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I Want To Talk To You About Something

really important and that is Nicole Kidman’s Jellyfish haircut did you know that it’s uncharacteristically edgy. She must be promoting something because I saw some kind of press release or article with her and everyone’s like commenting on her body that they thought she was like too thin or too like cut up okay wait where is this new Oh This is the haircut. This is what I was talking about Damn homegirl looks jacked. I don’t know I think this is okay like body wise but it’s like maybe you don’t pose like that but this is a horrible haircut that can’t be real. These must be.

This Must Be A Wig Right Thats

what she normally looks like. There are good haircuts and then there are haircuts that stop you in your tracks. Don’t. I know it and Nicole Kidman’s. Latest look finally falls in the later camp.

The Actor Was Recently Interviewed By Jason

Campbell for the cover of Perfect magazine Latest issue and not only was she seen with hip length and red hair. She also sported the perfectly on trend. This is a trend. This is called the jellyfish Haircut Oh you got to be kidding me. This is of course it’s from tic toc that’s why it’s blumin dumb This looks so bad.

Its Basically Long Bangs And Then You

look unbrushed. This is the blumin trend Are we running out of things to talk about the twist On the mullet features two sections of different lengths of hair, short and blunt in the front and longer in the back. The intentionally disconnected layers resemble outline of a jellyfish. No it doesn’t it doesn’t at all look like a jellyfish looks like. Looks like you gave up looks like you’re the you’re giving up on life fish that looks so blumin bad that looks good on nobody.

I Really Think That Like Theyre Promoting Like

women looking as bad as they possibly can right because wasn’t Nicole Kidman eating bugs like a few weeks or months ago and now she’s sporting this horrible haircut. I think she’s on like whatever team works on encouraging women to look as bad as possible for the unfamiliar the jellyfish cut is the latest iteration of animal-inspired haircuts remember the octopus No do you guys remember the octopus of the cobra cut. What the blumin was the octopus haircut is this it because this looks like an actual haircut that looks like an actual hairstyle. Octopus, What is the octopus curtain Bangs okay that’s normal is this the octopus like a blunt. Blunt Bob they’re giving new names to hairstyles that already have names that’s what’s confusing Wolf cut Oh This is a wolf cut.

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I Had Something Like This Back In The

day It was a little longer. Oh! It’s a shag and a mullet. Oh, yeah This screams if you move to brooklyn and work at a coffee shop. They basically make you get this haircut wow okay a wolf cut What the hell I still don’t know what an octopus haircut is what the blumin is Does it have tentacles who can get the octopus haircut. It should say no one dude.

I Still Havent Seen A Picture

of an octopus haircut. I’m gonna google this what I’m getting so many mixed answers here it’s just it’s just layers Oh my god people are so stupid why am I even talking about this I hate my life. life Okay no I don’t but this is so dumb. It’s been popular in Asia. Of course, everything cool starts in Asia and then it came here to the west.

What Is The Octopus Haircut Yeah It

does remind me of the rachel from the 90s. It’s the cut is less sea creature and more stylish shag okay, So this is the yeah. I wouldn’t call that the Octopus I would call that just like long layers and a long bang Why does everything need a new name wait Is this the this almost looks like the place I went to no okay interesting okay So now We know what the octopus is. I want to figure out what was the other haircut they mentioned the cobra cut I didn’t even realize this was a trend this month. Cobra this is the cobra this is just having long hair with.

A Nice Blowout! She Got A

little bit of trim like right above her like at Nipple, just a nipple length hair with a blowout, and this is yeah. It is like all one length wow just wait that’s what women do we complicate things okay. So we know what the cobra and the octopus is. It’s a mix between the mullet and the bowl cut that’s the that’s the jellyfish with sectioned off layers in the front in the back. It’s essentially a version of the mullet that plays on shapes and contrasting lines.

I Cant Believe This Is Seriously Her Haircut.

Kidman’s Virtual version of the look was styled pinned straight with the top section bluntly cut at chin length. The rest of the hair was left to flow down with subtle layers. The hairstylist. His style’s a bold move for Kidman who can typically be seen in.

More Classic Styles Like Loose Waves

or Lo ching nons. I’ve always hated this word. I never know how to say it, but it’s basically a bun while we don’t know for sure if this is a start of an edgier more risk-taking beauty era for the start no somebody told her to get this haircut and she did it or this is a wig. This looks blumin horrible. Though maybe she’s trying to be like young looking and she should just focus on being like a decent looking woman in her 50s.

The Full Nicole Kidman Shoot An Interview Is

featured in Perfect magazine. This is or this is just something to get us talking because we’re like whoa look at her body, whoa look at her bad haircut and poof We’re talking about her whoa look at her look at this wrap thing that she has. around her couch That is this trying to be a skirt Is this a belt. I don’t know what this is This looks like a heating pad. Why is she wearing this out in public That looks terrible Okay is this the full shoot Do I want to see it kind of okay and then it just brings you to something that you don’t want to see wow would you guys ever get the jellyfish haircut no unless it was like a life or death situation, but like I have curly hair, so it probably wouldn’t look this bad like you can layers look look better with curly or wavy hair.

God That Looks So Bad But

girl. She looks good. This is a bad look for her. It’s all the it’s like this is like what is this yeah. She’s trying to I think look Asian.

Shes Trying To.

Inspire to like Asian fan base. I don’t know I think it’s a dear leader haircut. I think she’s 50.

55 Lets See How Old Is Nicole Kidman.

She did you know. She was born in Hawaii in 1967 that would make her 55. .

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She Was Born Nicole Mary Kidman

on June 20th 1967 in Honolulu. Look at that her first daughter is with Keith Urban and her name is Sunday Rose. I remember when Sunday Rose was born. I was in 2008 when I was fat with blonde hair times if she does she looks very good for oh for anybody for any age, but she looks great for the age that she is love you guys thank you for the chat thank you for the comments.

I Will See You Guys Tomorrow

Bye Bye. I love you guys ah I don’t even want to leave this candle smells. So good, I don’t want to leave all right love you guys talk to you soon Bye love you all join the discord feet love you all wow you guys are awesome bye guys bye I’m really leaving love you bye.


Nicole Kidman was recently interviewed by Jason Campbell for the cover of Perfect magazine Latest issue . The actor was recently seen with hip length and red hair . The intentionally disconnected layers resemble outline of a jellyfish . The mullet features two sections of different lengths of hair, short and blunt in the front and longer in the back . It’s basically long bangs and then you look unbrushed.& This is the blumin trend Are we running out of things to talk about the twist on the twist On the mullet? We’re not talking about it. It’s like you gave up looks like you’re the you’re giving up on life fish that looks so blumin bad that looks good on nobody. It doesn’t at all look like a jelly fish looks like. We’re just trying to find out what to do. We don’t know what we’re going to do with it. We just want to find a reason for it. I’m glad to see a reason why it’s a trend….. Click here to read more and watch the full video