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and Look dude I don’t know about you but I’m not entirely convinced that we can trust Abomination long term. I know what you’re gonna say People who write Haikus are totally reformed Whitney, but Charles Bukowski wrote poems too and that guy was a lifelong a-hole while I want to believe that Emil Blonsky is a totally changed man with zero desire to ever relive that 2008 night in Harlem. I’m not buying it Watsky’s seven soul mates might be able to keep him satisfied for a little while but like prison yoga life in human form is gonna get old but today. I’m going to explain why I think Emile Blonsky will eventually revert back to Abomination on the outside and within okay Cram Junkies and murderinos grab a chair grab a beer and let’s talk some green Hue. examine Blonsky’s appeal to Jen and compare it to what we saw back in the Incredible Hulk When Jen calls Blonsky out for going on a destructive Rampage in Harlem very much against government orders.

He Argues That The Super Soldier Serum

given to him by Thaddeus Thunderbolt Ross made him Hulk out but that’s not exactly true way back when Emile Blonsky was a highly decorated soldier. He said something to Ross that tipped his hand as the movie’s villain When Ross comments that with his military record he should be a colonel by now Glonsky says this now I’m a fighter I’ll be one for as long as I can abomination. Blonsky’s first super Serum. He was rare into earned a big theme around Super Serum since the very start of the UK is that it amplifies the true nature of a person good becomes great bad becomes. worse so while Blonsky argues that he was given an imperfect formula with potentially personality altering side effects.

Its Also Possible That His Actions

spoke more about his character than he’d like to admit. Not only did he volunteer for more Serum. He was pretty stoked to feel like a monster. You could argue that the first dose of the Serum side effects caused him to Crave power but like he said himself he’s not turning down a fight and after the hulk smashes his bones to powder Plotsky does feel vengeful. I don’t think that it was all the Serum like he also said he thought he was going to be the next Captain bloody America he was power hungry.

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He Wanted To Be Stronger Than

the Hulk. By the time he steals Mr Blues Mr Green formula He’s at heat craving like dude is Jonesing to morph out. I want more you’ve seen what he becomes right wow? I need that he almost the infusion so bad and I don’t think that that’s solely the serum’s fault. This dude was in to kick ass at all costs from Day one. There are times when I’m up so late that it Cycles back to early and I have a hard time sleeping with Rosy Finger Don creeping into my bedroom.

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Im Sorry Emil But I Am Not

falling for it. He’s jealous that Bruce is held up as a hero while he’s rotted in prison for over a decade. Their fight I mean initially in his conversation with Jen he winces when mentioning The Hulk and refuses to differentiate between Bruce and the other guy. This tells me that Blonsky still subconsciously views his old foe as a monster first and a man’s second could he possibly not believe Bruce is reformed because he isn’t either also nowhere In this scene does he actually promise to keep the Abomination within him at Bay. Blotsky tells Jen that she won’t be seeing much of his Abomination side around and about but not seeing much of the Abomination Isn’t the same thing as not seeing him at all.

Similarly, He Tells Her That It Isnt That

he can’t or won’t turn into the Abomination. He just chooses not to but what happens when he inevitably does become Abomination once more can he control his thirst for power like Bruce controls his. Rage or will his monstrous Persona get the best of it when it comes to Blonsky’s poetry I’m reminded of a short Abomination comic ARc from the early 2000s. An Incredible Hulk Vol 2 issues 24 and 25. We find Abomination retired from villainy teaching a creative writing class.

Apparently Hes Very Well Loved By

his numerous students, but the second he smells an opportunity to battle the Hulk. He abandons his healthy outlet and Newfound career just to make another attempt at settling the score between them. If he’s so full of Vengeance that he’d abandon his creative writing job just to fight an old nemesis from years ago. I think that we can expect Emile Blonsky to eventually ditch the haikus and choose to revert to his monstrous form on top of this we have the seven soul mates while there has been some speculation that these soul. Mates He’s referring to are the Thunderbolts Marvel’s Anti-hero team of allegedly reformed villains.

I Dont Think That This Is

the case. There is a quick shot from the UK trailer Taylor that shows seven Flower Crown women visiting Blonsky’s set while I still think that Abomination is a prime candidate to join the 2024. ‘s Thunderbolts his pen pals are giving me more Manson family Vibes than Suicide Squad ones in the comics. It is never a great sign when Abomination becomes the leader of a group in his earliest Incarnation. During his first battle with the Hull he snatched up as a living trophy by The Cosmic entity known as The Stranger skipped to three publication years later, when Thor finally frees the strangers prisoners.

Abomination Convinces All Of Them To Join

him in a revolt against their captor, but the goal to form a band of cosmic pillaging. Thor crushes those plans, but the next we see of Blonsky. He’s the first Maid of a space pirate ship and he’s just as Brutal I kid you not the Hulk quote unquote knocks him out from space all the way back to her. Blonsky, then spends several decades as a Hired Gun obsessed with destroying the Hulk until he finally is convinced to put the violence behind him and live in the sewers Here He becomes a leader once more. This time of a faction of homeless Misfits and Mutants.

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This Period Of Time Was When Blonsky Was

written at his most virtuous self. But when the police start encroaching on his territory in search of drug dealers, he becomes bloodthirsty once more and kills with Reckless, abandon drawn to the surface by the hull. He makes his motives clear he’s tired of living in a world that treats. him like a monster when he has the strength of a God.

He Tried Playing By Societys Rules Of Peace,

but he was still persecuted. I believe that while not a one-to-one, we could be seeing a similar story unfold here with a free blonde ski still facing negative public scrutiny pushing him and his soul mates with sensationalist media coverage until he snaps and returns to his Abomination ways to be thorough. Let’s examine the other side. There’s always the possibility that he’s telling the truth that even though he can still turn into Abomination and may even do so from time to time, he’ll always keep his cool going forward obviously.

Bruce Eventually Found Scientific Therapeutic And Technological Ways

to keep the other guy at Bay, but Blonsky was always able to maintain his intelligence and awareness during his transformation. If he’s telling the truth and he really. It could be that prison gave his smart brain enough time to change his heart, but based on everything we know about this character from The Incredible Hulk and the comics I believe that Emil Blonsky is a fighter through and through and that he will resume his jealous grudge against the Hulk’s Freedom hero status and power and personally I would kill to see a fight between smart Hulk and the Abomination so far We’ve only seen them physically interact. While the Hulk is fully in control, but now we’ve got these two incredibly intelligent, inconceivably strong dudes with the ability to Duke.

It Out With A Combo Of Brains

and Brawn. Wong might have been a good sparring partner, but the Hulk is truly on abomination’s level and I refuse to believe that our Lord and Savior Kevin Feige would Rob us of a fight against Mark Ruffalo. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter at WhitneyPuppy Follow Me Rockstar subscribe to new rockstars for more analysis of everything you love and thanks for watching Bye thank you.


Whitney van Laningham is not entirely convinced that we can trust Abomination long term . He argues that the super soldier Serum given to him by Thaddeus Thunderbolt Ross made him Hulk out . But that’s not exactly true way back when Emile Blonsky was a highly decorated soldier . He said something to Ross that tipped his hand as the movie’s villain . It’s also possible that his actions spoke more about his character than he’d like to admit . He was pretty stoked to feel like a monster.& Not only did he volunteer for more Serum. He was rare into earned a Super Serum but it amplifies the true nature of a person good becomes great bad becomes bad becomes.& You could argue that the first dose of the Serum side e . But you could argue . The first dose that the . first dose is that the. first dose was the first doses of the Super Serm is that it is not necessarily beneficial to the person you were ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video