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Talk To Me About Nofap I I Think

the online space has got this like different perception of what it is In my opinion. I think a lot of people think like it is. You know the levitation and it’s going to make you amazing and everything and you certainly will see a very very significant change in your life. If you’re one of those like hardcore bankers who like who are going multiple times a day messed up porn and everything which to be honest like There’s a fair amount of guys and I have the authenticity to say yeah 100. I was not that messed up, but like I was one of those guys right and so when you go from this like multiple times a day to like not maybe let’s say once every three days you’re masturbating.

Theres Quite A Big Difference And Thats

like I. think as far as a lot of the benefit does go after that there’s like this again this cult online, which is telling you okay if you if you ever touch a dick again like that’s that’s the perception that they’re pushing on to young young men. If you fap again you’ve lost the benefits which that that blows my mind because that’s so unhealthy to tell young guys it’s like telling a beast guy okay Yeah get get into the gym get into the gym you should go every day if you miss a day. You lose all of the progress that’s that’s heartless man that’s so like I’ve come across more young men who have been pained by nofap than who have just like got problems with like masturbation Yeah because they get like this this um existential crisis where now they feel like more of a loser. Because they keep failing Nofap and it’s just like simple habit science that’s how I always ask them the question like when when did you start checking off and they’ll say you know age 13.

Theyre 19 Right Now So Six Years Youve

been building up this habit You found Nofap A few weeks ago six years you’ve been building it up and you just think you’re gonna break the habit just like that it’s like at least for me. It took me about five years to get onto like no fap where like I just it’s honestly like it’s not in my life at all. I don’t even think about it. I often forget that porn and masturbation is the thing but I was so hard on myself for the first like year or so thinking like I should get to day 90 or something because it’s not just. about like you know the discipline and willpower it’s about like we’ve been building up this habit for like 10 years and it’s like it’s gonna take some time to like reduce it down.

I Wonder How Many People Would Benefit From

Nofap that aren’t like pathological fappers the people who aren’t completely addicted and see it as a vice because one of the things that I’ve realized recently is that with a lot of the things we do that we don’t like ourselves for doing let’s say it’s using our phone too much or maybe it’s junk eating on a night time or whatever it might be. I would say that less than 50 of the problem is the actual activity that you do and most of the problem comes from the story that you tell yourself about the type of person you are for having done that action. So a lot of the benefits that I think we get from going through any type of personal development actually comes from a reframing around capturing our own agency to do with that particular action? Do you know what I mean yeah very very well said that’s like it’s like this bell curve where at first you don’t really think that the original thing is the problem. The vice is the problem so masturbation or let’s say the junk food. Eventually you start to see people talk about you know quitting it and everything okay.

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This Is When You Hate The Thing You

hate the thing, but you can’t stop it and so there’s often this negative mental well-being stage when you’re trying to start a new which everyone kind of knows which is like when you finally start thinking okay I’ve got to go to the gym got to. weight I’ve got to do this it’s like you just feel like blumin for a little while because you hate the thing, but you still have a habit or even an addiction to the thing and you’ve actually brought up like a fantastic point. Recently, I’ve been thinking that potentially the best way to actually improve things like this whether it’s no fap or healthy and it’s actually way more about the self-image and like the beliefs that we have about ourselves more than it actually is you know like the stereotypical advice of like Oh like you know install the website blocker and like Don’t buy the junk food and everything because if you’re just kind of like hide the stuff away from you like it’s like a child just saying I can’t I can’t see the pond anymore, so I can’t be addicted or like you. know I didn’t buy the junk food So I can’t eat it anymore, but it’s it’s more if you me and you have a chocolate bar in front of us right now we’re probably not gonna eat it because it’s just it doesn’t really align with our identity. We’re going to think oh it’s just not.

I Dont Want To Put It Onto My

fitness pal and just have the regret there like Oh yeah 400 calories for a month for yourself man at the moment I can eat whatever the blumin. I want I had Charlie Hooper from charisma on command on the show earlier this week and we were talking about the fact that there is a tension between assisting yourself to not do the things that you don’t want to do by hiding them away from you or by creating constraints in your life So. So you don’t play league of legends so you snap the game in half and delete your xbox account or whatever and there is a question look. I know that you’re not a gamer because you just said that any gamers who’s listening to you right now is it PC only the problem that you have is that there is a part of you that feels defeated by that like Oh. I’m defeatist because I’ve assisted so the same as you saying like look is keeping the junk food out of the house actually putting a blinker over your eyes so that you can’t deal with the underlying problem that’s causing the junk eating in the first place.

I Would Be Tempted To Say That You

need to give yourself assistance in the first place. Like environment design is a huge part of habit building and it’s probably the case. That the tools you get in the beginning that get you across the first river? Isn’t the boat that you’re supposed to carry across land to get you across the second river. It’s like look the thing that you did that got you here isn’t the thing that’s going to get you there so if you decide to assist yourself by putting a pawn blocker on your laptop or getting rid of all the junk food out of your house or doing whatever it might be that’s fine and then that will allow you to at least gain some momentum. When your ability to stick to the habit is its weakest.

Then We Start To Build Up

we start to build up okay. Now i’ve got a bit more capacity. I’ve got a bit more capacity and now maybe I can look to reintroduce looking at where does my compulsion. to eat junk food on an evening come from Oh, it’s actually because I’m bored because I don’t have anything to do. Maybe it’s because I’m lonely.

Oh Well Now That Ive Given Myself

room away from the junk food. I can actually start to fill that with something else that’s a really really good point actually yeah so the original environmental design. I often critique it. I often say even though every like scientist disagrees with me. They say you know like willpower is limited.

Im Like I Feel Like Im

the one guy right now telling everyone rely on willpower instead because like in my story like the environmental design would never even work because it’s this idea. Okay. I can not buy the junk food inside the store, but then we’ve we’ve already got some at home. I can okay.

Ill Throw It All Out You Know.

It’s one of those I’m going on a diet. I’m going to throw out the junk food but then like my girlfriend’s going to come back home with like extra food or I go to to work and it’s like it’s a customer service job at the time. So like blumin are bringing in like a lot of snacks and stuff so me in that so it’s like if the idea is like you’re going to say no once inside of the shop.

The Thing Is If If All You Have

is the environmental design you probably aren’t going to manage the entire environment around you, whereas it really is that level of willpower and even like the self–image the belief that any given time like we we have junk food in the house all the time. I finally love that blumin but like I walk. Past the kitchen no problem every like every single day for like two years, there’s the stuff that I used to binge eat on, but the reason why is because I always try to do this thing of like no no don’t go into the kitchen like tell my dad not to buy the crisp. Eventually, I just it’s kind of like psychopathic, but I got my favorite snacks just set them on the desk and just looked at them and I don’t think many people have done this but like ah the weird thoughts that you get about yourself when you do that like seriously get the best snacks that you’ve ever gotten even drugs as well.

So I Did This With Weed And

I just put it on top of the table just with like a notepad side journaling and it just makes you feel like a crackhead. Because you’re like Oh like you know like okay the experiment’s right writing a blumin ode to my drugs. I’ve written a poem I’m outside of its window with a pair of roses the boombox in there what’s happening people if you enjoyed that then press here for the full unedited episode and Don’t forget to subscribe peace.


I think the online space has got this like a different perception of what it is In my opinion.& I think a lot of people think like it is.& If you fap again you’ve lost the benefits which that that that blows my mind because that’s so unhealthy to tell young guys it’s like telling a beast guy okay Yeah get get into the gym get in the gym you should go every day if you miss a day.& You lose all of the progress that’s that’s heartless man.& More young men who have been pained by nofap than who have just like got problems with like masturbation. They get like this this existential crisis where now they feel like more of a loser.& Because they keep failing Nofap and it’s just like simple habit science that’s how I always ask them the question . It took me about five years to break the habit.& It took him about 5 years to g It took them about 5.5 years…. Click here to read more and watch the full video