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Lila Heart Hello Girlfriends Hello Thank You So Much

for having me on. I’m really excited to be here. I’m so excited to have you we’re doing coffee. Oh you’re a tea girl okay all right yeah, I got my freezer. I apologize for my parakeets.

Ive Got Three Parakeets Over Here And

I gave them some treats. I thought they behaved so hopefully they calm down. Oh well like the only thing. I know about birds is if you throw like a blanket over the cage. They’ll go to sleep.

Ive Tried That With Other Animals And

with like you know my nieces and nephews and it doesn’t work so yeah yeah cool cool um Lila I God where do we begin so tell me about this special show that you were on this past Sunday was it it was it was like an all Filipino yeah it was. called Pinoy Tmix and it was a Filipino-American show where we had different Filipina um rappers, musicians, comedians, and kind of just like an All-star show and it was so incredible because it was at the Ford Amphitheater. You know the outside amphitheater My family was there to watch me. It was the first time that my sister and her husband and my nephew he was there with his girlfriend my aunt was there and my mom was there so it was even worse big deal Yeah my um my fiance was there and his parents saw me for the first time it’s the first time they’d ever seen me on stage so wow so incredible and um you know it was so powerful for me because I this last month has been extremely difficult for me and my family. We lost my aunt the tuesday before my show.

She Was In A Car Accident On

August 12th and she was on life support and I flew out to Louisiana to see her and be with my dad and be with my family out there and um. You know we pulled the plug on her and it was really just like so tragic for our family, but my show. My family really wanted me to come out into the ship to do the show and it really just shows me that’s how powerful comedy and how important it is because you know to become a comedian and to do comedy as a comedian like it’s your job to be funny. Even when you don’t feel like being funny. You know and I didn’t necessarily feel like being funny on Sunday, But I just felt like the energy from the crowd and looking up at the no ceiling of the amphitheater.

I Just Imagine In My Mind That My

aunt had front row tickets in heaven and it just was such a powerful, powerful powerful show and to make my family laugh After everything we’ve gone through was just um so meaningful that is that is that’s incredibly meaningful did you ever so how many days was it from like when you pulled the plug to when she passed like how long on Tuesday so it happened on Tuesday and then she ended up passing on Thursday and then my show was on Sunday. Oh God did you that’s really that’s really difficult did you at any point think like I can’t do this show like it’s I’m gonna. be too upset or you know I just I. I know that my aunt would want me to do it. You know she was a very funny happy-go-lucky person and had the most amazing spirit.

So I Knew Id Carry That

with me on stage and like I said being able to make my family like laugh the way that they did after all the tears and the sadness. We had gone through as a family was just it was so exhilarating. You know and it just you know that’s life and that’s where great comedy comes from it comes from pain and we show people that even through pain. We can find the beauty and through that you can help others heal because we’re all hurting right now collectively and so I knew I had to do it. I had to do it for my family.

I Had To.

For my aunt and I had to do it for everybody in the audience who just needed that real laughter and that joy and the show was just so incredible because not only did we had comedians we had musicians we had Ruby Abarra. She’s a Filipino rapper. We had Joel’s Aurora. She’s, a Filipino singer and it was just it was beautiful.

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The Whole Night Was Just So

beautiful wow that’s really amazing and I I’m I’m amazed that you were able to like pull together and it sounds like you crushed it and did really well like. I remember through. When my mom died in 2018. I like like I lived in suburbs outside of New York City, and I was like well. I mean I knew it was coming.

I Knew She Had Like Terminal Brain

cancer like she she’d been getting like steadily worse since April. And it was like August, so she passed on August 2nd. I remember like the day she passed I just was like. I went through this like Oh well. I I have two spots tonight and I knew this was coming like.

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  • freezer apologize parakeets
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I Was Trying To Rationalize My Way

through it. Like I was even still like on my way to do a like a day job at the time like I was like Oh, I should be able to go of course. I knew this was coming and then like on the train right and I just like I I got like just a few stops and I just like couldn’t stop crying. I had to get off and I and and even then I was like. I could pull it together and go in the city later and I did and it was like I don’t even bomb.

Is Not Even The Right Word For What

happened on stage like it was just me talking about like how my mom had died that morning people in the crowd were like they couldn’t. They didn’t think I was actually being real. They thought it was like a joke somehow. I’m like it ended up just me just rambling and like getting some. It was so bad and I was so not money not funny it was such a hot mess um I’m looking back.

Im Like Blumin.

I I should have realized that I could just take a night off and I think I put a lot of pressure on myself, but the what happened in the months afterwards. Like all this space opened up right that I was stressing out about like her and her health. I think and then it ultimately made me a better. better person because I was spending more time on myself instead of like you know worrying and it’s it’s really amazing that you were able to go through that and so soon after to be able to do such a big show because I know what that feels like and you’re like do.

I Address It On Stage Do I

not but yeah that that’s really I agree with you so much and you’re like people really do need to laugh like it’s amazing like you’ll go to shows and you’ll meet and I’m sure you talked to the people after and you’re like this was the first show I’ve been to or I’ve been out in X many. However, many months or people need to laugh so it’s so important like I don’t know I don’t talk about it enough yeah it’s important and when people came up to. me after the show and just thanked me for you know for talking about some of the things that I talked about and how much joy that it brought them that to me was like It felt so good because you know I I that was only the third time I’ve been on stage all year you know um I was asked to do 20 minutes. So I was like I’m going to do my best. I’m going to give it my all.

I Am Going To Prepare For This

show like I have never prepared before and some of the things that I did like you know when we used to go out every night in 2019 to do comedy. I could just go up there have like bullet points in my head. This is what I’m gonna say and just kind of like riff with the audience. But this time I listened to every single recording that I had of my favorite sets and I picked out some of the best bits that I like I I really worked on for the last five years that I was ready to showcase in front of 800 people. You know and 100 people like right you know and then and then I put it together in like the storyline that I could wrap it up and so that I could have that confidence and on my roof.

Ive Got 300 Plants Thats What Ive

done the last year and a half is become this old ultra-like plant lady of all these plants up there and I just had this spatula and I’m performing for the plants and I was just giving it my all and just praying that you know on the night of the 29th that I could just that I could just you know summon all the strength and just do my best because I know that I put in the work for it. You know and I actually worked really hard because like I said it’s not it wasn’t just for me. It’s for my aunt. It’s for everybody who’s struggling because a lot of people have lost a lot this year. You know and so it was like I just wanna I’m not.

I Dont Wanna Be A Victim.

I I wanna be a victor? I wanna show people that you can be brave and you can be strong and you know it was just It was so powerful and I’m just so grateful that because there was that moment. I did have that moment where I was kind of just like fearful. You know like do. I do this.

I Feel Fearful What If I

bomb because I’m so emotional and honestly. I just gave it to God. I was like. I just gave it to God please give me the bravery. You know and once I did that it was like.

I Can Do Anything And I Went Up

there and it was just it was magical and the best feeling was hearing my family laugh because I had known this sadness. We have all gone through and the tragedy of losing my aunt the way that we. did and to see that level of grief with my family and then to be able to bring them joy it’s just amazing yeah.


Lila heart was on Pinoy Tmix this past Sunday . Her family was there to watch her perform at the Ford Amphitheater . Her fiance was there and his parents saw her for the first time . Her aunt was in a car accident on August 12th and she was put on life support . Lila lost her aunt the tuesday before her show. She was in Louisiana to see her and be with my dad . It really just shows me that’s how powerful comedy and how important it is because you know to become a comedian and to do com com . I apologize for my parakeets over here and I gave them some treats. I thought they behaved so hopefully they calm down.& Oh well like the only thing. I know about birds is if you throw like a blanket over the cage. They’ll go to sleep.& I’ve tried that with other animals is if I throw a blanket around the cage . I’ve had a few treats. It doesn’t work…. Click here to read more and watch the full video