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I Just Noticed That Theres A Little

bear on this on one of these beams Yeah there’s like a little baby bear holding on to the beam. I know is that real I don’t know baby bears babies well if it dies on its own like if you find a it’s really bleep up to shoot a baby animal. I think that it bums me out that bears are so deadly because they’re so cute. I’d love to cuddle with a bear yeah. I know is that like that’s not real I don’t think it’s right you got to bring the mic, but you never know either one too does it come off of this yeah take the whole thing Yeah stand Ola I’m gonna put it here now can you hear if Y’all aren’t following leanne on Tick tock and instagram you are missing out on some real knowledge.

And U.

s history, I just posted another one yeah because I have a friend in in Ukraine. I’ll just say that I don’t know what I’m allowed to say this is so rich. Oh, We have a list yeah. I know but I don’t know if this this counts.

I Mean I Have A Friend In The

military in Ukraine. What’s the I post on tick tock so if my bleep gets taken now I don’t care but I just posted something because I talked to him last night so do with that what you will is. He okay yeah that’s all very confused right now I mean um is terrible generally it’s horrible and you know that all sides are giving different sides of their story and yes what’s called a propaganda and everyone is guilty but it’s always the bleep innocent citizens that suffer like that’s really what. It comes down to now regardless of the side and what happens it bleep really sucks for the people living the peasants. Yeah the people that are just barely scraping by what and they’re getting killed and schools are getting blown up it’s bleep trash You know what sucks about today is there’s some interesting stories that came out and you can’t believe any of them because it’s April 1st.

Oh My God Thats Right Dont Even

look at the news today it’s April 1st. Don’t even think about it well mine is not an april fool so um apparently whoopi Goldberg says that referring to celebrities as elites is correct. Yes that calling someone a racist Oh my god, Oh my god it’s like Chris Cuomo when he said calling him Fredo was the equivalent of calling a black person the n word exactly wait Harry got a super. chat for you wow and I finally get that now because I just watched Godfather one and two for the first time. I find I watch so mad dude, but that’s not the same it’s not the same thing it’s not the same thing.

Its Actually Really Funny Well.

These people are so out of touch that they just think everything they do is important and everyone should like no you shouldn’t bleep all of them. I will say this the more time I spend on the internet and maybe the older. I get the less. I care about a lot of things yeah for sure I care about them.

People Need To Stop Worshiping Celebrities Because They

suck balls. They’re that’s the thing they’re so it doesn’t matter where they started a lot of them have been so rich for so long that normal yeah They have no idea. normal rules Don’t apply to them. They’ve completely lost touch with the regular person and they’re giant perverts. They’re a lot of the times they’re giant bleep perverts.

I Dont Even Think People Know The Gravity.

I don’t even think they would believe it like their their mind just wouldn’t it’s not a conspiracy. Some of it is, but some of it’s not at all Yeah There’s yeah Yeah, I’ve seen enough to know that there’s probably truth in everything that they’re saying but you know whatever it’s just people that worship celebrities. I feel like they’re very lost and need to get a personality. I like I think that it’s fine to like a person and to enjoy the art that they make yeah you can enjoy art yeah to enjoy they can be like.

I Really Love This Person As

an actor and sometimes you you hear a person like I talked about this last night. I’m just a little bit and not in a sexual way. I’m a little bit obsessed with Daniel Radcliffe, but just to the extent of like he seems like such a cool person. I like a lot of what he has to say and I like the projects Harry Potter okay yeah I was like wait that is him Harry Potter um but never I don’t think I’ve never gotten to an obsessive point with any sort of celebrity. No well.

They All Not All I Mean The

ones that are like out of it. Now there’s like a reason. Oh my God and I just seen today that Jamie Kennedy follows me on tick Tock ah and I was like Oh my God. I didn’t even know. He was like he’s waking up yeah Yeah, Oh, He has to bleep follow me for my content that’s why I was like Oh bleep.

I Havent Seen Him Or Have Heard Of

anything from him in a while well. It’s weird because I just watched malibu’s most wanted I forgot about that movie. I was like wait what the bleep that’s like like early 2000’s he’s on bleep Tick tock Yeah that bleep was so funny. I was like watching it the other day if you Oh I rewatched road trip too. I actually posted that on tick tock Oh my God I haven’t watched it so long it’s so funny if you haven’t seen it in a while you should watch it wait which movie road trip road trip.

I Was Watching This On Netflix

now right yeah I said it is on Netflix. I gotta watch that. Again I haven’t watched that in a while I rewatched a Euro trip semi recently and that’s still one of my favorite Yeah, Trachtenberg was very cute Oh Yeah Michelle attracted him. I waited on her in La she was at a was she nicea was she in iceland. She was all right if I was a dude.

I Would Definitely Date Venti If

I was a dude or she like chicks. I’d be trying to hit it. But I don’t think she does. I don’t think she does Brittany is so pretty it’s ridiculous Yeah it’s insane and I’ve been following her for like a while since she was like the troll on twitch like when she used to do that kind of bleep Yeah, it was bleep hilarious, but yeah I really like her. I would definitely hit it you guys should really be after that like what.

He Doesnt Get Your Bleep Together You Know

ow but yeah I would definitely I’ll definitely hit it. I don’t think there is anyone that wouldn’t well Ashton. I think has a has a girl crush on Zia that’s the highest compliment ever. Yeah it really is when I heard that I was like so Ashton’s crushing on Zia and leanne’s crushing on venti so many girl crushes in this house well. I like everyone, but I know you want to hit that hit that she’s a scent magnet because she doesn’t want it so like they go they flock Yeah they’re like be mean to me They I swear do you know what you’re mean to them and I’m like no She doesn’t what look did you say Brittany looks like stern like howard stern.

I Think Its Really Just The

hair I think because they both have curly. hair, her bleep hair is amazing her hair’s so beautiful amazing yeah give her your wallets and don’t ask no questions just give it to her well. I think this is why the sim cast is so important because it’s helping to normalize simping and being fans of girls Because how many times are guys growing up especially teenagers. Oh I can’t be a fan of that singer or that actress. I’m a guy it’s so stupid.

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Its So Stupid And The Whole

thing where it’s used as a as a as an insult of like Oh you’re simping for this girl. It’s like because I’m a fan of what she does I know like Jesus Christ let people be fans of what they want to be. Fans of. I think there’s real like symptoms that are a danger to themselves, but like most of it’s like innocent you know. It’s just you’re allowed to like girls and you know support them and not be ascent Yes.

I Mean Theres Ones That Are Crazy Ive

had that happen Yeah that’s everywhere, though that’s also not just guys that’s women too like that’s that’s not a gender thing that’s just some people just get obsessive and you need to bleep but I tell people straight up. You bleep show up at my house or something is not gonna be good for you because I do not play like that kind of bleep is nope that’s the bleep that’s that’s that’s the dangerous scent Jim you want to get in here that’s the bleep up sound Jim has drinks sure I’m gonna pee you’re gonna take my place let’s see yeah okay can you get through Yeah please please Oh I’m fine there’s so much bleep over here look at this real. Microphones not used to reeling what’s up what’s going on here well We the the rest of the crew is at the shooting range right now. Are they still there or they leave. I’d imagine they’re probably wrapping up, but the the signal was so bad that it was so glitchy.

We Couldnt Really Watch It Was The

a real. I told you frank a great idea a nice morning after a night of drinking. All night is is going to the shooting range with large caliber rifles to make the loudest noises in the world. I’m not going to say that some people are already drinking beforehand today. I figured I think everyone’s alive do you know kiss anyone not yet good if it happens.

We Gotta Do It On Stream.

I haven’t even met him really yet because I was like sleeping and dying last night so but I could hear him yelling liam were you looking forward to meeting anybody this weekend In particular um everyone Yeah, but I gotta say Brittany stuck out and chrissy obviously but yeah, but everyone really so stancel to catch up on what’s been happening here Ashton Birdie has a raging crush on Zia Anderson, Oh Leanne has a crush on Brittany Venti Okay Amy brought so much bleep food for everybody in gg wait is that you saw that so much food holy bleep whatever Amy brought a lot of food Yeah wait whose audio is out of sync mine or um if it’s one person saying it’s it’s just on them Oh okay Yeah Don’t don’t sweat it um Gino and kumia were up very late apparently likes Kumia. Do you know was a crush on Kumia Yeah? Apparently the the fans felt that drew was being creepy towards Venti. I saw that.


Leanne posted a list of things he thinks he doesn’t know if he’s allowed to post on tick tock and instagram . Leanne says he has a friend in the military in Ukraine and he’s not sure what he’ll say about the situation there . Ola says he’ll put the whole thing on his Instagram account if Y’all aren’t following leanne on Tick tock or instagram you are missing out on some real knowledge about U.S. history, I just posted another one. I just noticed that there’s a little bear on this on one of these beams Yeah there’s like a little baby bear holding on to the beam. I don’t think it’s right you got to bring the mic, but you never know either one too does it come off of this. I’m gonna put it here now. Can you hear if you’re not following Leanne on instagram. I’ll just say that it bums me out that bears are so deadly because they’re so…. Click here to read more and watch the full video