence. If I wanted to leak it. I could have done a lot more with it. Camille then accused Amber of editing out parts of the videos that made her look bad like the beginning where we can see her setting up her camera to shoot an illegal video of Johnny and in the end where we can see her smirking.

Amber Gets All Defensive, Claiming She Never

did such a thing and if she would have done such a thing she would have been way more careful in how she would have done it. Team 16. . This is a picture of you and your friend Rocky Penny. Two photos were then shown where in the first Amber is seen with her publicist at court, while Amber was getting.

The Restraining Order I Dont Know

when this was taken. This is the day after you obtained the domestic violence restraining order against Mr. Depp right I have no idea when this image was taken. I did not take it. There’s no bruise on your face in this picture is there again.

I Dont Know When This Was Taken And

also I’m outside. I was obviously wearing makeup. I have no idea when this was taken. So I have no idea if I can speak while in the second one, she’s seen happily strolling a boat with rocky her ex-best friend a day after she had obtained a tro against her husband, someone who was a domestic violence survivor. One who gets frequent panic attacks would never have been able to go back to a happy care-free life a day after signing a restraining order from their abuser it just.

Like That This Is An Article Dated May

30th 2016 right Mister that’s what it says Yes and this article contains the same photograph of you Miss Pennington. We were just looking at Yes Yes. I see that and the article is entitled amber heard smiles as she puts arm around friend one day after getting restraining order against Johnny Depp when she tried pretending that she had no idea when the photo was taken. Camille decided to politely remind her using an article with the same picture when the picture was taken and it seems it was taken a day after the tro so it’s your testimony that defendants exhibit 512 reflects damage to penthouse 5 that occurred during the December 15 2015 incident. Yes I’m not quite sure from what incident this is when I see this photo in a vacuum without context.

She Was Then Showed A Picture That She

had previously testified to being a damaged part of the penthouse. In the 2015 fiasco. She tried avoiding the questions claiming she can’t remember what had happened in the picture without context and Camille being the kind person. She has decided to show the context to amber which incident. This is a picture of since I’m only looking at even though her counselor was asking you questions about December 15 2015 and then admitted this test this picture into evidence again.

She Kept Denying Knowing The Picture Even Though

her team had submitted the said picture and used it to make her explain what had happened at the penthouse in 2015.. direct testimony you testified that this photograph reflected spilled wine in penthouse 5. On May 21st 2016. didn’t you again I don’t know because I’m looking at a partial picture of.

A Floor So Unless You When

this picture had previously been shown to her. She had claimed that it was wine spilled on the floor of Penthouse 5, but today she claims she has no recollection of ever, saying that I didn’t cover it up your honor Could we unredacted them so we could get contact that’s how it’s in evidence that’s how it’s in evidence next question well the metadata next to it is so this is her there is no question pending and I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t be making argument to the jury sorry from the moment the cross-examination started. She has been defensive and arguing with Johnny’s lawyer but this kind of attitude is not going to help her at all the attitude doesn’t seem to faze Camille. She even calls Amber out for staring at the jury and arguing to their direction someone. have done that earlier it’s also pretty stupid of her to try and educate the jury and the court.

When Even The Judge Herself Has Said

that that’s how the evidence was presented to the court by Amber’s Counsel without context how come she knew what it was before when she was asked about it by her attorney. Even without context exhibit 512 and 725 seem to be different versions of the same picture. Don’t they that’s correct okay so which is it which one was taken on December 15 2015 or May 24th first 2016. . Camille then called her out for fabricating evidence and using two different photos of the same image twice in her evidence.

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She Was Then Asked About The Video Where

she had told Johnny that no one would believe him if he were to say he was a victim of domestic abuse because he is. A man and that she had not known that a lot of people would come out to defend Johnny, in which she replied it was actually the opposite. She had known that people would lie if they have to just to defend Johnny um when you told this jury under.


Johnny’s attorney ruined Amber’s lies and showed the world what type of person she really is when asked about the Hicksville trailer event where she had stated that Johnny had grabbed her friend’s hand and threatened to break it . She stated that everything she had previously said was true, but her ex-best friend Rocky had never mentioned that incident happening . Amber had claimed that Johnny was the one who started the entire fiasco and now when they went to the trailer they had trashed it to the point where the manager of Hicksville came and was angry about it, but previously the manager himself came . He testified that a light fixture was broken similar to the way that Yes Other than the lightning the only thing that was broken in the trailer the only . was a . broken in . the trailer . The manager charged Mr.& Deb only 62 dollars for the damaged light fixture that had been removed from the trailer. He said that he charged him only for 62 dollars . Amber tried changing her statements by saying that…. Click here to read more and watch the full video