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You Hey This Is Jeff Clima For

new media Rockstars. I’m sitting here with two of the biggest stars in the internet world. The fellows of Charlie Bit My finger and I’m super excited to talk with you guys like. I said You guys are probably about the two biggest stars in viral video so that’s exciting now How are you guys doing today. Hello my good good Yeah all right now which one of you is Harry and which one of you is Charlie I’m Johnny.

Im Hurry Okay.

I knew that I just wanted to see if you guys did it was a test. You guys pass good work now how old are you guys now. I’m 6 and I’m 80 Ms 9. A change to my neck eight days til I’m nine hey days while coming up here H all right now what have you guys been.

Up To Since The Charlie Bit My

finger came out Yes tell me lots of filming what all right What have you guys been filming MmM us can’t the wing nice exciting good stuff all around H ready gang I’m excited to see the new videos. So now of all the videos you guys have been filming like what has been your favorite so far. Mmm Yeah I like to ask the tough questions. I’m tricky that was awesome Yeah I think awesome that you did which chosen to do was it didn’t last week in the gun the molasses is exceeded your king of the week yeah the whole six was it glued what the Charlie bit me show the whole set Yes does it cool John berry sure he didn’t pay the treaty sure Hmm okay all right a little do so did you guys at least have. fun making those shows oh my little bit young um quite not quite a lot okay, So we got a lot in a little bit okay that’s good that’s good.

You Guys Are Synched Up On That I

like that all right well what was your favorite part that of making the new shows like did you guys like being newsreaders the best or did you like being the Kings the best or do you like playing and rating the the new toys playing hey a good call. I hear you guys just got the new Nintendo it so are you guys gonna play that there’s a Nintendo game or whatever sorry you guys gonna play as soon as you get off the interview with me Yes okay good good you gonna play all through dinner forget dinner and just eat play video games. Ya know cuz we kind of wind pains. Oh are ya nice what do you like it Wimpy’s okay good God milkshake vocal about Boku about me since watch of ketchup and chips and you can’t go yeah right oh you guys are in big into the chips and ketchup Yeah, Oh good me too what kind of milkshakes you guys like chocolate yeah chocolate and banana Now do you guys ever collaborate. I have chocolate banana, Oh you what I hate No no no you hate banana Okay said Yeah, but Anna’s are kind of healthy.

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Theyre Not The Most Fun Thing

in the world. I can agree with that haha So now Do you guys you guys ever get recognized in public Yep yeah You guys are pretty famous a lot of people stalking you on the street saying Hi Nene no that’s good, but your classmates recognize you and stuff yep Yes are they cool about you guys being super famous you what if you teenagers in the pod few teenagers in the park, what are those teenagers doing in the park. Those guys are crazy h name no that’s good that’s what they should be doing. Let’s hope you UK they was nice nice so you guys just got out of school H yep Oh man are you guys. ready for the weekend super excited yeah Yeah I got crazy big plans look at that Charlie He’s got big plans now Do you do you still bite him at all or are you what Yes I did I Triton bother listen it’s very hot.

Now Okay You Guys Got It

you gotta keep a regular so pretty I better he doesn’t okay what’s the best thing about being recognized Do you guys think mmm fun it’s fun to be recognized Yeah the beep do you have to sign autographs and stuff like that well. It’s why it’s kind of tedious to Penius is a big word. I should probably it’s kind of a is it a pain in the butt to to be recognized sometimes no you never it’s always awesome you guys right around saloons. Miss Dawson it isn’t awesome oh why wasn’t it’s a pain No I. didn’t do pain okay it’s not a pain but it’s not awesome so it’s somewhere in the middle Yes good fun h sometimes embarrassing embarrassing wife wanted I don’t know yeah it’s one of those things like I like this Guy is making the invisible phone call that’s good good work.

Charlie Play That All Right So So Theres

nothing too embarrassing nothing too crazy it’s pretty good it’s a good gig is what you’re saying Oh Yeah nice there we go that’s the enthusiasm I like yes Oh then you what gene what do I mean that it’s a I don’t know what I mean I just like to talk. I’m one of those grown-ups that talks all the time so I’d rather be a kid and play video games. You Guys seem like you have it pretty good Oh bull ring talking is boring yes. I agree and I’m probably like I’m kind of a boring adult There we go get close to the kitten look I’ll do that to you eating the free kick. You guys are much more handsome than I am I’m kind of creepy looking I got this wire coming out of my ear Hahahahaha.

This Is The Kind Of Interview.

I like to do good work. Guys you’re making it entertaining normally I have to talk to other boring grown ups you guys are interesting you got a bear on your shirt. I think that’s pretty cool so doing my gosh now you guys are the biggest you guys are the biggest viral video stars out there you think of fruits grain you want me to put my bigger to the screen boom Oh Oh! I just got a head butted Charlie look at that Charlie head-butted me and now he’s biting me. Oh you’re biting me.

I Like It.

You got a gimmick. This is good hey, so there we go nicely done. I have now been officially skype bitten by Charlie. I could deal with that a great date.

You Guys Are Fun.

I like you guys so this is cool. We should hang out all the time so not too much though you could get weird but now you guys music videos are the only thing on UK more popular than you. Two guys. Yeah blue on the music videos well what do you think you guys think of you guys would make a music video one day Yeah yeah never never yes rubbish that’s exactly the way I think about those yeah bevo down with UK right good call so just.

##Nk] And Baby Golf Ah Yeah Yeah

nice I hope I never have to interview them Cuz I’ll have to tell him you guys said that so what do you guys want to be when you grow up? I know hey you want to be police He won’t sweetly some woman what’s the police woman okay it’s not alright so and what about what about you Harry any night night isn’t builder night done Oh busted you want to be a builder. I dude all right. I’ll see if we’ll see if you become a builder. I’ll be like I remember when you didn’t want to be one so all right well. What are some other videos you guys do like on UK then did you say I got he look hmm you say what did I say I UK there and I said what are some other videos you.

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Guys Do Like Im Youtube If

you don’t like Justin Bieber and Baby Gaga Hmm. You guys like Raywilliamjohnson stuff like that or no yeah good call Yeah that guy gonna take him down all right well. You guys have a third brother right named Jasper Yes okay now wasn’t born yet when you guys made the first video right yeah okay now, but he’s in the new videos right Yes is that pretty fun or is he a cool little brother is he kind of a pain so what does that equal what is that equal and equals Three I count three brothers right yeah is there a hidden fourth brother we don’t know about you got full breakfast it they got soul you have four brothers brothers we go oh brother ok well there’s money who’s the its Jasper You Charlie and Lissa Rupert see I didn’t even. know about Rupert this is exciting. I feel like I’m breaking a big story here how old is Rupert 10 man so there’s a new one of you guys My goodness is he gonna make a bit.

You Guys Gonna Get Him To Bite Your

finger too no no oh my head finger all right well. I’ll tell you what you guys can go play the video games I’ll tell you last question do you guys have any cool Christmas plans Oh yes okay good. Oh the planets in the world. Only three boys that’s a pretty good Christmas plan I’d say now you guys it’s kind of like Christmas anyway though right cuz you always get new toys and stuff to review. So you guys are you guys are constantly getting excited.

I Like Him Yeah Harry Youre The

more sensual reserved one that Charlie and me we’re kind. of crazy I respect that all right well tell you what you guys go play those video games you guys go to Wimpy’s get a milkshake for me make it easy on guys yes say goodbye just roll like goodbye Hey you know singing bad bye Bye thank you guys very much to you. Guys are awesome okay all right. I’ll talk to you later Bye Oh Oh.


The fellows of Charlie Bit My finger and I’m super excited to talk with you guys like. You hey this is Jeff clima for new media Rockstars.& I knew that I just wanted to see if you guys did it was a test.& You guys pass good work now how old are you guys now.& A change to my neck eight days til I’m nine hey days while coming up here H all right now what have you guys been filming. What has been your favorite so far.& Mmm Yeah I like to ask the tough questions. So we got a lot in a little bit okay that’s good. So I hear you guys just got the new Nintendo it so are you gonna play that there’s a Nintendo game or whatever sorry y . sorry y. I’m excited to see the new videos. How old are the new video. What do you guys got a new video? How old video is you guys want to play and rating the the new toys?…. Click here to read more and watch the full video