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Welcome To Another Episode Of The Chrissy Mayer Podcast

We are on UK UK Spotify and UK be sure to subscribe in my Youtube channel and click the notification icon and if you’re on UK please go subscribe and leave a sexy or creepy review on there I will be reading the best or worst reviews every single week so long as they are 5 stars. I’m so excited to have this guy on the podcast today. He is the Libertarian Party 2020 vice presidential candidate. He is running right now with Joe Jorgensen. He hosts the My Fellow Americans podcasts and also co–hosts the muddied waters of freedom podcasts by Cohen Welcome to the program Hey Chrissy thank you so much for having me I’m looking forward to it.

Oh Yeah I Know Look At You Youre

so official with your your tags right on the side there if you’re on UK you can see them, but if you’re not it’s. He has these really great graphics that’s a problem on Twitter at real Spike Cowan and Facebook literally spiked on yeah Facebook. com slash a literally spike Owen I love that it’s like you had a millennial right your your facebook well that’s so that’s part of my intro my show. I said welcome to my fellow Americans. I am literally spike home that happened The first episode I had was live.

I Had No Business Doing The Show Without

practicing first. I’m on there like hi and I said I’m literally spike Cohen and it’s stuck and I’ve been saying it ever since Oh yeah that’s that’s my catchphrase literally spike going like I am literally shaking right now that’s. All exactly exactly so spike You have recently come under fire people I guess saw some shirtless photos of you, Oh yeah you’ve had on your social media accounts Mm-hmm why the heat for being shirtless thank you so here is where this originally started. I got the nomination and a lot of people in the party didn’t know who I was the delegates knew because they had been closely following it but just you know I guess kind of casual libertarians didn’t know because what I do with Muddy Waters Media is spread the Liberty message well outside of libertarian circles. I don’t want to be a libertarian show.

I Am Now All The Libertarians Watch

me but we want we wanted our shows to be topical and entertaining shows to bring people into libertarianism. There are plenty of podcasts and shows doing a terrific job of you know. Shopper sharpening iron messaging out to existing libertarians. We wanted to bring in people who had never even heard of such a thing. So because of that I wasn’t as well-known as some other you know more prominent libertarian podcasters and so people are now tuning in and finding out what I’m about and one of the one of the things they saw was my profile picture on my personal profile was a me lying down at the beach in the water and I don’t have a shirt on because I’m in the water at the beach was it muddy water or just beach water oh well It’s see anyone yeah I mean I guess if it were at a lake.

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It Would Have Been Muddy Water

but so you know I’m in the water. I’m at the beach and they’re outraged. I can see this man’s Nipples I am. How can we ever vote for someone who once took his shirt off at the beach? How can we vote for somebody who has nipples? How can you vote for a man who has nipples it might be nipple Envy. I don’t want to say it’s nipple in me, but it might have been and so you know and I I was kind of surprised by it and so.

I Went On To A Friends

comedy podcast to friends the Chris and Jessi show with Jessi and Chris that’s what the show is called and so I was on the show and you know we I had the idea you know I would start with a fully buttoned up shirt and it would pan to them and they would ask a question and while that was happening on unbuttoned a shirt so when they came back to me there was. One button down and that kept happening with each question until eventually all the buttons were off and then I just took the shirt off so that’s what people saw and now meanwhile, and so the joke was we stayed perfectly serious the whole time I and then it was some point to put a stuffed Narwhal on my shoulder to no context at all was it almost like with each button like that was a reward like what like you’re just slowly revealing looks like those strips striptease games. You know like if you win that hand of blackjack or whatever she takes her bra oh yeah like sweet boy strip flip Cup in college. This was stripped podcasting Yeah okay so it was and the whole gimmick was like guys Okay Yes I’m a man I have nipples it’s okay like I it’s okay I have my shirt. off and yet the conversation was totally serious.

We Talked That Was Right After

Jerk George Floyd was murdered. So we talked about police brutality and the black lives matter movement and you know qualified immunity and and systemic racism. Like all this really deep subjects, but not wearing a shirt and I had a stuffed sparkly. Narwhal stabbing the narwhal on my shoulder and and so people. A lot of people got very upset who is spike Owen why is he doing this.

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Hes Making A Joke Of Things.

This is why libertarians Don’t win I was wide Libertarians at number one before and so you know all this stuff happened and what’s happened slowly. Over time is that a lot of people they got that I got their attention with it. I got that shot you know that joke that I wanted to give everything moving forward now. Seems a lot in contrast, is much more serious because now instead of them giving me a hard time because I don’t wear a suit and tie every time.

Im On It On A You

know podcast or a show which would be inappropriate. It would look foolish, but instead of that now they’re saying Thank God. He has a shirt on so yeah upset that you didn’t do this podcast is really only done one shirtless show. I’ve been I’ve been doing podcasts including my own for years now. I one time took my shirt off one time there been a handful of times.

I Had It Kind Of Buttoned Down A

little bit and I also I think part of the problem is it is it is chest hair envy. It is chest here in me yeah They can grow a full thing, chest beard yeah so and. So I do think it’s also chest hair phobia, which is kind of chest hair envy those two things kind of go hand in hand. Some people are patchy me. I just waxed my all my chest hair off because mine is just so uneven I just you know I think if I if I tried it if I tried to wax this I think it would cause some kind of like neurological shock just from that I mean cuz all of my it’s all hair and so but anyway so that’s what that was and so a lot of people it’s funny people are still like hey you got your shirt on I’m like I always do just that one time.

I Didnt But Yeah So Thats What

that was all about and it really did kind of reset things because it’s like hey guys it’s okay that I. had a shirt off at the beach. It’s okay that I had a shirt off on a podcast. This is okay every every president in the last 50 years. There’s a picture of him without a shirt on it’s gonna be okay really okay good and you’re just trying to get that out of the way right away right out of the way exactly and you should because being president ages you so it’s like if I’m going to throw shirtless pic of me.

Im Gonna Do It Right At The

beginning because if it’s the middle at the end, like you’re gonna be weather beaten and stressed out and I get it exactly well hopefully he doesn’t come to that I mean Joe Jorgensen is an absolutely incredible candidate she is running. She’s the presidential running mate. She is fantastic and she has she done any shirtless podcast no. Not okay no and she won’t be. She is an eminently serious woman and an incredibly brilliant, a self–made entrepreneur and someone who’s ready to lead from Day one.

She Is Also A Senior Lecturer On Psychology.

She’s able to break down really complex ideas into ways that are relatable to everyday Americans and really break down how the Republicans and Democrats have utterly failed us and how common sense libertarian solutions are the way forward to fix those problems they really have they really have. I was always a you know I think I still UK and this is kind of embarrassing. But I think I still am a registered. Democrat like I have to get on switching that I’ve been meaning to for like a few years now, but you know you kind of just grow up like a normal kid and into college and you’re just like.

System And I You Know Id Heard Of

libertarians, but I just was like Oh, you hear that they’re weird or even worse. You hear that they’re super right wing and you know I didn’t even know any libertarians until I met Larry sharp two years ago. My boyfriend’s brother was working on his campaign for governor of New York and I met the guy and I was like Wow. He makes a more sense he’s friendlier he’s He’s more fun to be around. I can actually talk to this guy and I never expected a politician to be somebody that was so accessible and friendly and like and you know empathetic and really listened.

So I Was Like Oh Wow Like And

as I’ve grown up and my values have changed and like I’ve been working it’s like Oh I’m finding my values are more and more libertarian so. Like what would you say to the person who you know? I guess really does believe in the two-party system but like how would you you know Cuz If you say Oh well everyone gets touchy about their party If you say If you’re if you say the Democrat the Democrats have failed you you get uptight You get like Oh those are my people I have to defend them and same thing with Republicans so like how would you try to or how are you and Joe like how do you try to reach the people that are maybe disenfranchised Maybe in the middle maybe just aren’t sure there’s a better way so what a lot of what we get is what you were just saying well. I’m a Democrat and we’re doing the right thing but more of what you’re getting is yeah I’m not a huge fan. The Democrats, but they’re way better than the Republicans or you live on the Republican side.

Yeah, You Know Guns Dont Really Represent

me, but those Democrats are scary. I don’t want them to win. So I vote Republican and what’s fun to do is You can say what don’t you like about the Democrats, whatever they say you can point out easily.


The Libertarian Party 2020 vice presidential candidate is on the show today . He hosts the My Fellow Americans podcasts and also co–hosts the muddied waters of freedom podcasts by Cohen . Cohen is running for the 2020 presidential nomination with Joe Jorgensen . He has come under fire for posting shirtless photos of himself on social media . Cohen: “I’m literally spike Cohen and it’s stuck and I’ve been saying it ever since. Oh yeah that’s that’s my catchphrase literally spike going like I am literally shaking right now that’s. That’s exactly exactly exactly so spike” The show is now available on UK UK Spotify and UK Spotify, and if you’re on UK please go subscribe and leave a sexy or creepy review on there I will be reading the best or worst reviews every single week so long as they are 5 stars. I will also read the best of the best and worst reviews on there. You can see them on the podcast. I’m looking forward to it….. Click here to read more and watch the full video