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Durga Rhotic Calm Welcome Back To Nerd Radek.

My name is Gary Beekler and I come to you from Nerd Rata Calm and once again we need to talk about Captain Marvel and theNK] Now I’ve seen a couple articles from the access media that say essentially the same thing and every time I see this. It leads me to believe in my opinion that Disney might have fed them. This information to prepare the public for the future. It looks like the UK is prepared for a step back with the franchise and it looks like they are prepared to do a lot more retconning now.

According To Radio Times, Which I

usually go to for Doctor Who News, which used to be a good site, but has turned into a shell site for Doctor Who and maybe now. It’s a shill site for Disney and Captain Marvel. Marvel they speculate that the Captain Marvel sequel will take place in the past, just as Wonder Woman sequel is doing and it looks like Captain Marvel is once again ripping off Wonder Woman now in a separate UK article which cites a Screen Rant article which was an interview with Kevin Feige a couple weeks ago. They talked about Kevin Feige wanting to go more into the past with future Marvel films, leading me to believe that there will be a lot more retconning and a lot more forcing in of agenda. I think Captain Marvel was just the beginning and yes I do think Marvel Comics was a portents for what was to come with the UK and I think we will be getting the all-new all-different Marvel cinematic universe and unfortunately, I believe we will get the same results the crashing and burning of a beloved franchise.

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Try To Spare You As Much As

possible from both of these articles, but I do want to show you the commonality and I do want to tell you what the result will be for the UK. Unfortunately, Radio Times will there be a sequel to Captain Marvel well of course, there will unfortunately warning spoilers the new superhero movie sets up some possible future storylines, but how does that fit in with Avengers endgame which I think is a damn good question 90 set superhero movie Captain Marvel ends up as a bit of a stealth Avengers prequel alongside its solo story, explaining why Nick Fury Sam Jackson formed the group in the first place, making me throw up in my mouth a little bit where their name came from making me puke and just what will happen to the heroes in the eagerly awaited sequel Avengers endgame. However, all that Avengers tie-in including an enticing post–credit scene doesn’t mean that Captain Marvel isn’t interested in setting up its own franchise with a few moments in the finished movie, suggesting that this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers too bad in solo action and Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige hinting the same in a recent interview. The making of a first film is in some ways a brainstorm on the future and on what can be Feige told Screen Rant so what it will be again is not clear, but what it could be if pretty amazing so what about the first film tells us what a future sequel could be about well. The movie ends with Carol shooting off into space with the surviving Scroll refugees, helping them find a new home elsewhere in the galaxy.

After Leaving Fury With A Special Pager.

call her back in an emergency that wasn’t Loki‘s attack on New York and it wasn’t. Ultron‘s attack on the planet Earth Fury eventually does use the pager in the closing moments of Avengers Infinity War and the Captain Marvel post-credits T’s shows what happens when Carol answers the call an endgame a Magog wears UK, but the new movie hints unfortunately that there are some more adventures for Carol set in the years between these two events, specifically relating to the character of the Kree Baddie Ronan Ronan Less to forget was the main Baddie in the 1st Guardians_of_the_Galaxy” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Guardians of the Galaxy film played well by Lee Pace in that film and horribly in Captain Marvel, who’s brought back in a cameo to emasculate the character I’m Sorry, who’s brought back in a cameo role here as his younger pre Guardian self and after Captain Marvel Larson handily destroys. Bombardment thanks to her newfound Deus ex Machina abilities derived from the Tesseract core. It’s hinted that the two will cross paths again We’ll be back for the weapon.

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Ronan Says After Ordering Every Treat The Core

replies an underling the woman. Ronan answers ominously now. It goes on to possibly talk about Ronan being a future Baddie in a Captain Marvel sequel that takes place in the past. I thought that was a bit of a stretch until I came across the UK article, citing the same interview as I’ve said before from Screen Rant a couple weeks back why would two separate access media entities talk about essentially the same thing referring to an older interview unless maybe possibly they’ve had some help to help set up the public for a couple of things to help set them up for a possible retcon of the UK in my. opinion which we’ve all predicted here on UK and in the media and in our live stream chats.

We Can Of Course Cite The Law

of diminishing returns, but in my opinion, we can also cite the inserting of agenda in the UK. The UK article states After Avengers endgame Marvel’s next Big move may be a step back in time and I love to reword headlines and I think it would be more accurate to state. After Avengers endgame Marvel’s next big move maybe a step back. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has suggested that after Avengers in game the Disney movie studio will focus on more narratives set in the past. I would like them to focus on narratives completely they used to do that really well until Captain Marvel came along Disney and Marvel’s latest Captain Marvel, which takes place in 1995 has grossed over 900 million.

Dollars I Believe Is That A Billion

at this point. Disney‘s big blockbuster franchise Star Wars released a prequel in 2017 solo, but was considered a big box-office disappointment funny how they bring that up in this article. I must credit the access media. Avengers endgame is coming out on April 26, but that hasn’t stopped. Disney’s Marvel Studios from hinting at what could be arriving after the grand finale of its most successful superhero franchise ever a run at the box office for Avengers, which has so far racked up four billion dollars next up, taking a step back in time or again in my opinion taking a step back in an interview with Screen Rant again citing this interview from a couple of weeks ago, why Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige discusses the future of Marvel movies, particularly with the Captain Marvel characters and how he thinks there’s.

A Lot Of Story Left That Takes Place

in the past. I mean one of the things that’s fun to us about the timeline of this film is the potential of future stories with these characters is there’s a great past. Feige said I think the fun part about seeing this portion of the UK is the gap the potential is there. Feige later added in regards to whether or not consumers can expect more solo prequel adventures for Samuel L. jackson ‘he’s, Nick Fury character and I’m sure others and I love how they call fans consumers.

I Think That Is A Loathsome Term For

your fan base for the people who pay for your movies please refer to them as fans or at the very least customers not consumers, but that’s how they see you folks. Then I think it’s curious this article goes into something it doesn’t really. talk about in the headlines, it talks about the potential step back after endgame Of course, there’s the law of diminishing returns like I’ve said before, but the one thing that nobody else well Nobody else in the access media is mentioning is the inserting of agenda in the Captain Marvel and I believe we will see more of it with Spider-man homecoming and I certainly hope we don’t see it in Avengers endgame. There is some precedent and reason to be concerned about the box-office potential for prequels 2011’s Captain America. The First Avenger, which was a far superior film to Captain Marvel obviously was set predominantly in the World War Ii era showing how soldiers Steve Rogers became Captain America.

It Grossed Just Over 370 Million Worldwide

on a 140 million dollar budget. In two Sequels Captain America, the Winter Soldier and Civil War grossed higher numbers, including 1. 1 billion worldwide for civil war This year’s Captain Marvel set in 1995 has grossed over 1 billion worldwide, but it may have an advantage coming shortly before this month. ‘s final Avengers installment with many avid comic book fans eager to understand how Brie Larson’s character connects to the rest of the Marvel, Cinematic Universe and we are still waiting for that and unfortunately we’ve already seen this in Marvel Comics she will never fit in not with the Curt Kelly sued iconic Captain Marvel that has been presented on screen though that marketing tease tactic isn’t new both Captain America and Captain Marvel included post-credit scenes from upcoming Avengers films, but I will state the obvious the only reason. Captain Marvel made as much money as it did was because of Avengers endgame if it came.

Without Avengers Endgame, It Wouldnt Have Made

half as much as it did Honestly. I believe Marvel will lose just a little bit of steam Post Endgame It’s only natural after the big setup of Endgame as the big finale everything that will come after that will fail. In comparison said Daniel Richman, a media influencer who specializes in big blockbusters and stating the obvious the box office standards setting in prequels is the other Disney blockbuster franchise Star Wars. The late 90s to early 2000 Star Wars Trilogy distributed by 20th Century Fox grossed no less than 600 million worldwide for each film. According to theNK] however, the two sequels in 1999 Star Wars Episode one The Phantom Menace failed to even come close to the film’s 920 million plus worldwide total because they sucked and that’s what’s going to happen with Captain Marvel and that’s what they go on to state and they actually bring up solo in this and what who else has been bringing this up over and over again.

I Cant Think Of It Guys Youre Gonna

have to help me here. I believe it was us so thanks for playing along access media and it looks like they are starting to see the reality of the situation. Now we haven’t seen any numbers yet and no I don’t think Avengers endgame we’ll take a loss because of Captain Marvel, but I think the films following will I think there are a lot of Youtubers out there who. Who have done a lot of great work? Pointing out how Disney and these major corporations influencing the access media control the information and how this is turned into corporate consumer propaganda and I only used again that loathsome term because that is how they see us they see us as a bunch of sheep who can be led around and God who can argue with them at this with how much money Captain Marvel made, but they can only get away with this once in my opinion. Now I want to state.

I Dont Want To Be Making

avengers endgame sJw videos that is the last thing on earth. I want to do. I want to give it a positive review. I want to love that movie I want to feel like it was the cherry on top of the greatest franchise we’ve ever seen in cinema yes greater.

Than Star Wars Greater Than All Because

up until Captain Marvel, it has largely been the most consistent now As time goes on people will see the flaws and I’m certain the same access media who’s on the knob of Disney right now In a couple years We’ll talk about top ten reasons why the UK is not as good as you think, but unless the access media turns into the free press again. I doubt any of those ten reasons will be intersectional, feminism or UK politics, but I’m certain one of those ten reasons will be the patriarchy, but at least we all here on these channels will know the truth and some of that truth is retro-actively inserting agenda along with unlikable characters in prequels to answer the question that has been asked. It’s my first Captain Marvel video and it’ll be asked in the comments. Section on this one? Why do you make so many? Captain Marvel videos well? It’s just the latest thing.

I Have Had The Unfortunate Displeasure To

watch so many of my franchises crash and burn due to political correctness, intersectional feminism and UK politics. When they start inserting these trendy agendas or transgenders into these films and UK shows they don’t feel the need to tell a story anymore, and there is a way to actually do it not that I necessarily love the politics in it because I don’t but Hollywood has dug their heels in and chosen a side to their peril. This is my last from the road video. The next time you hear from me back at home surrounded by action figures thank you all for supporting the channel and sticking with me while I’ve been gone and not putting up very many videos and I.

Look Forward To Seeing You All When

I get home. Everybody have a great day and may the small folk sing songs of your greatness. Durga Rana calm please subscribe you.


The new superhero movie sets up some possible future storylines, but how does that fit in with Avengers endgame . Radio Times will there be a sequel to Captain Marvel well of course, there will unfortunately be a warning spoilers . I think Captain Marvel was just the beginning and yes I do think Marvel Comics was a portents for what was to come with the UK . Unfortunately, I believe we will get the same results the crashing and burning of a beloved franchise. I think we will be getting the all-new all-different Marvel cinematic universe and unfortunately, unfortunately, I do want to tell you what the result will be for the UK. There will be a lot more retconning and a lot of forcing in of agenda. Unfortunately, there is unfortunately warning spoilers the new superhero film will not be a Captain Marvel movie. The movie will unfortunately warn spoilers. It will unfortunately, there may be a spoiler. The new Marvel movie will be an example of the future. It is not the endgame…. Click here to read more and watch the full video