Captain Marvels Fake Hair in Endgame is Everything Wrong with the MCU


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hair was fake at least it was in one scene UK hair that’s where we’re at with the UK and this exemplifies everything wrong with this character and her involvement in the UK going forward and everything wrong with Marvel Phase 4 and this is repeated history and usually it takes a while for trends to cycle through sometimes 20 years. Sometimes longer It took all of two years for Marvel to start repeating the same mistakes it made in the comic books now. I am fully aware that Marvel Comics is an autonomous organization owned by Disney, but they run themselves pretty much and I am fully aware that Marvel Studios runs itself pretty much under Alan Horne and Kevin Feige doesn’t mean they can’t repeat the same mistakes within the company and they are certainly going ahead and doing that faster. than I thought even possible and we will go over some of that, but as we stare at Captain Marvel’s fake UK hair. I want to talk about the word verisimilitude one that I had recently learned quite Frankly didn’t know what it meant I might have heard it before some time in my life.

Im Pretty Old, But It Never Really

stuck, but thanks to Robert Myer Burnett. I know what it means as it pertains to a film so Thank You UK but you’re not gonna thank me for this video because you like Captain Marvel and I did not Captain Marvel’s endgame hair was all UK fakery and we don’t know what to believe anymore well quite frankly. I thought it looked fake, especially since it’s laying down in deep space and what happened to her helmet Maybe because the patriarchy was oppressing her powers or the Kree I’m Sorry and her hair is now able to lay down that is part of her Opie power set so you thought Brie Larson’s hair was legit as Captain Marvel and Avengers endgame no I didn’t think it was legit I don’t think Captain Marvel was legit and I think she stuck out like a sore thumb in that movie and maybe that’s why they kept her out of most of it. This is where we sound the Bababa to tell you you’re so wrong with the release of endgame on digital download with all the buzzy extras that come with it it’s been revealed the hair of Captain Marvel was computer-generated kind of like Brie Larson‘s personality guess that’s. It got that superhero shine and bounce we suppose Yeah and I guess that’s why it’s laying down in deep space fans were snapped when they saw behind-the-scenes shot of Brie and action with a green screen behind her and a cap on her hair was it because she had shorter hair for the scenes in the film that came later on where Captain Marvel was rocking a buzz cut of sorts either way.

We Cant Handle This Information And We

don’t know what to believe anymore, but that’s just the technical stuff that’s wrong. We have a much bigger problem but this compounded with this film making this lazy filmmaker look look at Robert Downey Jr. he’s wearing sweats on the set he’s wearing a little Iron Man chest piece and sweats now this scene by itself is not really that big of a deal and the Marvel Cinematic. never been grounded in the way The Dark Knight was I understand that but Endgame is a long way from Winter Soldier that battle scene at the end looked terrible. It was too dark and it was filled with motion blur and that is a repeated mistake for Marvel Comics a couple years ago.

Despite The Fact That People Were Complaining That

Squirrel Girl and Miss Marvel and Captain Marvel were all lame characters that were forced on the audience. The art sucked. It was terrible that was part of the decline not a huge part. The biggest part we’ll get to Oh and Squirrel Girl defenders please Don’t even bother This art is terrible. She sold a lot of trades through scholastic to schools and any kid will do just about anything even read Squirrel Girl to not pay attention in school back to Captain Marvel, Now the reason.

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I Pointed Out Thenk] Hair Is

not that it’s the biggest problem. It’s actually not it just points out what the overall problem is the character itself or everything about her is fake and forced and all the people lapping up the kool-aid out there. The Disney Kool-aid are just brand loyalists. This point because there’s nothing to this character. There’s nothing to like and I can hear you now.

I Know The Movie Made A

billion dollars. I. ‘m also pointing out the mistakes that the UK is repeating within Marvel Comics. Every number-one issue of her six or seven relaunches sold pretty damn well and then within about a year and a half that title was cancelled due to lack of sales. Marvel Comics post-2014.

The Overall Quality Of The Work Had Gone

down and then they started hiring a bunch of ideologues and then the people who. There for a while came out of the closet as a bunch of ideologues and we got this fundamentalist extreme version of leftism politics being shoved down everybody’s throat. Even the people who agreed with them was starting to get annoyed and then a consumer movement started well. The same damn thing is happening with Star Wars Star Trek Doctor Who and now the UK and we didn’t want it to happen to the UK because the UK had been free of this stuff until very recently, but now they have completely dived in but the best example of them repeating mistakes from Marvel Comics is in their hiring and phase four overall and the recent news of a force now first let’s start out with Miss Marvel I won’t even say her name because every time I do one of my videos gets demonetised and I rarely get to. Monetize but the showrunner of Miss Marvel was recently caught by Doug Ernst deleting 5,000 tweets from her account prior to D23, possibly learning the lessons of the director from Guardians of the Galaxy.

Another Name You Cant Mention Or

you get demonetized and it’s very interesting that a lot of people didn’t run with this, but again that’s the access media for you so good work. Douglas Ernst again Ally has had no experience running a show before and apparently she’s some sort of a comedian that nobody’s heard of, but she is a fundamentalist activist and that mirrors a lot of what Marvel Comics has been doing for the last few years. A practice they continued to this very day because they have recently hired Zoe Quinn and sure you are all aware of what’s going on with her right now. I won’t get into it but I’ll. link a video in the description that will explain everything for you just fine then bounding into comics is reporting that we are getting an a force movie and I’ve been joking that we are headed towards that and I’m not surprised at all.

Brie Larson Suggested It And Theyve Done

it in the comics, and it was well a failure. Just like the all-new all-different Marvel failed in the comics and just like Captain Marvel fails in the comics not for lack of trying. Though Disney really wants her to be the face of the brand too bad. The face of the brand belongs to Sony within the film’s that I’m guessing they’ll Bury Spider-man within the comics, which will further bury Marvel, Comics and I heard Marvel wants to be less political. These days well.

Im Guessing Theres About A Hundred Plus

closed comic shops with a giant. them for that too little too late so let this image be representative of everything. Captain Marvel is within the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Marvel Comics fake and forced and the future isn’t looking too bright for other franchises. Those eternal costumes look terrible, The Celestials look terrible they looked better in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Marvel Lost Its Identity Within The Comics Not

long after Disney purchased them and now the UK has lost its identity why because they have repeated the same mistakes forcing Captain Marvel on us rushing into a 2015 storyline that was not successful. The all-new all-different Marvel, otherwise known as Sjw Marvel and the same thing is gonna happen. You know things are going great for the UK well. They were going great for Marvel comics.

Then They Decided To Get Political With

the all-new all-different Marvel alienate half the fanbase and then a hundred plus comic shops closed. There was no coincidence in that that is gonna happen to the UK you’re gonna alienate half of your fan base and bore the other half because it’s not real Marvel it’s a Disney Marvel everybody have a great day thanks for watching thanks for all of your support please like share and scribe and may the free folk sing songs of your greatness. Durga Rana Calm please subscribe.


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