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Hello Welcome To The Chrissy Mayer Podcast Today

We have an old friend of Mines, the creator of I guess Yeah Is that fair to say the creator of Gasps digital networks Yeah My co-creator you know Yeah me and Rob Sutton both conceptualized it but you know the idea Mr.. Lewis J comas thank you so much for waking up early during this quarantine. It’s a little early everyday. I’m up by 6 a.


I was streaming this morning atNK] In the morning. I saw I signed up well. I signed up for Twitch and I followed you because you’re the only person. I know on twitch and now I get updates every time you go on and I saw him this morning and I was like who’s playing video games at UK in the morning Yeah I’m an old man now once you have a kid you.

Start Getting Up Bleep Super Early

go to bed Super early started to get a dab hit right now I apologize but yeah this is not early for me. This is a good day for me Wow yeah Cuz I assume like James is when he’s over he’s waking you up at like kids get up so bleep early they get up at like 6-7 a. m. he’s he’s a good kid, though you know you just give him a bleep give him the bong you know a little bourbon Oh Yeah he’s videos Oh yeah Yeah it’s people really do think I’m a bleep psycho or finally Cuz I push it on Instagram all the time with me being a good dad and whoa dude. I never expect you to be a good.

What What Do They Think I

was doing my kid I think people like to believe the you know there’s your stage persona and you’re like comedy version of you that people that people like and people think if they know that then that then that’s the whole of you and well it’s like look the stage persona. It’s weird because they’re like extensions of ourselves right they stage persona is an exaggerated version of who we are the podcast exaggerated you take certain elements of yourself and you sort of exaggerate them for whatever with my kid my kids just getting me trying to be a good dad. You know so there’s never a time where I’m trying they’re trying to make a bleep off-color joke or a racial comment or anything like that with my kid you know this is not it’s not how I was so I’m pretty. Boring with my kid my nation says I’m kind of a fun dad but yeah I’m definitely not I’m Way more of a bleep when it comes to like him watching dirty things or hearing like foul language or anything like that like he’s there I showed the Jim Gaffigan special and even the Jim Gaffigan special was too far cuz He’s what eight seven or eight C seven Yeah so you have you been watching comedy with him for I just sort of trying to watch comedy with him now because he you know he’s a little bit into it. He knows his dad’s a stand-up comic and he knows that I do adult comedy but I try to show him.

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Jim Gaffigan And Gaffigan Hes So Squeaky

clean. He says things like porno prostitute or it’s like these these aren’t even dirty jokes he’s just like he’s like. I had to go out and buy a prostitute and it’s you’re strong like that’s just not really like I grew up on Eddie Murphy. I grew up on def Jam I grew up on a really like just dark comedy and I I don’t ever really meant remember not understanding the context of a lot of the sexual stuff like I always just sort of got it you know like with my team. I he has no idea what a bleep prostitute is does he ask you um no He didn’t be asked what sex was because Jim Gaffigan said sex and I was like bleep did you say sex was it.

Patti Was A Guy To Pay For

sex pay for sex and then I’ll bleep and I know it so then I I thought quick and I was like Oh Sakshi and she said Saks it’s short. for a saxophone then I should how expensive a saxophone I wasn’t a really ingredient in his head that was paying for a sax and I think I saved the bleep day. We pivoted and now you just think he’s gonna grow up thinking all adult men really love jazz yeah they love they really enjoy just smooth jazz nice clarinet in the night people love just doing horrible things to their saxophone Yeah I know cuz I played it I when I was like in middle school high school, but you oh yeah you have to play the clarinet first to learn it’s like a woodwind. I guess to learn you know the basic keys and then which is the nerdy or more Zuri instrument it’s like you’re only playing like the clarinet to get to the saxophone. But once I started playing the saxophone it was just too.

Heavy Like Id Be Sitting On It

waiting for the bus, and then I eventually just like gave it up, but I was I was pretty good. I liked it but it just like. They did put it like a weird barrier of entry with like musical instruments and with us like I had to play the you got to do a string name instrument before you can go fourth-grader stringed instrument and then you can continue with the stringed instrument where you can move on to like a badass bleep Oh yeah a trumpet drums, a bleep trombone. What was a really big one a tuba Yeah Tuba there was like who the bleep played the tuba. It was only the fattest nerdiest kids They only loved the tuba.

I Dont Know Only The Fattest Kid Can

handle a tuba you’re not gonna have like and the instruments were. divided up based on base by personality and it was like the the bleep Now looking back like the guy who played the French Horn. He he’s the most uptight like French press using like caution us were all like welfare kids. They were all dirty and the flautist were all like a little bleep smarmy white bleep Yes all the blind girls played flute as bleep Oh if you were even if you were even more popular If you were like missing superhot, then you got to play the piccolo which was like it was like this tiny little elf flute thing and I was like why didn’t I think of that they you know they’re not like lugging home of like a friggin 30 pound thing. The only people who stayed with the stringed instruments were the Argos, which was my brother played these ugly nerdy kids here’s.

What Happened Okay Cuz I Was Actually

great I was great at the viola I play the viola. I was so great me and Sudershan Pani, who was an Indian kid who was also great. He was great at the remember his full name. I remember his full name. It was a friend of Mine in elementary school up till middle school.

Maybe From High School Yeah We Were In

plays together in high school so Sudarshan Pani he well he got to be pushed on to the next book book number two before the school year was over in the fourth grade and so did I We were the only two kids in the class and we were doing like little bleep duets. Wow very good at the viola. But I was a little welfare. Kid and I was like I gotta get those drums baby boy who I. left that bleep behind but the kids that stayed with those string instruments were always bleep losers because what happened was it was the first time in their life.

Theyd Ever Felt Any Sort Of You Know

they they were winning at something they felt large. They felt like they’re they’re together they have these other people and they don’t want to lose that like you know like all the other kids that you you know other kids were bleep playing football and being built in tree houses. It’s been awesome the kids who stuck with those stringed instruments. There were all these bleep nerdy staring at their feet autistic that is so funny and so true and it’s I wonder like Cuz my brother played the viola but he played it all through high school and liked it. He played through not through college, but all through high school.

And I Like I Ended Up Giving Up

the sax because I didn’t I was just sports ultimately won out but yeah like He ultimately went on to become an engineer super nerd like alone to himself mostly growing up and I wonder if it’s because like they find success in that first instrument and then like to drop it to either start another instrument or they don’t like for me. I’m like I was like come on I’ll succeed at everything biggy you set up another thing give me another task bleep whoa you think those people like they don’t want to take that other risk it’s like well. I risked it. I started a new instrument. I don’t want to be fine.

We Had A Little Bit.

They got to feel cool for once in their entire lives and they open up that dumb little bleep viola and it sucks but I get it I completely get why they do that for me. I was just I dealt with bleep you know real trauma at that point I needed I needed more tasks I needed to keep myself going. It wasn’t. It wasn’t a slow pace.

I Needed To Constantly Be Smashing

through ghosts. This is why I never did anything for more than a couple months like I was on. I played every sport. I did every extracurricular activity. Other it was fun to just keep on doing different bleep Yeah yeah so the viola was your gateway instrument or your gateway activity You’re just like I need more baby.

I Need Him Yup Yeah, So Louis I

think I was thinking back I was like. I think I met you in the summer of 2014. You were sitting at the creek with Dave Smith and I was like looking back at your bio too because I wanted to be a prepared interviewer was that the same year that you did last Comic Standing I’m trying to think of like where you were career-wise no Sani was probably I had already had a kid last comics Annie so I mean Yeah actually maybe yeah to be honest with you. Maybe 2014-2015 and at that point um so Legion skanks began at compound Media Yes No or no God Damn I’m sorry media. They were the first network that paid us anything.

I Remember That We Were Doing Skanks

for a fairly small audience, but really dedicate. We had a hard core audience who were really into it and when we came over to compound media and. the first show that Anthony Kunio launched under I think only a network under that banner you know he was paying us, you know wasn’t even an.


Lewis J comas is an old friend of Mines, the creator of Gasps digital networks . He says he’s an old man now once you have a kid you.& start getting up bleep Super early go to bed Super early started to get a dab hit right now I apologize but yeah this is not early for me. I signed up for Twitch and I followed you because you’re the only person.& I know on twitch and now I get updates every time you go on and I saw him this morning and I was like who’s playing video games at UK in the morning. Oh yeah Yeah it’s people really do think I’m a bleep psycho or finally Cuz I push it on Instagram all the time with me being a good dad and whoa dude. I never expect you to be a good.& What do they think I was doing my kid, though you know you just give him the bong you know a little bourbon. He’s he’s a good kid…. Click here to read more and watch the full video