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This is a breakdown of Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers on Disney plus starring Andy Samberg and John Mulaney in a 2022 reboot directed by Akiva Shaffer, a modern day who framed Roger Rabbit packed with cameos so let’s break down some that you might have missed the opening Disney title card of Cinderella’s Castle gets zapped in the way that this movie bastardizes iconic disney imagery into bootleg forms. Elsa’s Ice Castle from Frozen and the retro version of the Castle from Pixar’s incredibles the Sultan’s Palace from Agrabah from Aladdin and I think I’m not sure though Prince Eric’s Castle from the little Mermaid, which we gotta talk about the design of that castle. He parks his ship right in there got a private staircase down to a beach. I want to live in there then we open in 1982 when Dale mentions 18th century furniture designer Chippendale” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Thomas Chippendale, which, according to the Disney story artist Tex Henson, who drew these characters in the 40s was the origin of their name now. One of the groundbreaking things about Hoofer and Roger Rabbit was the way director Robert Zemeckis blended animation with live action props and gags and right away.

Theres A Little Stun Here As The Teacher

pulls live action headphones off the animated kid. Then she calls out betty for not wearing any pants like Donald Duck, which is so sad some cartoons have to wear pants. Others don’t there’s no rules hard to be a pubescent kid going to school in the cafeteria. One of the kids looks like Ash Ketchum for Pokemon. Another kid animated in the style of the Simpsons.

Chip Is A Night Rider.

Lunchbox and as they become friends. They watch a clip of Abbott and Costello from the 1954 private eye routine where they’re handcuffed, but Costello is swapped out for the character Crispy Cow, who they later have a poster for in their place in La we see how they book a part on full house with the sisters of the Scarlet witch that’s how I will refer to them now and we see the intro to the animated chippendale Rescue Rangers Tv series and this movie actually brings back most of the voice cast Tres McNeil comes back as Gadget and Chips Chipmunk voice whenever they go into that gag. Corey Burton comes back as Zipper and Dale’s Chipmunk voice Jim Cummings comes back as fat cat in this movie, Eric Bana voices Monty now the movie who framed Roger Rabbit opens with one of the most insane animated live. Action transitions ever in cinema from Roger’s animated short revealed as a live action set painted to look like a tune and we get a knot of that here as this movie’s director a cameo by director Akiva Shaffer Yells cut on this short we pull out and reveal it as a sound stage right behind him is a cameo by Professor Norton Nymnal.

Then On To The Wrap Party

where we see a DH Paula Abdul dancing with Mc Skatcat from the opposite of tracks music video. They’re all dancing with the three little Pigs and Roger Rabbit, Charles Fleischer actually returning to voice him all right what a Dale reveals he’s booked a role in James Bond parody Double O Dale airing on Har presumably a comedy network like comedy Central because later on posters and billboards. We see some of these titles streaming on horror plus under. The present where Dale‘s convention is filled with cosplayers and cameos everywhere you look There is a cameo every everybody’s something I like how there are Mice dressed as Princess Leia and Kylo Ren with the lightsabers Blues on stage singing bear necessities looks like that’s trusty from Lady and the on Sax I love all the background movie posters one here shows pirates of the Great Lakes. Dale is not on the main stage.

He Just Has A Booth Beside

Lumiere Marvel’s Tigra we don’t see him but the booth beside them is cronk from Emperor‘s New Groove and of course Ugly Sonic. The pre-redesigned from the 2019 trailer that freaked everyone out here voiced by Tim Robinson. In my Opinion the funniest sketch actor watches Netflix series and I love that close-up of his creepy human teeth a few loose hairs. Just sticking out over the lip and poor tigra has to remind us of her marble ties because she just has a sad avengers assemble draped over her desk. Meanwhile, chip sells insurance to a sheep who has the same stop-motion design as Sean from the Wallace and Grommet movies.

Ash Ketchum Appears Again Behind Ship In

the office and I like the gag how he works for coercive insurance Chip’s Neighbor is Mrs. House growing up from the 1952 Disney short. The Little house in his freezer is ice age ice cream, frozone food and looney tunes pasta with fog or legord on it, which is an actual product from Tyson. In the 90s Chip sees a promo for the rapping recently rebooted Alvin and the chipmunks. Makeover is the same exact redesign.

Dale Gets Another Point Of Contention Between These

two. Monty explains what happened to poor flounder from the little Mermaid how about this isn’t it neat come on Fellas. This is a genuine bengal hopper Yeah. He uses Ariel’s word for a fork. In this movie Flounder is voiced by Rachel Bloom, wife of the co–writer Dan Gregor Rachel Bloom actually voices a number of characters in this movie now in hoovering drudge Rabbit The tunes feared the dip, but in this movie it’s bootlegging wherein poor forgotten cartoons are disfigured and cast and knock-off versions of animated films Bootleg Flatterings up and Little Mermaid parody.

The Small Fish Lady Arielle Is Wearing A

sports bra instead of a clam bra and Eric has a five o’clock shadow and you can see at the top of it. It says from the creators of beauty. Dog Man, a poster that also shows up in Sweet Pete‘s office on the Walk of Fame, Chip passes the stars for Squidward Yogi Bear and samurai Jack Later Chun Li and there are a whole bunch of parody movie posters Fast and Furious Babies rated R President Dog three then Meryl Streep is Mr. Doubtfire same family New Imposter Batman vs. E.

T A Gucci Ad With Dobby From

Harry Potter Chip later watches Batman vs. E. t E. t Forgive Bat Fine Yeah E. t was voiced by Akiva Shaffer Batman by Lonely Island collaborator Jerome Tacon.

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Now It Is Not Called Out Explicitly,

but Dale’s Play is actually an erotic dance club specifically based on that Guy’s bow tie chippendales at the crime scene. One of the Lapd cars has the design of the Pixar cars universe same as the one that Dale’s car bumper almost hits inside. We see the donut cops from Wreck-it Ralph and We Need Cheap Putty voiced by JK Simmons, an original character, but later described as a low rent gumby his knockoff nature being a clue to his true motives as they drive on the sunset strip. We see more great billboards waze the movie Johnny Bravo Fitness, The Butter Boys and then Nickelodeon‘s Doug as a law firm funny in Pork chop. Your injury is not funny.

Dales Plate Reads Vip Monk Vip Monk Now

as they approach main street. Some of the graffiti in the background is Miles Morales expectation street art from Spider-man into the Spider-verse on to main street that I’m pretty sure it’s just main street Usa at Disneyland. We see a colonel. In the window blowing Bubbles and then Linda from Phineas and Ferb selling cupcakes. We see Wart and maps Fat Cats Henchmen from Rescue Rangers in the background that Flower Girl who’s also voiced by Rachel Bloom is designed to at least look like one of the sugar Rush Racers in wreck-it Ralph and then shopping for a chipmunk Wig is Mr.

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Natural, A Real Deep Cut A

60’s zen master figure we meet Bjornsson the cheese seller a muppet like the Swedish chef voiced by Kiki Michael Keith. Inside there’s one rat with a scarf who just really savors the cheese looking a lot like remy from Ratatouille Biryan Yells at an off-screen Lester no more free samples which could be a nod to Lester. The lab rat in Beekman’s world in the truck chip references Jessica Rabbit from who framed Roger Rabbit and then on to the uncanny. is a pretty clever reference for La locals because the valley is what we call the suburban industrial in dead San Fernando Valley. I mean no offense man I lived there for nine years and I love it.

Its Really The Best Place To Live In

L.a Fight me on that I’m gonna have phone with your coolest police but we don’t get like random brownouts up there. Meanwhile, of course the uncanny valley is a term that you’ve probably heard a lot lately for animation design and robotics design and cgi design that tries to simulate human characteristics too well and it just comes off as creepy In this we see the cats from the 2019 live action Cats and NpC walking into a hydrant and then seth Rogen shows up playing another example of the creepy uncanny Valley design Bob parody of Gimli from Lord of the Rings. But with lifeless polar express eyes polar express being a common example of this effect Polar Express and Who frame Roger Rabbit both Robert Zemeckis productions. The Guy is a visual genius.

Its Just Some Of His Later Forays

to push the limits of animation technology and have been a bit less well received looking at you welcome Morrowind sweet Pete’s factory melts down unsold merch including shrek body wash into porta-potties willarnette voices the movie’s villain as Sweet Pete, a middle-aged version of the disney Peter Pan. He has captain Hook’s ship in a bottle and he says Bangarang the lost boys battle Cry and Hook. He later crows like a rooster saying Kookaroo Guru his polar bear Thug. Jimmy is voiced by Dennis Haysberg, who also voices less squeaky version of Zipper. In this movie He is clearly a coca-cola polar bear like notice his Christmas vest, but it looks like they were not able to get the rights from Coke because later they have that meta joke of you owe me a non–brand specific Cola Here he’s reading tunes magazine on the back is Pepe Cologne for Pepe Le Pew Pete talks about his own aging and obsolescence, leading him turning out knock-offs of classics like flying bedroom boy.

He Wont Get Old Beauty And A

dog man with a freaky Mrs Potts and a knockoff Cogsworth and then Jasper the Dead Ghost Kid, as well as spaghetti dogs from the creators of Lionwood and Nosetoyboy. Pete’s story actually mirrors the tragic real life story of Bobby DrisColl, a disney child actor who provided the voice and the appearance of 1953’s Peter Pan, but once this poor kid hit puberty he was cruelly dropped. As he got older, he got addicted to narcotics and then died at the age of 31. . .

Now Most Of The Big Hollywood Studios

have horror stories just like this and this movie’s got some nerve burn working it into sweet beef’s backstory but like the way who framed Roger Abbott really exposes La’s history of redlining in the real estate wars of the 40s. This movie exposes other ways. Hollywood was built on broken dreams and while escaping in the sewer. They grab onto the hair of a doll, but it’s rapunzel from tangled so the hair just lets out further and further until the head just completely pops off you like how chip flies up through the pipes buried underground above him is a skeleton that kind of looks like the Simpsons angel skeleton from the least of the skeptic episode and they pop out beside a lego. Miserables Billboard Ellie tells a story about a bogus raid that she led in the past to a Nick Jr.

Studio About How Paw Patrol Attacked

Sergeant Henderson, so he can’t have kids Later putty mentions getting attacked by Rugrats and makes another call out to Peppa The Pig Dale shows off his garage that’s filled with merch including fireworks from the Disneyland parade. This is all actual chippendale Merch, including the Capcom Nintendo game and they mentioned episodes of Calories not included throw a mummy off the train and dirty wrong Diapers are all actual episodes of the Rescue Rangers series and the Lamp on the desk is if you look at the label a pixar Luxo Lamp Dale says the Monty Pog had a cloud that looked like oprah and if you’re a 90s kid like me you know that this is a nod to the claims that. Disney artists hid some sexual imagery in the Dust of the Lion King and Triton’s Castle in the art of the Little Mermaid Poster. Then in the Bath House are more cameos Randy March from South Park, Scrooge McDuck Animals that I assume are the live-action Jungle book Animals and then the Snake Dj Herze, voiced by Flula Borg. He plays a remix of the actual Disney Afternoon theme music and Pete’s Locker is a bottle of Moana Macadamia nuts onto the San Pedro lab showing drawings of the characters they’ve bootlegged including poor Jiminy Cricket turned into a snail syndrome from incredibles given sideshow Bob hair flounder given lips gus guts from Cinderella given a bigger nose Felix the cat made thinner.

It Looks Like Sneezy Given Ears, Garfield Given

huge muscles and then to the left of that we see the name Foghorn and it’s something about two. Now the machine scans Chip and Dale into different animation styles. First it looks like Mercer Mayor’s, Little Critter, also some anime style Rick and Morty and then classic Ubi works era Disney Simpson Style Archie and Jughead, a batman and a deadpool Ren and stimpy and it looks like the Disney Robin Hood, you know those low set hips and that casual sexy Lean. One of the lasers turns chips ear into a snoopy ear. Then they see a horrifying wall of harvested bootleg parts including Monty’s, Mustache, Jiminy Cricket,’s hat and umbrella pikachu’s tail, the mouth of Ickis from Ariel monsters, the mad Hatter’s hat, Jimmy Neutron’s hair, a smurf hat, rocky, the squirrel’s cap, the pink Panther‘s mouth, Mr Potato head’s body, the key blade from Kingdom Hearts, a gloved Mickey hand and bar talked the bat’s ears probably even more horrifying stuff outside there is a 3d reporter actually later.

We See The Channels 3D Chiron With Some

amazing jokes in the ticker Little Drummer Boy indicted on 14 counts of money laundering Barney the dinosaur starting a new religion on Wisconsin farm at the lapd there’s scruff McGruff in the corner and actually later you can see Detective Flores from John Melanie’s other animated show Big Mouth on Netflix outside the sidewalk. There’s a bench ad reading vote Senator butthead to. Get tough on bootleg laws obviously from Beavers Butthead now back at the convention, Paul Rudd cameos claiming originally Ant-man was aunt Man there’s a ton more cosplayers. Here they get caught in a stampede of my little Ponies, Jimmy pushes past a pickle Rick and then grabs the lost boy Cubby from Peter Pan Chip and Dale hide under he-man and Skeletor’s table ship grabs the disguise but just grabs Indiana Jones Gear as Chip’s look was based on Indy while Dale’s shirt was based on Magnum Pi more cosplayers, including Borat and Miguel from Pixar’s Coco. They climb up a voltron bob hits his head and sees Seth Rogen’s.

Other Animated Characters Pumbaa From The 2019 Lion

King Bob from Monsters vs. Aliens and Mantis from Kung Fu Panda, What are you looking at honestly Your weird dead eyes They are weird super weird. It’s so Funny and later when he gets arrested Bob claims Jack Skeleton has been embezzling from his own charity for years. Pete’s torture tools include a jar of dip that was the acid wash from who framed Roger Rabbit Love that making a cameo here. Ellie is able to tip off Dale with the plot of the episode of Rescue Rangers.

When You Fish Upon A Star, Hes Able

to reunite with Gadget and Zipper Chris Parnell, the voice of Jerry from Rick and Morty cameos as Dale’s agent Dave Bolinari. Daley uses a firework with Mickey’s Fantasia Hat to blast in the lab and later it explodes into a mickey’s head shape with the when you wish upon a star music. The machine explodes and Zaps Jimmy into one of the sleepy beauty fairies and then zaps Pete into a horrifying monstrous form one legged transformer one leg the leg. of Woody from Toy story, One of his arms wreck-it Ralph arm, He’s wearing Mickey Mouse’s short pants looks like he’s got Shredder’s shoulder armor. His other arm looks like it’s based on the cannon arm Mario and he has the face of Marie from Aristocats.

They Flee Through The Bootleg Movie

sets including Pooj the Fat Honey Bear a bootleg Simpsons that actually kind of looks like Matt Granian’s original designs from the 80s a bootleg Aladdin starring Pete from Goof Troop Jim Cummings voicing him here along with Darkwing Duck in the mid–credit cameo they glide magic carpet away and Pete roars after them the banner dropping in front of him. Just like it did for the t-rex in Jurassic Park. Meanwhile, Ellie battles Huddy, who seeps under the door with the same sound effect as he 1000 and T2 Judgement Day and Ellie freezes and shatters them. Initially stopped the T-1000, but this is the final blow to putty. Unlike it was for the T-1000 on the docks.

Theres A Sign For Nine Men

or Nina men boat shop, which is a deep cut nod to the Disney nine old men who famously helped shape Walt Disney’s iconic animation style. They plot to drop the bundle on Pete as they did a fat cat in episode 325 that was the episode. They were shooting in the opening of this movie and then ugly sonic shows up with the FBi but Pete breaks free for one last shot just like the Die-hard action movie Trope, but the commemorative pog that Chip gave Dale saves his life. So they free the poor bootleg victims, including mixed matches of lots of different characters. I saw a boo Donkey Kong Jr.

Bigfoot From The Goofy Movie With

the underwear on his. Dressed like Fred Flintstone, We see Patrick Starr Zazu from the Lion King Woody Woodpecker, Gus Gus Bonkers, the Cheshire cat mighty mouse, Samurai, Jack Jiminy Cricket, Bambi and a poor sad sneezy cradling Flounder. We also see Toby the turtle from Robin Hood and what happened to Monty They Dumbo’d him as teased in the final lines of the movie Do you think we could get like a pop star to do the theme song Yeah right like a super serious version, even though everyone just wants to hear the original. The credits feature a cover of the Chippendale theme song in this case by post-Malone and one of my favorite credits here was Steven Sackler, the production designer who you might have seen if you look closely early in the movie. He snuck his name as the director of the fast and furious Babies movie again rated.

R That Plus Meryl Streep Is Miss Doubtfire.

We gotta see these at some point, but I want to know your favorite cameo and reference in this movie. I’m sure I missed a lot so comment down below if you spotted any others. You can follow me on Instagram and Twitter at Eavos following rockstar subscribe to our sources for more analysis of everything you love thanks for watching bye you.


A 2022 reboot of Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers starring Andy Samberg and John Mulaney in a 2022 reboot directed by Akiva Shaffer . The reboot is a modern day who framed Roger Rabbit packed with cameos so let’s break down some that you might have missed the opening Disney title card of Cinderella’s Castle gets zapped in the way that this movie bastardizes iconic disney imagery into bootleg forms . Disney’s Ice Castle from Frozen and the retro version of the Castle from Pixar’s incredibles the Sultan’s Palace from Agrabah from Aladdin and Prince Eric’s Castle from the little Mermaid, which we gotta talk about the design of that castle . The movie opens in 1982 when Dale mentions 18th century furniture designer Thomas Chippendale, which, according to the Disney story artist Tex Henson, who drew these characters in the 40s was the origin of their name now. It is so sad some cartoons have to wear pants like Donald Duck, which are so sadsome don’t…. Click here to read more and watch the full video