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Oh, Hello, Hello Im Here With Miss Julia, Uk,

owner of the very popular Horsefeathers restaurant in Tarrytown New. York Julia thank you so much for joining me today you for having me sorry. My office is messy because a bomb went off in my life and you do look like you’re in a bomb shelter right now it’s dark there’s papers everywhere. It looks like you have plans for world domination hanging behind you What is going on in your life. Yes you were telling me yesterday that there was some restaurant drama yeah well We’ll have to go over that another day after I get that sorted out.

Okay Okay Youre Still In The Midst

of it basically. I like to say that what’s going on it’s like I love the show survivor. I love it it’s like my favorite show and I always wanted to be on. Survivor but like now I’m on the restaurant Coronavirus on Survivor, The restaurant Coronavirus Survivor and it’s like Oh my gosh is everything has been a struggle. Every single thing has been just like hello, So everyday working in the restaurant business feels like you’re on Survivor, What because like the rules keep changing or is it more cutthroat like between other restaurant no it’s like we all most of us want to work together so you know it’s that but like in the beginning we got you know aren’t sure got shut down first in Westchester New York we’re one of those counties where it’s like we were we’re never opening you know and so it was like all right.

How Do I I Think The First

thing we do is like how do we keep people safe like can we even be open right now because we didn’t. know you’re thinking like Coronavirus hangs in the air for ten days like could it be on this could it be on that like I’m scared to breathe like yeah the information it is changing weekly. It’s so hard to keep up with I can’t imagine Cuz I’ve gone to horsefeathers me and Frank have gone we try to go every time. We think of it because we we love you guys It’s like it’s especially if you’ve never been to horsefeathers it’s in Tarrytown I I know you’ve always been interested in like local mythology, local folklore and it’s like the one of the most unique restaurants I’ve been to in Westchester because you have all over the walls there like it’s like The Legend of Sleepy Hollow right or it’s like there’s different sort of like cool like ghosty almost like it’s like UK Fridays but for cool. Ghosty haunted bleep I’m not explaining it well.

I Know I Love That I

love the way. You explained it because it’s like we try to I always like you know I. I didn’t grow up here, but I was born here. My family was from here. My you know grandparents are from here so like growing up.

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It Was Always The Headless Horseman And

Ichabod Crane and all this stuff and you know like my grandfather when he came to America. His job was a caretaker at the cemetery. He used to do Oh really yeah so he used to be a gravedigger There. You know so we that’s been such a big part of my life since forever and you know we do such big Halloween stuff here. I mean Halloween also is becoming more globalized now.

Everyone Loves Halloween And I Obviously I Dont

know if it’s. Because Instagram, you know everyone wants to dress up in a cute costume, Oh it is the best it’s bleep love Halloween Kids love Halloween. People that feel like they’re not living out their dreams. Love Halloween like they can feel ever they want for a day. My favorite thing about Halloween is like I always say I’m like if you want to be an ear.

You Can Be An Ear Like Go Ahead

you like this guy’s I’m all like ear can be hear hear you q-tip you can’t just cover yourself in your kitchen utensils like you can anything do that yeah anything you want you could do it and so we always like do such a big Halloween thing here and obviously the Headless Horseman and Washington Irving’s from here so you know I’ve for years I’ve been like staking out other snooty towns so like I’ll. On vacation to Salem and I’d be like well what’s going on and so I’m like what are you doing that I’m not doing right before they started. I had a trip planned to Savannah Yeah, so I was going to do like all my ghostly research of Savannah and to like a haunted town. Mm-hmm most haunted cities in America, which is like I wanted to Sleepy Hollow to get there but yeah that’s not gonna happen this year. Yes like I just can’t see them bringing any people from out of the area into a hot spot.

I Just Dont See It Happening.

I UK considered a hot spot and at one point. In the beginning, they knew Rochelle was getting a lot of bleep. Even though it was only one part of New Rochelle, but they shut down the whole town Yes Oh I think that Westchester. In general, if you look at the statistics, we have more deaths in our County than in most other states states, so it’s like I didn’t.

I Thought That Everyone Was Going

through the same thing. We were going through in the beginning about everyone across the country and then I like looked at the numbers and I was like Oh, Oh, we like you know I was talking to my aunt. It’s out of Florida and she’s like Oh people are just fine here Yeah, Oh yeah my dad lives in Florida and they they went back to normal. I think around I talked to him around Easter and they everything was opening up so as like a month ago. Also Florida, where he lives in Naples is just full of New Yorker so they they’re retired.

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Most Of Them Are Kind Of Well-Off

like they’re kind of just. Whatever they want in general? So I don’t think that a lockdown would even even when it was like lockdown and my dad’s like well. It’s not a retirement home. It’s like a gated community like they were still he was still like going to the pool like going to the bar, but you were saying before you think that that restaurants will return. What do you think are gonna be the effects after this so I’m trying to like get the word out as many restaurants as I can that had not opened yet that if you don’t open I don’t know what you’re gonna do because I don’t know what they’re waiting for yeah.

Theres No Way To Wait This Out And

actually like I’m one of the guys you don’t know anyone else didn’t close maybe I don’t know because I know most people I know let. Everyone on their staff go you know so now they have this problem of trying to get all these people back to work, but now they’re on unemployment and they’re making more money than they were They don’t have to risk being sick and they just got fired by you. So why would they come back to work. You know do you think that some of these workers that were laid off are maybe getting jobs at the restaurants that have been open this whole time that have been doing delivery that I’ve been doing pickups or do you think that they’re just doing unemployment um. I think some people want to and I think that’s a good opportunity for people that need to hire because here we have you know you’re only gonna get that people that really want to work right now You know that really want to you know go out there and work which is really nice because most of the time the restaurant industry you just get like high school kids parent needs you like get a job get a job.

They Dont Really Want To Be

there and it’s like it’s like you don’t want someone to work for you that doesn’t. want to be at your place like the biggest thing. I hate is apathy there then I don’t want you here anyway so that could kind of be good, But I think what’s gonna go on with restaurants and the sad thing about that is that a lot of the people that did get laid off from restaurants are not eligible for unemployment are not eligible. What to work back again well. Know they’ll find jobs somewhere, but they’re they’re probably a lot of the people in a lot of kitchens and not mine, but they’re not documented and they’re just contact so like they’re not gonna get unemployment and they don’t have a job right now which what’s creating this big hunger problem.

You Know Especially In You Know Where Im

located the demographic. We have is you know a big immigrant population and I’m just I’m really concerned. about what’s gonna happen if if it goes on for longer and they don’t have their jobs and then you know I really feel like if restaurants don’t open and try to do takeout Lucy It’s gonna be happier business at least the next year Anyway. I’m not going to be at full capacity. Not until there’s a vaccine and that could take a year 18 months like wow No I’m gonna take so it’s like it’s exhausting it’s exhausting.

It Is Exhausting And I Appreciate That

you’re you know you’re aware of your community. You know that there’s a need that there’s a hunger problem and I know you’ve been doing a lot of like local outreach like you’ve been working with Ann Richards and she’s been helping to facilitate some deliveries to first responders and other people in need in the area. How do I meet in well. Someone was giving you know people were giving me gift certificates for my office is so messy. I’m so impressed no you look busy.

This Is The Corner Of My

apartment. I have had no thoughts so ah. People are giving me gift certificates too and said go see the police and then someone wrote me and said go feed an out-of-work restaurant person and I was like that’s my I don’t know how to find this person so I brought I made a video and I was like if you need food please like like honestly. I’m a different person. I was two months ago, but I was just like if you need food please reach out to me.

Now What Happened Was I Was

so busy trying to like get UK for my staff and reconfigure my business and then I had just like a flood open of. needed food, Oh, Oh, Oh, you know like how do I met all these people like how do I get this to them. How do I sort this out like how do I stay open and then also help these people and that’s where Ann comes in. Because Ann is really good at identifying the people that need the food she works with social workers.

She Works With Teachers.

She works with the county and you know it’s it’s so much easier for me to just have an say I need five meals they’re gonna go to Pelham I need this this isn’t. This I have a volunteer coming to pick it up and then they take it and it’s like amazing it’s like Oh great you know this is great.


York Julia is the owner of Horsefeathers restaurant in Tarrytown New York . She talks about the restaurant business and how it feels like you’re on Survivor . The restaurant Coronavirus on Survivor is changing weekly. It’s so hard to keep up with I can’t imagine. We think of it because we love you guys it’s like it’s especially if you’ve never been to horsefeather’s.& York Julia thank you so much for joining me today you for having me sorry.& My office is messy because a bomb went off in my life and you do look like you are in a bomb shelter right now it’s dark there’s papers everywhere. We’ll have to go over that another day after I get that sorted out. We’re still in the midst of it basically.& How do I I think the first thing we do is like how do we keep people safe like can we even be open right now because we didn’t. I’m scared to breathe…. Click here to read more and watch the full video