Captain Marvel Directors Clueless Anna Boden Explains Tesseract Use It Was Lying Around


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com welcome back to Nerd erotic my name is Gary Buechler and I come to you from Nerdrotic. com and we need to talk about Captain Marvel again. The hits keep on coming but it won’t be about Brie Larson or her comments. I am done with that she is just a crazy actress and that had absolutely no bearing on my opinion of this very bad film and bounding into comics put out an article today that might shed some light on why this was a bad film looks like the Captain Marvel directors either didn’t give a crap about the mcu continuity or just didn’t know a sure sign of a bad film is when the director or directors have to go out to major access media outlets and explain major questions they have left in the film like why the hell was the Tesseract just laying around.

According To Our Good Friends At Bounding

in the comics and yes I gravitate towards the sites like this now occasionally I’ll still read from and some of the garbage cheer websites when they get ridiculous, but most of the time I get my news from bleeding cool bounding in the comics and cosmic book news because they’re good people over there and this is written by our friend John F trent thank you for a great article. Captain Marvel. Director Anna Bowden explains Tesseract use in Captain Marvel it doesn’t make any sense and he is so right about this and like I said before if a director has to explain something after the film it means you failed. Captain Marvel.

Director Anna Bowden Explained Why She And Co–Director

Ryan Fleck used the Tesseract to give Carol Danvers her powers speaking with Empire Bowdoin initially questioned do we. to create a whole new energy source for her to gain her powers. She then points to the fact that the United States government already has the Tesseract in their possession. Our thought was they had gotten its thing, but they didn’t know anything about it. Bowden says well the person who doesn’t know anything about it is you miss Bowdoin or Mrs.


I’m not sure and Mr. Fleck because they knew what they had but I will continue they just had it lying around somewhere at shield and Marvel was able to use it to create her light speed engine at Pegasus only her as an alien would even know it had all this power and I will add her as a female alien and figure out how to harness it. This is a major retcon from Captain America, the first Avenger and i will add agent Carter. Yes the United States government had possession of the Tesseract if you remember howard Stark recovers it while they were searching for Steve Rogers.

Not Only Did The Government Have Possession Of

the Tesseract, but they also had a pretty a good idea that it was the source of the weapons being used by the Red skulls Hydra soldiers Yeah. They had a very good idea because Steve Rogers actually mentions it in the Avengers and I believe in Captain America first avenger by the way is he still the first Avenger when the Avenger came from Carol I mean again continuity errors in case you’ve forgotten. There’s a whole movie about Captain America fighting Hydra soldiers wielding Tesseract weapons here’s a clip of howard Stark already working on the reverse engineering of the Hydra weapons. There it is right there I’m not going to play the click but you. can go to the article Bowden’s explanation doesn’t pass the sniff test based on what we saw in Captain Marvel Either the Tesseract had actually been removed from Earth by Marvel.

I Find It Really Hard To Believe That

the United States government would allow anyone to remove a Tesseract from their own black sights. However, that is the case in Captain Marvel. As the Tesseract is hidden on Marvel‘s cloaked spaceship the cloaked spaceship that can’t travel light speed, but it can be cloaked with the big science lab that Marvel uses as a rec center for wayward scrolls and decides to use the Inferior Science lab. In 1990s America, we also know from the avengers that Shield was actually researching the Tesseract and had developed similar weapons to red skulls Hydra. In fact Shield had been working with Hydra Scientist Armin Zolo as revealed in Captain America Winter.

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Soldier Indeed They Were And Speaking Of

Armanzala the fact that the character exists completely refutes Bowdoin‘s idea that Marvel as an alien would be the only one who knew about the Tesseract and how to harness it. Armanzola had already done it In Captain America, the first Avenger. He was a human not an alien. What do you make of Bowdoin’s comics about the Tesseract? I’ll tell you what I think bounding into comics and viewers could it be that they’re about to flush the MCu continuity down the toilet and end game, so it doesn’t really matter no I don’t think so could it be that they didn’t know about MCu continuity. I can’t buy that they had plenty of consultants and Kevin feige there or could it have been agenda could it have been that they didn’t want to connect Carol Danvers powers to a male in.

Any Way Shape Or Form Bingo.

I think that was it Mcu continuity be damned over agenda and this is what happens when you put it before storytelling. It’s not like we haven’t seen this before we haven’t seen these character arcs that end up being straight lines because everybody’s just perfect from the get-go. It’s what Professor Geek correctly pointed out as the new feminist heroes journey, which is simply you’re great you just had a man keeping you down very exciting. I can’t wait to see more of this stuff so for those of us who are worried end game might be ruined a little bit from this movie.

I Think Youre Right To Think

so of course we have to wait and see the film I don’t want it to fail. I didn’t want this film to fail and when I say feminism. It’s the label that. director uses for this film, It’s not real feminism. I understand that now there are some out there.

Who Said That This Film Really

wasn’t that filled with agenda for both parties who liked it and didn’t like it. I would strongly disagree. I would say it’s equal to star Trek discovery. The last Jedi and the recent season of Doctor who and I will eventually do a scene by scene breakdown of this film to show you where I’m coming from on that but you are certainly entitled to your opinions.

It Never Hurts To Bring New

blood into your franchises but man do they have to be talented and boden and fleck were not up to their job and their body of work kind of shows that you tried but you failed and that’s part of putting yourself out there that’s why bounding into comics writes these articles. They’re prepared for the criticism They’re gonna get I’m prepared for the criticism. I’m gonna get for making this video because according to the access media, I am not allowed to criticize a film, especially one starring a woman or directed or co-directed by a woman because that would make me sexist. While I maintain that I am not being sexist at all by treating them as individuals because I’m old-fashioned.

I Like To Treat People As

individuals, but do what you like like share and subscribe everybody have a great day and may the small focusing songs of your greatness. Burgarotic. com please subscribe.


A sure sign of a bad film is when the director or directors have to explain major questions they have left in the film like why the hell was the Tesseract just laying around . Director Anna Bowden explained why she and co–director Ryan Fleck used the Tessingact to give Carol Danvers her powers . She then points to the fact that the U.S. government already has the United States government in their possession . The film was a very bad film and I am done with that she is just a crazy actress and that had absolutely no bearing on my opinion of this bad film . If a director has to explain something after the film it means you failed, he is so right about this and like I said before if a director had to explain it it doesn’t make any sense it is like he is failing to do anything about it. The film is a bad movie, it is not the first time I’ve heard about this. It’s not the last time we’ve seen this….. Click here to read more and watch the full video