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The People Up In Canada Are Canucks As

we call them our little boys and girls are moving in the large numbers to protest these coveted measures and to cause their prime minister Justin Trudeau to resign and of course, we wanted to talk about that with someone who’s been covering that very very intricately and detailed Marie Oakes, who is a journalist and a reporter. She’s I believe American but also was living in Canada, but recently moved back down here and um we’re excited to have her on the show to get an update and to find out how if you’re in Canada you can fight back or if in any other country how we can continue to resist this world Economic forum great reset push for a one-world government with no privacy where you own nothing anyway. I’d like to welcome Marie Oakes to slightly offensive. You for having me on Elijah It’s good to be here Yeah It really is good to be here so people get confused people say that you’re a Canadian but aren’t you just an American, but you lived in Canada what’s the story there well. I’m a dual citizen So I get the best of both worlds Whether it be Joe Biden’s America or Justin Trudeau’s Canada Yeah it’s like it’s hard to pick who’s better right because you have biden and you have everything happening in the United States and then you have Justin Trudeau who he’s sitting down which is okay, but it’s just what he likes to do and it’s like between the two countries.

What Do You Say Is The

best place to live at the moment definitely the us. I mean right now I live in a blue state, but in a lot of ways. People just are no longer living totally in fear of course, you’re gonna have a lot of people who are but generally if you don’t wear a mask where I live at least in Illinois people don’t care no one comes up to you screaming like I see those videos coming out of New York or say California. So life is definitely better here than it was when I was living in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, which many of your viewers if they know or do not know was basically the most locked down area in all of North America and sort of still is yeah so what’s the situation like I mean. I know it changes from territory to territory, but if we’re counting some of the the worst territories to live during this lockdown stuff and maybe some of the better ones what’s life like for Canadians right now.

Well Life Is Pretty Bad Across The Board.

I would say almost everywhere in Canada right now. They have vaccine passports so if you want to go into different establishments change depending on the province. You’re in say if you’re in Quebec and you’re unvaccinated you as of this week are no longer allowed into any retail locations that are larger than 1500 square meters and say if you want to go to Walmart or costco to get your prescriptions filled or go grocery shopping they are making it so an employee has to come with you to ensure that you’re not buying any other items say like at Walmart. If you want to buy clothes you’re not allowed to do that so vaccine passports in Quebec are very widespread and they’re also talking about taxing the unvaccinated so they can use the health care system and in places like.

Ontario, Although Its Not As Drastic And

draconian, they still do have vaccine passports They’ve had here and there like stay-at-home orders and those sort of things and that’s kind of how it is all over Canada At this point so you’re basically like you’re other you’re basically not a citizen you don’t have rights unless you’re vaccinated it’s so weird, though you know a lot of information is out there about about the inability for this current form of vaccine in fighting against Omicron. Of course they say it still helps right, but it’s not as good as they would like so they’re developing a new vaccine for Omicron, but unfortunately, Omicron’s season may soon be coming to a close. We have a new variant that is now they’re now monitoring so it’s like they can’t even keep up with this stuff. It’s like their their development and their research is always a step behind and so it’s like what is the science? What is the research? What is the government telling the people is the justification for taking away their rights and for treating them like second-class citizens for not getting the vaccine. I mean right now it’s just a blame game in a place like Quebec.

They Keep Just Saying, Oh We Have To

do this because our hospital system’s collapsing and they are overrunning our hospitals that’s why we have to put a give them a tax. The tax hasn’t been completely worked out, but it really seems like it’s something they’re gonna pursue. They’ve been very harsh on their rhetoric to the unvaccinated now. They also are setting up all these outdoor clinics for people to go get vaccinated. They are now investing money into calling campaigns to call you.

The Unvaccinated Quebecers, Which Is Only 10

of the population of Quebec. So they have all of these restrictions and it’s about 10 of the population that is unvaccinated. So the messaging isn’t making sense but the thing about Quebec and Canada kind of in a hole is they have a lot of trust in their government. It seems like trust is right now crumbling, but it’s still there and people are largely in favor of these type of restrictions and ostracizing the unvaccinated because in a large part the population is all on vaccinate. I mean the population is all vaccinated, so they don’t feel these measures personally and when these measures are not personally affecting them.

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I Just Think People Dont Really

understand the severity of the measures and how wrong it really is yeah. It is interesting in a lot of these crown colonies like the in. New Zealand and in Australia as well as United Kingdom, which we did see just push back a lot of their measures. I mean, what do Canadians think about that I mean I, I know everyone likes to mock America well it’s America. It’s just America, and they always make up stats about gun violence.

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Not Realizing That Those Stats Are

actually a lie and that most of those gun violence are suicides and that over half of them are suicide and the other most of them are involving gangs and this just really has nothing to do with a gun problem Anyway. They like to talk crap but then in the Uk our British friends. The propers have decided to roll back the mask mandate and also some of the measures after of course the controversies with Boris Johnson and many other people partying during the strictest parts of. The lockdown? I mean do Canadians look to the United Kingdom as a possible solution Are they completely independent and going to continue more like Australia, What are your predictions well. It’s hard to say because there is such a divide in Canada between people who want more measures if you could even imagine that someone wants more measures than are currently in place and then the people who are kind of sick of this and actually have to deal with these measures because a lot of the people who want these measures and more measures are people who are largely not affected by it.

Theyre Government Bureaucrats.

They’re people in the media. They’re people with at-home type of jobs. They’re not people who have to be a truck driver have to deal with the border have to deal with how annoying these restrictions are on a day-to-day basis they’re. service industry where they have to wear a mask all day long or they have to be the ones checking people’s vaccine passports so there is that divide but like we’re seeing with this trucker convoy, which we’re going to talk about further in your segment.

Youre Seeing A Lot Of Support Of

people wanting these sort of mandates and restrictions lifted you’re seeing a lot of children they’re sick of this. They’re sick of not being able to do school sports because in a large part of Canada. Children are not allowed to do sports right now and for many of your viewers. I’m sure when you were younger in school. You probably did extracurricular activities and that’s being taken away from all these kids and if there’s an outbreak in one of their classrooms their school shuts down.

Theyre Back On To At-Home Learning

and i don’t think. Kids like this I had to do the at-home learning for the last semester of my university, and it was the worst experience I’ve ever had in my life Yeah No. It really it is crazy. We could get into some of those things, but this wasn’t meant to be just discouraging to our audience. It’s actually interesting with this um large protest that we’re tracking a lot of people should be tracking if you’re not let more people know about this because people in Canada need to hear about it.

The Media Is Doing The Best

they can to ignore it. I’m sure the mainstream media there doesn’t want to give it the credit. It is anything that helps the people in the country. The media obviously aligned against its people will will refuse to cover and things that will hurt us and degenerate us and ruin us. They Will put on blast like the dangers of the omicron Well.

I Was Reading On Fox News

that the freedom convoy left from Vancouver to Ottawa on Sunday to protest the federal government’s vaccine mandates for cross-border truckers, which took effect on January 15th. The Canadian Trucking Alliance estimates that roughly 15 of truckers in the country are not fully vaccinated or about 16 000 truck drivers and you see a picture here um so this obviously it just looks like oh it’s a little small protest what is going on what what is this I’m hearing a lot about it and what size is this protest at this point and then then we’ll talk a little bit about like what it’s for and what they hope to accomplish. So if you want to follow more of the convoy protest you can definitely follow me on all my social media. I’m at the Marie Oaks, but what’s been going on is that was sort of the catalyst was the vaccine mandate for drivers going cross-border, so the Trudeau government put in a mandatory vaccine policy that made it so if you were a Canadian truck driver trying to come back into Canada from the U.


You know doing a load if you were not vaccinated. You were now subject to testing requirements and quarantine so you’d have to quarantine for two weeks that really hurts your job. Usually these truck drivers they go home for maybe a day and then pick up another load and they’re back in the U.

S And That Was The Policy Before

they were exempt from these border restrictions prior to I think it was January 15th and we’re also seeing this policy a similar policy in the United States, but we’re going to talk about. Here so this kind of prompted a lot of truck drivers and a lot of people think it’s only vaccinated or unvaccinated truck drivers. There’s actually a lot of vaccinated truck drivers getting involved in.


Marie Oakes, a journalist and a reporter, is a dual citizen of both Canada and the U.S. Oakes says she gets the best of both worlds in both countries . Oakes: “It’s hard to pick who’s better right because you have everything happening in the United States and then you have Justin Trudeau who he’s sitting down which is okay, but it’s just what he likes to do and it’s like between the two countries. It’s like Joe Biden’s America or Justin Trudeau’s Canada.” Oakes is a reporter and a journalist who was living in Canada, but recently moved back down here to talk about how we can continue to resist this world Economic Forum push for a one-world government with no privacy where you own nothing anyway . Oake: “I live in a blue state, but in a lot of people don’t care no one comes up to you screaming like I see those videos coming out of New York or say California. I live in…. Click here to read more and watch the full video