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And You Have Mr.

Mr. Desantis behind you? I do I have a little bit of a crush. I don’t know if you’ve heard how can you not how can I not have a crush? I know I know you know why Chrissy it’s because of these it’s because he’s got these sketches. I was like is that garlic is that good look at that I thought it was garlic in like a little kitchen like you know vegetables his walls are his balls.

I Heard His Balls Are Way

bigger than that. Though they’re way bigger really they’re tiny balls yeah those are like miniature balls. I feel like his balls are way bigger than those miniature balls. I appreciate him so much especially lately like he’s. I think he’s just been doing a great job and I don’t know if that’s because the bar is set so low.

For Leadership Conservative And You Know Leadership On

the right or it’s just because he’s really being proactive now especially with this new victims of Communism Day, which he just announced. I think yesterday or a couple days ago he’s actually being proactive and wants students to learn about like the evils of communism instead of just letting it be kind of I don’t know glorified commercialized like I knew not so much when I was in college, but now I see a lot of college-age students just wearing like che guevara shirts and they think Communism means everyone gets free blumin and free college and it’s like every young dumb person wants free stuff and that’s how they that’s when they try to recruit you for this blumin is when you’re young and dumb and you haven’t worked for a living yet right and you. You don’t realize that you’re you’re eventually going to be the person to pay for the free blumin yeah and when you’re young yeah, you’ll never think it’ll be you when you’re young because you’re like Oh, I’ve always had these parents that that pay for all this pesky stuff. So I guess I want to know miriam when did your crush with Ron Desantis start was it just over his policies or his his boyish good looks or both well. I mean I would have to say it started as soon as the photos of him and his uniform were released so what uniform Oh God the military unif when he was a seal hello you’ve not seen that how have girl Oh my God right hello daddy okay he does I’m gonna bring these up normally.

I Dont Do A Just I

just bring up whatever. Whatever I google because I I learned that the hard way sometimes you get a little sneaky extra photo coming but look at this what is it about? A man who can wear a white uniform that turns me on. Maybe it’s just like Oh wow There’s no stains on it and that’s just enough. I mean that’s when we started, but honestly. It was when he actually started leading ahead of any other Republican governor in the country when he started getting out in front of every issue.

I I Feel Like That For Me Was

like a year and a half ago. I mean it was so he made a name for himself so quickly and then just took charge of the conversation and now I feel like so many other governors are just sort of following him in line which they should because he’s doing absolutely everything. right do you think Oh like they’re following him it’s almost like not that they didn’t have the idea or do you think it just it takes somebody to lead and set an example. I mean surely his ideas must be ideas that Republican leadership across the country have had it’s just it just takes him to be the first guy to do it and then it’s it’s not as much of a risk. I guess for other leaders to be like Oh yeah we’ll do that too a lot of them aren’t doing it.

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Though A Lot Of Them Are

not doing it like you would think that they would take the risk and do it. But there’s so many Republicans that we see across the country that are just they’re completely ballist and they’re not doing it their total was says they’re acting like democrats so you’d think. that they would um you know at least copy him because they can take the easy way and copy him, but they’re a lot of them. Aren’t, which is so disheartening and so we’re disappointed in so many. I mean I know I speak for myself.

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Im Disappointed In So Many Across The Country

who are you I mean just copy the guy for crying out loud and they don’t even do that yeah if they’re if you could name like a couple that are like particularly disappointing that you feel like it would be easy for them to follow in both of you. I mean I live in Indiana and our governor who who whose wedding amy Joe and I were in so we’ve had we’ve had a long relationship. a complete disappointment as Governor and I hate to say that but it’s fact and I have I’ve. asked the question She’s asked the question. We’ve asked each other the question why would he not just copy Desantis why would he not just take the blueprint and go? But he’s He’s absolutely behaved like a democrat on basically every issue.

So I I Dont I Dont Get

it where did she go. She she dipped out she’ll be back. I’m I’m sure it’s there she is there she is you know I’m having any issues This morning too I got out it wasn’t me I had to get out because something was funky with the audio. I just couldn’t hear her for a second. So I knew I rebooted sorry about that okay you didn’t miss anything we were just talking about how we’re disappointed in Indiana Governor Holcomb is a big yeah.

I Got That Part Yeah, What Do

you think they are afraid of the the the Republican leaders that Don’t step up and follow Desantis’s example, do what do you think they are afraid of or who do you think they are afraid of like what is the worst that could happen at this point like how could what could possibly be the downside like look I’m just trying to think like get in the mind of these of these these men and women who who lead who aren’t taking desantis’s example like what what what do they think is going to happen what what what’s so terrible about following him. I thought maybe a lot of these I don’t know a lot of these people get into political office and we have these high hopes for them right and then they get into what we call the hot tub. And it gets really comfortable in that hot tub And they start getting back grabs from lobbyists and like people who I don’t know if they get if they get you know. When I say back rubs, Do they get money? Do they get favors? Do they get what I don’t know what they get in return. I don’t know what the what the comfort is for them, but they seem to lose their backbone.

They Seem To Lose Their Hunger To

make a difference and do the things that they said they were going to do for their constituents and so um they change. I mean they really change when they get into office. Because you know some of these people we knew personally when they got in they were they’re not the same people like to get into office and you’re like wait a second you said you’re. Gonna do Xyz and then get in there and it’s like you’re awfully comfortable being a democrat when you were a Republican like five minutes ago, so what the hell is that you know so it’s it is really disheartening. I don’t know why they don’t fulfill their promises because it can be done because if you look at somebody like a you know Mitch Daniels.

For Instance, He Was Indiana Governor

and he did the things he actually did the things he said he was going to do. He did them well so it can be the former yeah was he the former governor before this one took office before pence so Mitch Daniels and then Mike Pence until he was tapped for VP and then Eric Okay Oh wow yeah that’s exciting when you’re like well. We knew these people personally I’m like Oh yeah I wonder if. It has something to do with the fact that there’s like some need that they have and I don’t know I mean I’m totally speculating, but I wonder if they have a need to just play in the entire sandbox and they don’t want to alienate anyone so then they just kind of hover in what they think is the middle.

Not Realizing That They Were Elected Because

we wanted them to do the things that we wanted them to do conservative things and then they get there and they’re like Oh, but we don’t want to make this group of people mad and we want to try to please everybody and you can’t you have to take a stand and have integrity and that’s what Desantis I think has shown more than anybody else right, which is why a lot of people hate Desantis right. I mean they’re people. That hate Santa‘s for the same reasons that people hated Trump only desantis Doesn’t tweet you know right right somebody’s kept his twitter off of his phone and right maybe he doesn’t drink. I don’t know whatever he’s doing He’s doing it right exactly oh man and it’s and it’s it is frustrating because we elect these people because we are unhappy with the status quo and then they get into office and they go oh well.

I Dont Want I Dont Want

to upset the people on the far left or the far right or or so then they end up in their kind of fear. They end up maintaining the status quo like they don’t do anything because they’re like Oh, but I’m here I got the job. I don’t. I want to make sure everybody likes me, but it’s like you didn’t This shouldn’t be the job.

You Go For To Be Liked Exactly

yeah Yeah, it’s nerve-racking Yeah you’re not alone you think come on right and for the people that don’t like desantis. I mean if he’s not even doing anything that’s crazy. I think if he were in office like I don’t know in the 90s, no one would like think that he was being all that crazy you know before racism all the way in the 90s right his approval rating would be like across the country. He’d


Chrissy says she has a crush with Ron Desantis . She says he’s been doing a great job at the University of Columbia . She appreciates him so much especially lately like he’s. being proactive and wants students to learn about the evils of communism . Chrissy: “When you’re young, you don’t realize that you’re you’re eventually going to be the person to pay for the free blumin and free college and it’s like every young dumb person wants free stuff and that’s how they that’s when they try to recruit you for this blumin is when you haven’t worked for a living yet right and you. never think it’ll be you when you’re . young because you’re like Oh, I’ve always had these parents that that that pay for all this pesky stuff. And when you are young yeah, you’ll never thought it will be you.” She says she wants to know miriam when did your crush start was it just over his boyish good looks or both…. Click here to read more and watch the full video