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The Chinese City Of Xian Has Been Shut

down after. There is a reported 52 new cases in the area, which means 13 million people have to be locked inside their homes and exposed to whatever this is right here, which seems to be a bit extreme now. I know there’s a lot that goes into what China does when they lock down a city because let’s be honest. If you looked at the online results for what’s happening with covet cases, it looks like covert has all but disappeared from China and they have it well under control and you really gotta wonder is it because these insane lockdowns actually do work or is it because the mainstream media and also big tech is a bit unable to report things sometimes so just look at the video over here because this is from a anatomy city or city owen. From he does a lot of French protests and this video is just pretty pretty outrageous Right now to think that you have all this because 50 people got the virus and you just got to think about that compared to Los Angeles, New York City.

This Just Would Not Fly In America,

but I mean if you see this happening in China, You see similar stuff happening in Australia, then similar stuff happening in Canada at what point in time do we say we don’t want the virus that bad we’re willing to put up with this right now because you look at that video and also this video over here saying that citizens have an app on the telephone and if the QR code that you use to get into places goes yellow that means you have to go out there and get a test and it’s mandatory. Where where do you exchange your freedoms for your safety? Is this something that maybe is this going to get cases really low keep cases really low or is this something that could be misused later on because this is kind of terrifying to me that your phone that lets you have freedom and lets you go to a grocery store now tells you when you need to go get a medical procedure. I think that’s a bit of a step in the wrong direction in my opinion, especially when you combine it to the next level of what this is right now, Which I can’t even play this video right now because this is what looks to be medical workers because they’re wearing the um the old white and the masks, but they’re they’re taking it to this guy right now and I’ll repost this on my twitter and. Also put it on Decoyvoice. com and We’ll talk about more We’ll talk more about that later but the idea that this right here is how it gets out of hand.

So Lets Just Go Ahead And Read

the article from CnN just seeing what they’re actually doing and why they’re doing it because it seems a bit insane to me. So it says that the Chi this Chinese city found a new covert cluster. All 13 million residents are now under lockdown so they state. The Chinese city of Xi’an recorded 52 new covet 19 cases so they impose strict lockdown measures on the estimated 13 million residents. It prevents people from leaving their homes right before the lunar new year travel Rush and also following the 2022 Winter Olympics.

They Say They Believe This Had Spread In

the community via infected hotel worker from an inbound flight from Pakistan. On December 4th, at least six passengers were found to have the Delta variant which I know we do a little bit of contact racing and I remember I went to a sushi restaurant. Maybe this was almost like a year ago now, but to be able to sit inside the restaurant. They wanted your phone number, which is not a big deal to me. But they wanted my phone number.

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So They Could Call Me If Somebody

had caught the um the virus at a later date and that was just kind of a bizarre thing to me and now to say that China has such good control and tracking of their citizens. They’re able to find oh. This started from an infected hotel worker from somebody that was on a flight from Pakistan, and we have six people from that flight like they really know what their citizens. are doing so? They state authorities move swiftly suspending schools and conducting mass testing for the entire city. The city has recorded a total of 206 cases on Wednesday authorities recorded 63 new locally transmitted cases.

Jians Highest Highest Daily Figure In This Month,

So you gotta think 63 cases spread locally seems like nothing because when you look at a place like Los Angeles, which we’re not even doing as bad as places like New York City, but we had new new cases um 3 000 new cases today, or that we said yesterday 3 000 new cases from just in a day, and you got to think that is just that’s not even making us bad an eye right now. Comparatively to China,’s reported 26 new cases in the day that’s this is crazy, how well they’re doing if it’s actually what’s happening right now Because you see okay if they get 52 new cases, they shut down 13 million people, but also I was looking at this article from Fox business talking about how Amazon reportedly took down reviews of a Chinese president’s book after demands so if I had the story correctly because I was getting this from like a reddit synopsis, but on Amazon. com President Xi. He put out a book and people weren’t giving it all five star reviews. So Amazon and China just disabled all five store all star reviews on all products because they didn’t want his book to look like it wasn’t a five-star book so in order for Amazon to have sales with reviews on it they just eliminated all the bad.

On His Book So They Were Able To

make it so Oh! Yes He has a five-star book. We’re just going to censor that and you really got to wonder if they’re able to do something like that to amazon. Could they do something like with these Google results which is this is coming from Wikipedia. So I I really wonder how much control they have on it and is it something like we’re having way more cases than we thought or just these insane lockdown measures are actually working and you’re just gonna start to see that in more Western nations later on saying hey look China‘s a pioneer They’re doing the right thing and you just really wonder what rights you’re about to lose and this other crazy thing. I saw from the Yahoo News article talking about how China ordered the lockdown of 13 million people in.

They Said That The City Officials

ordered all residents to stay home unless they had a pressing reason to go out and suspend all transport to and from the city. Apart from special cases, one person from each household will be permitted out every two days to buy household necessities no word on when that may be lifted and also they have social media posts recording panic buying of groceries and household products where if you lived anywhere in America. You just knew that there was a huge toilet paper shortage if you lived in in those places in the south where they had gasoline shortages. You had insane people out there running out there to buy gasoline and even filling up the beds of trucks lined with. I believe it was just garbage bags.

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It Was Insanity And Just The Idea That

we really don’t handle panic buying too. well and I really hope that doesn’t happen over here because I can only imagine if they said you can only go out every two days to buy something and those grocery stores may or may not have those supplies You’ll you will are willing to bet America is not going to handle that well and you really wonder is this avoidable because if you look at this video posted by Jack Bosovic where I believe he’s polish and he has this video from Poland of just what’s happening over there looks like they have some affairs some Christmas celebrations everything’s open it just seems to be life is normal over there and you gotta wonder Are there results comparable when they have the same like metropolitan area or is this something that we’re just going to have to tolerate. I really really want to know the answers, but I. Just think that we should probably try to take a magnifying glass over to China to see whether or not.

This Is Something That Is Working Or

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The Chinese city of Xi’an has been shut down after. 52 new cases in the area, which means 13 million people have to be locked inside their homes and exposed to whatever this is right here . This just would not fly in America, but if you see this happening in China, you see similar stuff happening in Australia, then similar stuff happens in Canada . Your phone that lets you have freedom and lets you go to a grocery store now tells you when you need to go get a medical procedure. I think that’s a bit of a step in the wrong direction in my opinion, esp. Is this something that maybe is this going to get cases really low or is this a way of keeping cases low or could be misused later on? We’re willing to put up with this right now. At what point in time do we say we don’t want the virus that bad we’re ready to put away with this? Do we want to keep up with it right now? Do you want to…. Click here to read more and watch the full video