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The Biggest News In The World Apart From The

pandemic that’s running right outside Joe Rogan moving to Spotify. So anybody who doesn’t know what’s going on Joe Rogan has signed an exclusive long-year deal multi-year deal probably three or four years with Spotify. The rumored amount was a hundred mil now I don’t know if that’s 100 mil a year or a hundred mil total, but either way it’s a significant amount of money. It’s the largest amount of money that a podcast has ever been paid for a platform exclusive and I think that there’s probably quite a lot of implications for what’s going on here. So I’ll give you a little bit of background.

Rogen Announces That Hes Moving The Entire Podcast

to Spotify. Every old Old episode will remain onNK] on Apple podcasts Stitcher wherever else you tuned in? But from the end of the year it will be new episodes will only exist on Spotify and Spotify going to create a video platform exclusive like create a video hosting platform in the Joe well I’m presuming they will roll it out thereafter, but like on Apple podcasts at the moment you can actually create video podcasts. Brian Rose breakdancing inside well while we we did it ages ago but it rounds your your allowance your storage up here on your on your hosting platform. So yeah spot if I say that they’re going to do that Oliver oguns old stuff but this means no more UK it means no more Apple podcasts. He will continue to upload some clips to UK on the UK Eclipse channel, which is good I guess for him.

Him For The Searchability Virality People Discovering The

podcast but full episodes the only place that you can get them for presumably. The next couple of years at the very least is going to be Spotify that audio and video and then the he announced that the Spotify share price closed eight percent up that night and then the next day did another 10 percent. So Spotify paid what is rumored he hasn’t said it’s what if I paid around about 100 mil for Joe Rogan and increased their market cap by five billion that’s a and times return five good move 500 500 No 50 yeah, Oh God million yes or no best or not whatever weights because it’s America million and and UK billion as well right because Imperial measurements isn’t it yeah no how many is it can you tell me nine old money please is it. In stone Yeah seventeen pounds and four ounces so yet Rogen’s made this move a hundred million to increase your market cap by five billion. No matter how many times that is I know that’s a good deal.

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Some Of The Other Interesting Things.

Spotify pledged to spend five hundred mil on podcast acquisitions during 2020. Now the big chunky that’s gone on Rogen but I don’t know what you guys know that they bought anchor last year uncle ever without you I can’t I uncle Everett. I am Cal Everett anchor like the butter manufacturing yes and them they bought every business that has the name anchored now evolution. What is uncle so Angkor is a podcast hosting platform.

Its One Of These New Ones, So

you guys to learn Libsyn know you’re on Blueberry podcast path one the one that no one uses that always breaks you want. Not all of UK users there’s never broken that’s a lie don’t lie anyways so it’s similar to that but there’s this new wave of podcasts hosting platform like Anchor and what they allow you to do is actually create and edit your podcasts in the web app so it’s like Garage Band integrated into so you upload your single file. You can clip stuff you can add in intros outros upload your media library and stuff like that see there’s a lot of low-hanging fruit for that and it’s it’s mad that it’s taken this long given where we are in the curve with podcasts for something like that to come along the and I think this that there’s a lot of stuff related to the the Spotify Joe Rogan take over that is pointed out like how how many gaps there are in like really obvious gaps that. could easily take over I’ve got I got some cool stuff for you guys to think about now. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this and also everybody that’s listening.

I Want To Hear What You Think

this is a big move. We are myself John you’re new so far very interested in terms of both creators and consumers in the podcasting space. So it’s like it is the biggest news that’s probably going to happen for quite a while Patrick Pat Davies from value tainment reckons that within the next five years we will see a 1 billion dollar podcaster deal which probably doesn’t seem too ridiculous, considering that Rogen’s already managed to get a million sorry a hundred million for his deal so yeah what you get with these sorts of hosting platforms like Anchor FM so to not get to sort of nerdy into it. Currently, what most podcasts use is the UK feed, so you upload a file and then that distributes to wherever you’re listening to this. So it distributes to Apple podcasts and Stitcher, and so Spotify actually is one of those but the way that it works is.

It Has A Single File Which Is Hosted

which is unmovable and unchanging and then that gets sent out. It’s a syndicated to all of these different platforms. Right there just an UK a glorified UK reader the what Spotify is intending on doing now that it’s got anchor as this create anchor lever well now that it’s got that as its creation platform. They have started to introduce dynamically targeted ads mid-roll during podcasts so if you ever listen to true Geordie. This is why I bleep hate and this is a big implication for people that listen to podcasts right listen.

True Geordie And Half Way Through Theyll Just

be an advert for UK Smiths read by some fella like studio-quality like have you subscribed to your most recent edition of gardening world well, why don’t you head over to UK Smiths today and get five pounds off with the codes true Jordan man so this is modified. This just can interrupt anyone’s podcast and put in their own advert No no technically no so what will happen and this is what I think will happen with Rogan Rogan was making somewhere between not including UK ad revenue. He was making somewhere between 50 grand and 150 grand per episode. On his based on his UK he does about 150 million downloads per month. He’ll have discounts on the long term deals people that’s been with him for years like stamps comic being with him for seven years on it won’t.

As Much Because Hes A Partner There, Etc,

etc. Busch Kashyap has been with him for forever. Yeah. I think Squarespace as well or like WIx or something so what will happen. I don’t think Rogan will be doing any more pre-roll podcast ads.

I Dont Think Hell Need To Spot If

I might have even stipulated that he’s not allowed to as a part of this deal, but what you will potentially start to see if you’re not on Spotify. Premium is that you will be targeted with dynamic ads put mid-roll into the podcast and what this means is that we’re moving from I saw this analogy online and this is kind of a bit I wanted to give over to you guys. I saw this analogy on the on the internet where someone said podcasting at the moment feels like the Internet in the early 2000s before. Syndicated before there was Google Targeting and tracking pixels and Facebook ads and retargeting and all this sort of stuff where people were just saying that looks like the sort of site or podcast that my audience listens to because being honest like modern wisdom is now venturing into this world. We’ve got every episode now has got a sold-out pre-roll ad and a very fortunate.

Some Of The Partners I Work

with a Laker protein works fit book tailored athletes Reebok. You know like huge surf shark UK big companies that are prepared to pay like great money to be there, but they’re just looking at me and going Yeah yeah you you look you look like yeah yeah young people that’s what young people like young people, but that’s not like that’s not actually how targeting works and that’s not what advertisers won like using a bleep discount. track sales, but what would you say Johnny if I was like Oh, They’re most sophisticated format We have here is that someone’s got to enter this particular bit of tech well the work. The worst thing about it is that like you relying on the person reading out an advert for you. You know you’re spending all this money and then the way that’s delivered is you basically send someone a text file they have to read at the start the podcast.

You Think Well Thats Like Is That Hmm

that being said I think that so there’s two types of ads. There’s dynamic and is baked in so they’re baked in at the post post read pre-rolls are more expensive and that’s because making the hosts put it in their own words converts better so me saying this is what I like about the protein works because I. This is why I enjoy the tailored athlete. This is why Surf Shack UK gets you access to Netflix is library or what I use it for bridges the gap between yeah. It’s not so jarring not just a dude talking about UK Smith just like whoa what’s that the the difficulty is that when someone’s heard an advert or even like a baked in thing as you as you said and it’s like Oh remember to go to Tim blog forward slash Wealthfront forward slash Tim forward Slash 500 I’m driving I’m not gonna remember that UK to go and remember whatever butchered it but like to come home and also not not only remember the UK, but also remember that you even wanted to go and check that out.

Whereas If Youre On A Platform

you know like you’re on Instagram you’ll be interrupted by an advert and you’ll just go and click on it straight away and probably leave the platform. If it’s something you spot if I might have not only a dynamic ad they get put in. at particular sections throughout the podcast but then that ad might be matched with some sort of visual link that’s what they just heard on. I think I’m the one you only one out of the three of us that’s still on Spotify if you’re any person in the world that doesn’t pay for Spotify Yeah you’ll have a you’ll have a third-party app I imagine that blocks the other spot afree yep there we go do you know why I know that it’s because I have just finished the life Hacks Volume one ultimate life hacks list. Oh that’s a few hundred life every life act that we’ve ever featured so anything that you do now.

I Know It Because Ive Had

to go back through and write a little a little description and what it is you get released. Yeah it’s good what is that discover what’s really. It’s a curated playlists of stuff that you might like it’s actually. It’s one of the most impressive things about machine learning and kind of algorithms that.

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The biggest news in the world apart from the pandemic that’s running right outside Joe Rogan moving to Spotify . Rogen announces that he’s moving the entire podcast to Spotify. It’s the largest amount of money that a podcast has ever been paid for a platform exclusive and there’s probably quite a lot of implications for what’s going on here. The next couple of years at the very least is going to be Spotify that audio and video and then the he announced that the Spotify share price closed eight percent up that night and the next day did another 10 percent.& So Spotify paid what is rumored he hasn’t said it’s what if I paid around about 100 mil for Joe Rogans and increased the iReporter’s subscription to the podcast but full episodes will be the only place that you can get them for presumably. He will continue to upload some clips to UK on the UK Eclipse channel, which is good I guess for him for the searchability virality people discovering the podcast ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video