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This is the truth in this edition of the truth we’re looking at media mogul Rupert Murdoch’s analysis of climate change. Rupert Murdoch given the owns most of the media Don’t often crop up on it. Rupert Murdoch congratulations on 50 years of the Australian. So in this episode the truth we’ll look at Murdoch see if we can understand what he’s saying and why he’s saying it’s in this one he’s won them climate change deniers and he know climate change, but there is one because there’s loads of scientific evidence.

Now One Of The Great Issues The Papers

been arresting with in recent years is the balance between environmental concerns. Climate change concerns on the one hand and the need on the other hand to all the time without worrying about climate change because if there is a climate change because you’ll. be dead soon maintain a competitive economy and to ensure that costs Don’t escalate too much what’s the way one should approach this what’s the way well. I suppose if it approached these issues, we should approach climate change with great skepticism approach to skepticism that’s helpful anything before you start speaking. I want you to know I’ve approached you with skepticism yeah, but all right hopefully you’ll be fine though because if all the evidence no because I’ve already got this skepticism that makes me unassailable to things like fact climate change has been going on as long as the planet is here.

I Mean Climates Theyve Changed Me.

I mean I’m weather changes book what we’re talking about here is a clear traceable relationship between the behavior of man specifically with industry and carbon dioxide and monoxide emissions and a charter bull rising of the planets temperature so. Don’t try and wank us off of that it’s always changing one day trainee the next day Snowy people like that otherwise you wouldn’t be able to build a snowman on Christmas Day and lay on the beach and summer. i Australia. I can do both those things the same day, but my point is the climate is always changed now with the right industry but you can rely on you to be on by officer Kerrie on there’ll always be a little bit of it.

At The Moment Any Bigger The North

Pole’s got littler but a South Pole is getting bigger. How many post you want Don’t try and balance out the polls information the Arctic is losing sea ice ten times faster than the Antarctic is gaining it so it’s not like a direct relationship is it like that one of them is losing ice ten times faster. than no one’s game yet so it’s irrelevant one and then nine times worse things are happening but how much are we doing with emissions and so on But as far as Australia’s nothing in the picture look at the cliche of like you take your ball in when you blumin I mean because you know he’s good. I mean he’s taking his ball in for the ball is the planet that we’re all living in in terms of the world’s temperature going up the worst. The most alarmist things have said maybe three percent three cents three sorry learn the actual measurement is free centigrade in next hundred years what they’re saying is their worst case scenario is that you could go up by four centigrade in the next century, all that would be human cause.

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The Best Case Scenario Would Involve About

one centigrade global surface. surface warming over the next century and that’s if we take serious action but like Australia had a country where rivers ice got a huge amount of power whose media outlets has just removed carbon tax. So he’s got a lot of power. Two-year-old truth but it’s using it really badly now what amazes if the sea level rises six inches that’s a big deal in the world. The Maldives might disappear or something good if you’re in the mode.

This Is It Its A Big Deal

and Maldives might disappear so like so what I went there for my honeymoon with windy day and we didn’t have a very nice time. We can mitigate that we can’t stop it. You can’t stop it the same topic the same blood but changing our behaviors. You would have a direct impact on this on the consequences of climate change so that’s. What he’s saying there Rupert we just got to stop building vast houses on Percy Shores I’ve never built the first house on the seashore That’s not the problem it might be for you.

Rufus Right What Theres None To Be No

Seashore I’m going to build a house on the hill now that’s reaching than that what about those hurricanes and storms and the impact on agriculture and on populations that world over having terrible terrible impacts not just your feet you’re gonna get wet and your knowledge in the Maldives and go back a little bit you know the world have been changing for thousands and thousands of years. Oh Yeah change is happening the world isn’t staying the same four thousand two thousand years. What we’re talking about is a human inspired impact because of our industrial and chemical practices. People like them Rupert Murdoch and all. them I met a few of them now well yes they’re really good at one thing like getting their will put across, but it basically blithering idiots likely just believing something because you want to believe in it.

If Someone Goes Say You Wear Like A

jacket. You look a bit of a dick in it. You go so a bit of a dick in this jacket, and they are all terrified of you if opposed now you’d look great in that jacket, but you still look a dick in the jacket. Rupert Murdoch from sheer willpower is forcing his opinion on the entire planet from a variety of media. For what reason is he doing this why is he determined to believe something that’s patently untrue just cause he wants to believe it it’s just a lot more complicated today blumin do that passionate iover it’s more.

More Complicated Because You See The

gesture the company’s it go back down there shut up Don’t down all to the ground where you Don’t have an opinion go down under the ground at Don’t stay today because it’s all going to be flooded interpret from that answer that you’re concerned that Australia might get trapped into a series of decisions on climate change which might disadvantage its economy. Australia’s economy he’s interested in it sees Rupert Murdoch economy’s anything he cares about it’s very expensive for me. Don’t worry he thinks gonna happen when he dies derail Rupert like when he’s laying down his deathbed. Does he think he’s good I made as much money as I possibly could have done good night that’s narrow Millia of the realm of big who’s profiteering where she done. Winner also Like he’s sort of non–interventionist attitude towards the world’s always getting hotter colder changing well clearly something’s wrong should we do nothing like when Rupert Murdoch got prostate cancer in 2000.

I Just Leave It Im Always Getting Cancer

and then losing cancer that’s just pile of natural fluctuations. Like intensive course of radiotherapy he intervened he took action to prevent him dying. The earth is a similarly an Anatomy, a body a sphere that requires help and treatment it did for himself. We do is family he just knows it won’t impact him personally. I mean bothered that’s really odd ways to see things well.

You Mentioned Of The Former Labour Government Well

we shouldn’t be building windmills and all that rubbish. Rupert Murdoch He’s like he’s not talking from a neutral position. You said think Rupert Murdoch’s in the media world so they have a natural allegiance to have a catalyst. A lot of they have natural allegiances to have a catalyst in the process, but also he’s got stakes in geni oil gas ink and Shell Oil Company UK he’s invested in there not being a climate change You don’t want to be a climate change because if there is to the cost him a load of money very directly because of his stakes and Geney oil gas ink and shell or a company UK but more broadly. They’ll have to be measures imposed on corporations to prevent a society structured around the least privileged and a society struct around aqua ecological responsibilities.

So Hes Got A Lot Invested Both Personally

and directly you can check this for yourself contrast again who’s. making money a climate change on the subjects of climate change. You can’t trust what he says in his papers on the subject. He’s benefited benefits directly from it in indigenous cultures.

If Someone Cared About Resources More

than human beings. You’d think that went pretty well wrap them up in a blanket or salad only making he’s gone he’s gone wrong. He’s allowed to be a charge of almost everything, so he’s alright from murder to be about that but we have to create structures and systems that prevent that mentality providing you sleep anytime No I’m not come back.


Rupert Murdoch says climate change has been going on as long as the planet is here . Murdoch says we should approach climate change with great skepticism approach to skepticism that’s helpful anything before you start speaking . Murdoch congratulates Australia on 50 years of the Australian media empire . He says he’s won them climate change deniers and he know climate change is one because there’s loads of scientific evidence . The truth is the truth. We’re looking at Murdoch’s analysis of climate change. We’ll look at Murdoch see if we can understand what he’s saying and why he’s said it’s in this one he’s winning them climate deniers. We need to maintain a competitive economy and to ensure that costs Don’t escalate too much. We should approach this what’s the way to approach this. We don’t try and wank us off of that it’s always changing one day trainee the next day Snowy people like that. The truth. It’s always always changing. I’m English. I don’t…. Click here to read more and watch the full video