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Today, The Cdc Director Says Racism Is A Serious

public health crisis that needs to be addressed and you’re going to want to hear what some states are doing to protect you from these federal gun grabbers. We’ve got a lot coming up and it starts right now happy Friday welcome to the news and why it matters. I’m Sarah Gonzalez. I if I’m looking like it’s not actually a happy Friday that’s because it’s not I’m just ready for the weekend. I’d just like to say I’m joined today by Eric July Blaze Tv contributor and also a Youtube post so it’s a Youtube day We’ve got young Ripa 5’9 here Eric July from Youtube and We’ve also got John Doyle back in the house taking over yeah taking over the world.

I Mean Until You Guys Get

banned from Youtube for being conservative fair enough and then you’re. Just gonna disappear from everyone’s I’m sorry, I don’t want I don’t want to depress you with that so we’ll get into it. We’ll get you much for happy Friday We’ll get into the headlines all right so yesterday Dr Rachelle Wolensky, who is the CdC director, said that racism is a serious public health threat. The CdC actually echoed this on its website claiming that racism is a systemic problem. They said to build a healthier America for all we must confront the systems and policies that have resulted in the generational injustice that has given rise to racial and ethnic health inequities and of course, this is actually the largest federal agency to make this sort of a declaration that racism is a public health crisis.

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It Is Systemic And Um They Go

on to talk about how it negatively affects the mental and physical health of millions. of people blah, blah blah, which I’m sure is true it’s just that that’s not really what’s happening in this country. I of course, I don’t want to like you. I don’t want to let you whitesplain to Eric here so I’m going to let Eric go first because we don’t want to Eric please tell us how oppressed you are yes. I will well first of all before we get into it have you been able to get an id have you been able to obtain some sort of idea kind of prevents me from doing so.

I Mean I Heard That You Were

too stupid to yeah that’s that’s exactly how it works. I somehow have all these guns and stuff but somehow well those are stolen. Oh that’s right at the gun show. I got it for the gun show where I didn’t have to get a. Yeah the loophole the gun show Loophole is what I got no, but look the fact that the CdC is which again the D stands for disease.

If Im Not Mistaken, So Youd Think

that it wouldn’t control it. Yeah that I wasn’t getting that incorrect there, but they’re talking about racism, which has absolutely nothing to do with that um it goes to show how much lunacy this is it’s all the way it’s been at the federal level In terms of of this ridiculous approach to try to reach is more so what it is so what they do is. They have this like st ending point how they get there doesn’t even matter they’ll start wherever they can anything is racist and they’ll try to track it all the way back and in this case they’re talking about this medical inequity and let’s not even assume that. That was the case what the hell does that have to do with CdC nothing it has nothing to do with anything all that is just perpetuating this idea that they’ve again trying to emphasize it as the problem that it really actually is not. I think this is a hump that we’ve long gotten over but they can’t get over the fact and a lot of these race Hustlers have unfortunately got positions of power within the government and that’s what they’re doing to utilize and this is the popular thing to to to to do.

These Days Is Just Talk About

racism because there’s clansmen at every single corner, and it’s an epidemic or pandemic depending on how you want to describe it and it’s Klansmen you just can’t get enough of them. I was on my way up to you know up to the office today and I just parked the car and it was like six of them just sitting out there waiting for me to get out because they act as if that’s actually how it goes down, but it’s not look I I don’t know how many more times I have to say this when you look at something like that. I agree this institutionalized problem that exists it ain’t with more so the racism. It’s that this is an institutional problem when it goes to the corruptness and how they will hyper-emphasize racism that doesn’t get rid of until people start talking about ending these institutions as they are but that’s not going to be on the top of the list for them. I’ve encouraged that I’ve I don’t know what it’s going to take for the republicans.

Get It If Decentralization And Defunding Shot

to the top of of the platform. Let’s say of the gop for example, which is really the only other party aside from the Democrats that let’s say politically viable. Let’s say that shot to the top of their of their platform. If you will that’s when we start addressing problems like that or that rather is not allowed to manifest but unfortunately we get as I’ve mentioned on the show. I think twice this week we get to talking about the symptoms and and trying to snap the band-aids getting the right person, which is probably what some quack gop is probably thinking right now well.

We Need To Want Cdc To

continue to exist, but we need to have the right people No like this is a problem and the only people that benefit from this are those you’re ensuring their. structure So when you look at that you’re like how crazy has this gotten? How how do we get rid of this well? You have to go to the source of the problem you already had a conversation in America. The libertarian here at the table is ready to have it with you. I think it’s funny too how they referenced mental health in that because there was longitudinal data that started being recorded in the 1970s when the sort of rhetoric started to infiltrate academia particularly towards white students like teaching them that they’re inherently racist because of the color of their skin, and it actually established a causal link proving that that negatively affects the mental health of white people not that that matters or anything like that I feel as though I have to speak on behalf of my people well enough about your white privilege John. Yeah okay um well also you know Eric you mentioned This is the CdC what business do they have talking about racism well so but though I think the way that they are trying to interlink the two together.

Now Very Sloppily.

I’ll say but um they’re saying well hispanics and you know blacks have a higher prevalence of obesity. and we’re seeing right we’re seeing with the cope pandemic. They are like more likely to suffer worse outcomes right that’s because of the obesity that’s because of the poor health choices, but then they’re linking those to racism because they don’t have they don’t have the ability to like get to the place where they have the choices that white people have so I guess there have been like hispanic and black like cafeterias that we’ve been supposed to have been going to that I just haven’t. seen was not aware completely it’s amazingly unaware so to so don’t so not taking culture into account of anybody right because that is a look look look it’s it’s look it’s it’s a thing.

Its A Reality Of The Situation.

We know how we eat the food that we generally consume probably isn’t the best when it comes to let’s say getting the fat off or keeping it off of your body. My grandma had a tub of lard yeah in her kitchen and I I ate all the foods generally associated with you know soul food stuff like that and and that’s that’s that’s what we eat and that has to go in it could have to be taken into consideration right but unfortunately, instead of addressing a problem. This is why I mean I mean I guess I have a very long list of reasons why I. hate the government, but this is certainly one of them in which it rids responsibility of any sort of like individual.

Yes, The Emphasis Is Always On The Collective

and it’s always. Of course the government has to come and do something to save you right Never do we look at problems that exist whether it be in this community or that community and we look at it and say okay maybe you can change it maybe you could have been changing you just chose not to and that should be liberating. I mean it is to me. I mean when I look at the world and I see that I have problems and I look at okay well. I caused them to me that would be a liberating thing to those weirdos.

Its Like Offensive But The Fact

that okay maybe they can actually solve this problem maybe it’s. Not some overarching racism or something? Maybe it’s just a cultural issue that albeit may got there voluntarily, albeit even if it’s a bad result. Doesn’t mean that there was some sort of racism that was there in play that that that got them to where they are and I’d be the first one to admit that in these communities definitely in black communities and we deal with everything black men in these heart diseases and all sorts of things and a lot of that has to do with some of the things that we you know consume or if not if not the vast majority of it, but that’s a cultural issue like you like you mentioned one of which the government has absolutely no business being anything near because I bet you lots of money they’ll make it worse. I’m pretty sure even like in the list of. countries that are most obese? I think Mexico is like right up there with the United States, which means that our racism is so pernicious that it is actually international to where it is spreading into other countries and so maybe we could get the CdC to like build the wall to prevent the racism from seeping in yeah shut down the supply lines so that all of the food can’t get into Mexico because it’s just making them fat racist that’s how we do it yeah well that it is interesting because um and I do want to get to the clip in a second just kind of tying all of this racism idea in with good friend of the program Beto O’rourke and one of the Castro brothers, but um you know you you look at all of these people who are coming pouring pouring in through.

Our Borders And Trying To Say

well, we need to claim asylum because their conditions are so horrible and it’s like you’re. I mean you’re eating like I don’t mean to be. I don’t mean to be you know but it blunt, but it just is what it is.


Today, the CdC director says Racism is a serious public health crisis that needs to be addressed . You’re going to want to hear what some states are doing to protect you from these federal gun grabbers. We’ve got a lot coming up and it starts right now happy Friday welcome to the news and why it matters.& I’m joined today by Eric July Blaze Tv contributor and also a Youtube post so it’s a Youtube day . We’ve also got John Doyle back in the house taking over yeah taking over the world.& We’ll get you much for happy Friday, but I don’t want to like you. I’m sorry, I’m just ready for the weekend. And I’m sure is true it’s just that that that’s not really what’s happening in this country. And we’ll get into the headlines all right. It’s not a happy Friday. And it’s going to be fun to hear some of the most important things you need to know….. Click here to read more and watch the full video