CHAOS Inside Twitter as Musk Promises MASS FIRINGS


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Chaos Is Brewing Among Twitter Employees As Elon

Musk promises mass firings throughout the company. We’re gonna take a look at the woke, weeping and gnashing of teeth. We’re gonna see how one analyst is predicting at least a thousand firings and stick them to the very end of this video when we’ll savor the real significance behind the fall of wokism at twitter you are not gonna wanna miss this greetings everyone dr Steve here with you great to be with you as always I am your daily fake news antidote so come on into your patreon Professor’s den we’re helping to think better, so you can feel better in these crazy and turbulent and far less woke times. So make sure to smack that bell and subscribe but before we dive in here as you know woke leftists aren’t getting much sleep of late. They’re up into the wee hours worrying about how Elon Musk is going to single-handedly destroy all their censorship efforts, but while they’re despairing in their sleepless nights, you patriots could be having the most wonderful night of sleep imaginable with the one and only my pillow designed by the Patriot of Patriots Mike Lindell.

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for the patriots in your life. Let’s support Mike and my pillow and let’s get the best sleep of our lives all as Woke leftists lose theirs all right. Kang let’s dive right in here the fallout from Elon Musk buy out of twitter continues it’s being widely reported that the Musk buyout is nothing less than a nightmare come true for the Woke infested work environment at Twitter. The Bezos owned Washington Post is saying as much they’re reporting that employees are absolutely demoralized fearing mass layoffs on the horizon. Some employees are already taking matters into their own hands committing Harikari looking for the exits and hoping to create chaos for twitter users in the coming months.

Now Of Course This Isnt New A

few weeks back when it was first being reported that Musk had was trying to acquire. Twitter a number of employees already said that they would leave if the if he bought the company, which prompted the CeO of sub-stack to public publicly come out to don’t come here Don’t even apply you’re damaged goods you got woke warts all over you you got no home here but now that must deal has gone through. Twitter Employees are reportedly freaking out over the fact that their jobs are about to go bye-bye. The current CeO Peraga growl tried unsuccessfully to assuage those fears, saying that there were no layoffs planned quote at this time Yeah that little qualifier did little to quell the epidemic of anxiety sweeping throughout Twitter personnel I assure you at this time there are no planned layoffs at this time perhaps Agrolla was thinking of his own job. Musk has hardly been shy in voicing his loathing of the Twitter board.

Himself Perhaps Being The Biggest Target As Im

sure you all know. Agrol is a horrific violator of free speech and has been for some time in an interview with technology review back in 2020. He said quote our role at Twitter is not to be bound by the first amendment, but our role is to serve a healthy public conversation and our moves are reflective of things that we believe. Note again. We believe lead to a healthier public conversation.

The Kinds Of Things That We Do About.

This is focus less on thinking about free speech, but thinking about how the times have changed now. You contrast that with what Elon Musk tweeted out just weeks back right. He tweeted out a poll to his 80 million plus followers on Twitter stating a proposition and asking a question quote free speech is essential to a functioning democracy do. You believe Twitter rigorously adheres to this principle and 70 of respondents responded No and of course that’s the case.

Agro Said It Himself Theyre Not Bound

by the concept of free speech. Instead, Twitter is dedicated to leading what we believe to be a healthier public conversation. We all know what that means right so I doubt he’ll be around much longer and as for the rest of the employees. The San Francisco Business times is reporting that Musk could shed as many as a thousand jobs from Twitter and according to at least one analysis of the deal that he struck um they’re arguing that Musk is gonna have to cut costs immediately and Musk has already stated that he’ll be cutting the salaries of board members when he takes over that’s a savings according to Musk of three million dollars a year, but the question of layoffs. Obviously goes way beyond economics.

Musk Has Acquired Twitter In Order To Change

the culture to wrench the company away from the grip of Woke Cancer culture and restored as a global free speech platform and he’s already said that he’s opposed to permanent bans and suspensions. Like we’ve seen with President Trump and Alex Jones and that mission that goal which again he has said is paramount to him. He does not fundamentally care about the economics of the situation. He’s stated he cares fundamentally about restoring a culture of free speech on the platform and in that spirit gang by the way if you haven’t followed me on Twitter please do so. You’re going to love the mass amount of articles on the rise of a new conservative age all over the world.

The Information We Share There Is Second

to none so make sure to follow me. There on Twitter today but Musk is on a mission. It’s a cultural mission. Economics is secondary that’s what these analysts Don’t get and so it’s no surprise that many in the company are so concerned that Musk is going to indeed change the woke culture that pervades Twitter and they should be the momentum from the right as we’ve talked about in other videos. The momentum from the right is so palatable on the platform right now and the obvious question is how long could woke leftist employees remain in an environment that’s shifting radically to the right and that even liberals like Bill Maher and Piers Morgan admit that the political right alone is defending the notion of free speech and so the right in the name of the restoration of that culture is openly calling for mass firings of woke Twitter employees Ben Shapiro.

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Hes Been Adamant.

About this he’s calling on Mustafar every single one of Twitter’s employees every single one says they all have the proverbial cancel culture blood on their hands and more than that. He pointed out that we have stats on the political contributions made by Twitter employees. 99 again. This goes beyond economics gang 99 of Twitter employees contribute to democrat politicians that’s an environment that can no longer be sustained.

Those Employees Have To Go And It

looks like they’re reading the writing on the wall and recognizing that their precious little woke world at Twitter is collapsing and their jobs are going to disappear right along with it now when all is said and done we’re witnessing here I believe the implosion of the less cultural power. The beginning of the end of the cultural left up until this point we’ve got to understand the woke left has had. a monopoly on cultural power? Whether we’re talking about the media or the arts or entertainment or Hollywood or the music industry? There’s no escape of course woke university school boards not to mention corporate boards. There’s no escaping them. The left has a monopolization over key cultural institutions.

The Woke Left Has Thus Enforced Radical Stalinist

sentiment on our nation in a manner that government officials cannot do simply because there’s not enough people voting for them. The democrats have been radically frustrated in implementing their social agenda on the nation politically precisely because the nation doesn’t want anything to do with it, and so their failures at the ballot box have been compensated by their success in corporate boardrooms. What the Elon Musk buyout represents is nothing less than the fact that the days are coming to an end of the cultural left. They’re not just imploding at.

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The Political Level Being Led By An Incompetent

and incontinent joke in the oval office. The woke left are now starting to implode at the cultural level, and if cultural Marxism can’t succeed at the level of culture, then cultural Marxism cannot succeed at all now before you go you definitely want to check out my latest video on censorship collapsing at Twitter’s. Conservative accounts are getting restored in mass you’re not going to want to miss that so make sure to click on the link and I’ll see you over there God bless.


Chaos is brewing among twitter employees as Elon Musk promises mass firings throughout the company . One analyst is predicting at least a thousand firings and stick them to the very end of this video when we’ll savor the real significance behind the fall of wokism at twitter . While they’re despairing in their sleepless nights, you could be having the most wonderful night of sleep imaginable with the one and only my pillow designed by the Patriot of Patriots Mike Lindell . You can support Patriots and get the best sleep of your life with their lowest prices in the history of my pillow with code Turley . If you use my code Turly, you can now get your own classic pillow for just 19.&98 and that applies to over 200 products in their catalog . Link below get one for yourself get another for the patriots in your life.& So don’t wait click on. Get one for your own pillow for thepatriots in your own life. The Bezos owned Washington Post is…. Click here to read more and watch the full video