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Let Me Just Use This Opportunity To Condemn

John Cena John Cena If you’re listening to this podcast you are a scoundrel. You’re supposed to be a tough guy that’s your entire brand and China criticizes you and you get on your hands and knees and bark like a dog show. Some backbone I challenge you John Cena to come on this podcast with me and let’s have the conversation about China. So you were one of the first guys to really get onto the lab leak story where are we at with that now 18 months. Hence yeah so I’ll start in the beginning.

It Was Late January Of Last Year.

Like everybody else, I was deeply concerned about this emerging pandemic and thinking well where does this come from and like most people. I thought well. It sounds pretty similar to the last Sars outbreak which we knew. happened and it came from nature through markets, but then in late January of last year.

I Saw A Report In The Lancet,

which showed that more than a third of the earliest people being infected. had no contact with that now infamous seafood market in in Wan and then I I kind of had I have two perspectives. One as a person who’s deeply immersed in the world of science and another as the other part of my life deeply immersed in Asia and China and geopolitics and so something just didn’t feel right when the Chinese government kept talking about a market origin when it was pretty clear to me that the evidence suggested otherwise, and then I just started digging. I really I dove in and the more I learned the more. The questions were raised about the possibility of a lab incident origin and.

Its Still Not 100 Proven That Thats Where

this pandemic um comes from um, but the circumstantial evidence is just incredibly strong and everything we learn at least. It seems to me that it’s that it’s getting stronger. So yeah we’ll dig into the details of this, but where we are now is in my mind. There’s a very strong but still circumstantial case suggesting a very likely but not certain lab incident origin of the pandemic China and is really just outrageously preventing any kind of investigation into the origins of the pandemic. They’re still engaged in just a massive and outrageous cover-up involving destroying samples hiding records imprisoning people in China for asking questions they have a gag order preventing Chinese scientists from saying or writing anything about pandemic origins without prior government approval.

There Are Some Efforts To Dig Deeper, But

we need we need a lot. is that not likely to be potentially the most evidence that we get the purely coincidental anecdotal. This is what it seems because if the Chinese government continues to stumble as effectively as it is at the moment, then maybe we’re never actually going to find out anything that’s concrete it’s all just going to be best case scenarios well that that could be that’s one possibility, but we also have to think of how much we and by we I mean a bunch of wees there’s certainly our group It’s called the quote-unquote the Paris group, a group of about two dozen experts around the world who’ve been collaborating on this issue. Since last year there’s another group and and there’s some overlap between our our two groups called Drastic, which is a group of they’re called Internet salutes, but they’re they’re more than that um who’ve been digging. And we have uncovered and this community more broadly has uncovered a lot of highly highly relevant information that has told us a lot about this this story.

So Yes It Would Be Better If China

had complete transparency, but there’s a lot that we can do and most people. Most people will be surprised that there’s still no comprehensive international investigation into the origins of the pandemic and what that means is if you’re somebody in China maybe a scientist who has highly relevant information. I’m sure you’re scared for your life or right now. There’s and you wanted to share that information there’s not even an address there’s. There are no secure whistleblower provisions, so there’s much more that we can do will it work will it get us to 100 certainty.

Maybe It Will Maybe It Wont

but we can’t say it won’t before we even try. Why is there no investigation? It’s been a political process and the main reason is that China has blocked it last year in early 2020. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison called for a full investigation after he did that the Chinese government punished Australia by imposing trade sanctions to try to deliver the message that anybody who dares to ask questions will be punished . He and The Australians brought that idea to the World Health Assembly, which is the governing board overseeing the World Health Organization in May of last year and there was a jujitsu move by the the Chinese and the Europeans played a role in this as well and so this idea for a full investigation into the origins of the pandemic morphed into a Chinese-supported resolution, which mandated essentially a Chinese-controlled joint International Chinese study not into the origins of the pandemic, but into the single hypothesis of a natural origin not associated with a lab incident so that led to the just the farce of this international joint study group that then the international members went to Wan in in January of 20 2021. This year.

In Early February, They Held Just

a farcical press conference where in Wan where they basically repeated Chinese propaganda lines. It comes from nature maybe. from frozen food, they said which was preposterous and they were just later admitted they were just doing that as a favor to the Chinese and then the lead spokesman for this international expert team independent expert team. He said We’ve concluded that a lab incident origin is extremely unlikely and doesn’t merit further investigation and it later turned out he admitted he was lying that wasn’t what he thought he was just doing. He had done a back room horse trading deal with the Chinese who didn’t want a lab incident mentioned at all so he said all right well.

Ill Say Its Extremely Unlikely.

I’ll say it shouldn’t be investigated, but is it okay if we just mention a lab incident and as I understand that person is actually under investigation by the who for doing this kind of deal. I was going to say it’s so crazy. that there is no further level of authority that can look to try and impose on this particular group. When you talk about an entire global event.

Each Individual Nation State Kind Of

looks after itself, but we don’t there’s no what was that team America. There’s no one that’s like the global police that’s flying around and trying to enforce this stuff and um Yeah, I mean you know I’m not advocating for a new world order or a you know one nation state across the entire world, but we are seeing here that there is a lack of recourse when it’s nation state versus nation state because the only thing that you have to play with are like trade sanctions and threats of war and all sorts of stuff like that which seems kind of primitive yeah Yeah that’s 100 right and really accurate and so um the. leadership of the world Health organization. They’re now trying to do as as much as they can. They have created a group called Sago, the scientific advisory group for investigating the origins of novel pathogens and that was kind of a a really bold move by Dr Tedros and the who leadership to supersede the mandate that had been given to them by the the World Health Assembly.

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He Was Basically Their Bosses Of

the of the states and so that’s happening now but China has essentially condemned the Dr Tedros and efforts to to and what he’s called for a full audit of wan labs and access to the raw data and China has clearly said that they’re not going to allow that and and their participation in a lot of these international organizations Isn’t designed to strengthen the organizations but to blunt and and block them and that’s. That’s really really concerning right now? As we speak the there’s a special session of the World Health Assembly that is meeting to negotiate what what will likely take many years? Which is a new pandemic treaty because it’s just a hundred percent clear that the institutions and structures that we have in place right now For responding to this kind of crisis are massively insufficient. But ironically after the first Tsars in the in 2003 2004, where China had a similar kind of cover-up. In the early stages, we had the same meeting said we need to have stronger structures we built them through the international health regulations and then it didn’t make a difference as matter of fact.

Chinas Behavior This Time Is Even

worse. It’s even more atrocious and that leads to your broader question about just how the world is is organized and as you know. The founder of an organization called one shared world and what we’re trying to do is to address exactly what you said There’s a mismatch between the nature of the biggest problems that we face which are global and common and the absence of sufficient structures for addressing that entire category of problems and that’s pandemics, climate change, proliferating nuclear weapons and and lots of of other things and that’s why China in the name of national sovereignty is able to do all these these things that certainly I find despicable not just covering up the origins of the pandemic, but also committing mass human rights abuses in Xinjiang and Tibet and illegally seizing territory in the South China Sea and along the border with India and elsewhere and that’s why we really really need to think deeply about how do we build a safer structure for for the world. And if we don’t do it? Unfortunately, our world’s going to become a much more much more dangerous place so that’s why we need to start moving in that direction.

Its Not Just About What States Can Do

everybody has a role yeah. There definitely needs to be more oversight that’s a really interesting way to actually look at concluding what’s happened to the lab league theory whether it was zoonotic at a wet market, whether it was a lab leak or whether it was something else. China is covering up the origin of the virus. It doesn’t matter what side of this debate you fall on everybody can accept the fact that Trania China isn’t being transparent with the single biggest global health problem that we’ve had in the modern era, and that’s that blows my mind.

Theres No Recourse For Us To Try

and get those people back. It’s it’s crazy, It’s really terrible and what China will say and does say about issues of Xinjiang and and Tibet and others is well the human rights of Chinese people that’s China‘s own business. The rest of the world isn’t a stakeholder but the rest of the world is a stakeholder.

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John Cena was one of the first to really get on the lab leak story where are we at with that now 18 months . John Cena is supposed to be a tough guy that’s your entire brand and China criticizes you and you get on your hands and knees and bark like a dog show.& I challenge you John Cena to come on this podcast with me and let’s have the conversation about China. Let me just use this opportunity to condemn John Cena. John Cena If you’re listening to this podcast you are a scoundrel.& There’s a very strong but still circumstantial case suggesting a very likely but not cer, but the evidence is just incredibly strong and everything we learn at least.& It seems to me that it seems to be that it’s getting stronger.& So yeah we’ll dig into the details of this, but where we are now is in my mind. We’ll dig to the details, but we’ll find out what we’re going to do ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video