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a follow up with our last one that looked at Trump’s plan to unravel Obama’s restrictive gun control measures perhaps as soon as his very first day in office, and we noticed that trumps establishing a second Amendment coalition. Just in the last couple of weeks signaled his intent to foster a gun enthusiast culture or what we might call us a second Amendment lifestyle and we noticed a couple of things. We noticed first that this automatically should assuage us of any fears regarding the Supreme Court pet whomever it will be he or she will have a thoroughgoing will have to be a thorough going to come into the Second Amendment, which is a general indicator of a commitment to larger conservative values. But secondly, we noticed that a Second Amendment line style really does at least in part spell. spell the end of the secular vision of life and that’s because secular society is what we call risk society and and risk societies tend to control behavior by controlling the environment.

So For Example, This Is Why

we have you noticed why we have safe spaces and our college campuses. We we deal with the history of college students no longer by teaching them virtue and teaching them to control their emotions or behavior in order their loves no Instead now we deal with these temper tantrums by giving them a little cup of hot cocoa and a little teddy bear to hug you control the behavior by controlling the environment and the common environmental factor behind all shootings is of course the weapon and this is why seculars cry out for gun control every time. There is a mass shooting you control the behavior by controlling the environment. And then respects this posture this this sentiment This culture will be history after a trump administration. The very fact that we’re moving away from done a pro-gun control environment to a thoroughgoing gun enthusiast culture means that we’re leaving behind these highly secularized conceptions both in society and again.

I Dont Believe That A Pro–Gun

control culture ever actually existed among our the majority of American citizens. This is imposed upon us by our secular aristocracy borrow liberally, which by the way are now officially out of power due to the Trump revolution now. In this video I want to explore some of the Christian frames of reference behind the gun enthusiast culture and why I do see guns and self–defense as intrinsically part of a vibrant Christian vision of life now of course this is not shared by all Christians. Some would argue that while the Old. A person to defend himself with lethal force? Such measures would be inconsistent for a new testament to find Christian, who’s cold to turn the other cheek.

The Christian Is Supposed To Be A Witness

of Christ’s love even his love for those who crucified Him and so it’s argued that a gun enthusiast culture would be simply inconsistent with us it’s been said loving your enemy does seem to include not killing your enemy and these proponents for pacifism point to early Christian witnesses who argue for the total renunciation of violence as confirmation that this was indeed the opinion of the early Church and what I would say right off the bat. This is that’s absolutely correct a gun enthusiast culture. The Second Amendment lifestyle is inconsistent with witnessing to Christ’s love towards those who are abusive murders. It would be contradictory to what we might call passive. Martyrdom remember the verb Martyr a 0 is the Greek term for witness and and thus this was most certainly the view of a number of early Christians writing in the first few centuries the church.

So I Would Say That I Fully Agree

with this position, but I would also point out that this is not at all the only thing. There is to say about this and that’s the error of this position. I don’t think it recognizes a new testament inspired paradox. The church has worked out it’s resolved in a way that I think is quite beautiful and rich of the centuries now. What proponents of passive Martyrdom overlook is is the nature of self–defense in the Greco–roman world.

So For Example, Pacifist Will Often

point to Paul’s reference to the sword of the Roman Magistrate. Romans 13 is the only legitimate use of lethal force. that it’s fine for civilians to meet out this kind of lethal force, But the problem here is that the Roman magistrate to which poll references in Romans 13 actually did just that the magistrate delegated the sword to part of what, in part to what we call the paterfamilias The father of the family. The father in a Roman family had enumerated powers and chief of which was the V tie Neck is clay contestas for the power of life and death, and this power involved the perch the paternal prerogative to impose capital punishment to kill those under his jurisdiction and authority No such power was not merely for the management of one’s own family. It was for the benefit of Roman society in toto in the Roman world, the ordinary citizen was his own policeman.

There Was In Fact No Established Police

force in Europe until the 18th century, but beyond such practicality. The delegation of the sword from magistrate to family was an indispensable part of Roman Republicanism and its attempt to decentralize and to distribute power and and it maintained this paterfamilias that main maintained its social whirl well into the Imperial period now a number of studies corroborate both the affirmation yet reform of the paterfamilias in the New Testament so you have an axe 10. The Roman Cornelius inviting his entire family. His entire household patrons kinsmen close friends who do not necessarily live in his house to undergo Christian Baptism along with him. Similarly in Acts 16 yet the household conversion of Lydia Paul references the household was Stephanus in corn Lucy pulls instructions for the family, which the so-called household codes a centering on the father, so the paterfamilias.

Alive And Well In The New Testament The

difference of course is that the father was now an image of Christ to his community and as part of this poem instructs fathers again note father’s to raise their children in what he calls the Paideia of the Lord in Ephesians 6. Verse 4. Pi Nan was an educational project of the Greeks and the Romans to initiate their children to Greek and Roman Culture was basically in education that taught kids how to be Greek and Roman and now what’s interesting here with this reference by Paul is that by the first century UK Paideia had a pretty well–established structure and pattern and interestingly. Self–defense was an integral part of by day battle training in its close counterpart of athletic training, We’re considered indispensable to the cultivation of virtue particularly a virtual noticing Croesus self-control self-mastery so again. We see affirmation yet radical reform Roman Father’s could be very harsh on their sons and they could administer very stern punishments, but Paul instructs fathers that they’re no longer to provoke their children.

Turan Does He Says, But Instead Raise

them up in the pi day of the Lord. Now the now the question is of course did this Paideia get rid of things like boxing battle training in self–defense well we really don’t see any evidence of that actually the New Testament suggest just the opposite Jesus explicitly instructed itinerant disciples to arm themselves by purchasing a sword at weapon for the purpose of self–defense. Pole employs again a sticky motif in first Corinthians 9 25 when you write to everyone who competes the games exercises self–control and Katia self mastery and that would have almost certainly been heard original ease concomitant with a kind of self-master. self-defense exercise of which were part of gymnastic e or gymnastics in the Greco–roman world. As far as the writings of the Church Fathers.

We See Someone Like Agustin In His Letter

to Macedonia.’s distinguishing reasons for justifiable homicide, which includes self–defense against a robber and assailant and in the 6th century with the code of Justinian, which is really the first explicitly Christian law code over Europe. We see an explicitly Christian codification of household self–defense. This is what the code says we grant to all persons the unrestricted power to defend themselves, so that it is proper to subject anyone whether a private person resul jure who trespasses upon fields night and search plunder or lays by busy roads plotting to soul passes by to immediate punishment in accordance with the authority granted to all let him suffer the death which he threatened and occur that which. The the universal vision of the Church to recognize not merely a right to defend oneself, but also an obligation to defend one’s, family and neighbor, and that obligation does not end with the advent of guns over swords or a modern state police force.

Christians Are To Foster Virtues, Self-Mastery

courage and that includes self–defense the defensive family neighbor know where are we ever cold to completely and totally relying professionalized police industry, especially one that is under no legal obligations to stop and assault in progress. The courts been pretty consistent here. Police have been sued for not stopping a crime or an assault and the courts of rule that they’re under no legal obligation to do so. Police are there to provide deterrence investigation and arrest. The only person responsible for stopping an assault on you or your family or your neighbors is you now didn’t I.

Whole Thing By Saying That I

agreed with the passive martyrs that we should witness to Christ love even towards abusers and murderers well. In the midst of all this there was still room in the church’s reflection for a vocational pacifism within the life world of the church, particularly in the case of pastors and bishops, it actually became institutionalized within the church rather early such the pastors were absolutely prevented or prohibited from engaging any kind of violence or blood spill and they were to be witnesses to Christ’s love even for criminals and abusers and murderers. They were not allowed to defend themselves and so a father is called to be an offender family and neighbor, While a pastor is called to be a martyr. A witness of Christ’s love even for those who would kill.

So The Paradox Is Resolved In

the calling of Christ who. demonstrates his love and forgiveness for those who crucified Him and also meets out justice and judgment. On the last days the clergy’s job to witness to Christ Fathoms love and it is the Congregation‘s job to protect the clergy and so while there were and continue to be. In some Christian traditions prohibitive measures for certain Christians to engage in violence in any circumstance such a prescription simply cannot be applied universally given Biblical and historical precedence simply put the the evidence simply isn’t there for the universe universalization of pacifism.

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A Call To A Willing Martyrdom

has extended to some but not all and I think it’s outright impossible to make a case for a total renunciation of violence and self-defense. This site of Biblical revelation. However, it should be noted to in fairness that absolute izing of one’s self-defense. Perogative is also an overreach in that.

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Martyrdom And A Vocational Renunciation Of Violence

has been part of the church’s. Historical witness Indeed, the martyr is the Christian witness par excellence. The Christian consensus presents us with a very rich nuanced.


This video is a follow up with our last one that looked at Trump’s plan to unravel Obama’s restrictive gun control measures perhaps as soon as his very first day in office . We noticed that trumps establishing a second Amendment coalition. The very fact that we’re moving away from done a pro-gun control environment to a thoroughgoing gun enthusiast culture means that . we’re leaving behind these highly secularized conceptions both in and out of gun control . This culture will be history after a trump administration. The common environmental factor behind all shootings is of course the weapon and this is . why seculars cry out for gun control every time.& There is a mass shooting you control the behavior by controlling the environment.& And then respects this posture this this sentiment. This this sentiment This sentiment is of of the gun enthusiasts. The video was released by CNN iReport. Back to Mail Online at 9 p.m. ET . Back to the page you came ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video