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We are on Youtube itunes, Spotify and soundcloud be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel and click the notification icon and if you’re on itunes please go subscribe and leave a sexy or creepy review on there. I will be reading the best or worst reviews every week so long as they are five stars because we gotta recover from the Asians. They torched my reviews after console fighting but I’m so happy to have this girl on the pod today. She is a longtime friend of Mine.

She Is A Compound Media Regular

friend of the show. She’s the co-host of the Heart and Skull podcast, which is all about the Minnesota Vikings and you can hear that on Jim Jack’s Media she also will be hopefully doing a skull to the Bowl comedy tour. This coming fall Hey Marie. better late than ever we had little scheduling, um We had a collaboration during snafu Yeah Amory. I was seeing on your on your social media that you went into New York City just a few days ago to because you’re like I said you’re sure you’re on every show on compound media everyone loves you you I think did morning and in hot water and this was what today this will come out saturday so you went in Tuesday last tuesday I went in for I went in um for like dentist and to check on my apartment because I haven’t been to my I haven’t been in New York since March first Oh wow so you had to water your succulents Yeah.

I Was Like This Is So

weird like this is and I I like you know I haven’t seen not only was it a weird time. In general, because even even if you’re not in New York City, you just haven’t seen friends It is very weird haven’t performed it’s just been like a weird time obviously in the world and then it’s post Coven post protest prose riots and then I go back to New York and so like you know and I’m not gonna lie it was just so weird seeing New York like half dead off dead yeah dead. It’s not the same like I feel like New York gets you going like I love the energy of the city. It just feels weird it feels awkward everywhere. I feel like everyone is.

I Dont Know People People Hate On

the hate on the crowds, but guess what that’s the same thing that people love about New York City. It’s the crowds. It’s the like shoulder to shoulder Frenetic energy of people with. places to go and things to do and dreams are going after Yeah. They’re all living in shitty apartments because they’re here in New York City to get something done and when that’s gone you have just a lot of really talkative homeless is what I’ve heard Yeah like just and now bars I got well when I went back now bars are open but like outdoor seating Yeah.

Theyre Trying To Make Outdoor Seating Happen

you know whatever way for like new orleans It’s just like I’m walking around with like a I don’t know a drink and it’s just weird so yeah I heard that like people are way chattier and by people. I mean the mentally ill they’re you know more so approaching which I’ve you as you know. I’ve always had a soft spot for the mentally ill, but this has been just jacked way up. I’ve you know there’s always homeless kind of around the compound media area kind of in this penn station area that’s about but I’ve heard that there’s way way way more now Yeah yeah crime is that 400 right there on that corner Yeah prime is up 400 in the city and it’s like and there is so much bleep going on the mainstream media is not talking about it um instead they’re just sort of bickering over covid stats and second waves divide I I just I are attacking the other sides of whatever side they’re on, but I also just makes me sad like I try to stay informed but like I can’t even watch the news because I get so depressed. So I’m like I’m good yeah it’s gone it’s gotten to the point where like the average person just like kind of has no faith in.

The Media Anymore And Its Like

it’s so divisive like what it’s it’s it’s almost like they force you to choose a side. You know with something so simple like wearing a mask has to be a statement. It’s like come to this point and it’s that’s. I mean that’s that’s a whole other thing. You know.

I Always Like To Focus On

the positive. The only thing. I gotta say is everyone. I I’ve seen a lot more manners, though like people are more self–aware in New York, which that’s never a thing. You don’t know this like I’m never the person that move.

I Always Have To Move Like Right.

I’m not that confident of a person that just keeps walking you know what it is it’s the bleep tourists that are not self–aware and like Scottish. They keep the city moving everyone loves tourism but like it’s. Coming in from Raleigh, North Carolina that stand in the middle of an intersection and and they’re walking like five across with like everybody in their family doing a bleep red rover and it’s like yeah. It’s a lot of these out-of-towners that are weirding up the place and they’re like basically speed bumps in the sidewalk Because like the sidewalks are our streets and yeah people don’t really they don’t know how much space they take up.

They Dont Know How Slow Theyre

going you’re always in somebody’s way in New York City, but yeah even more so if you are visiting from out of town. The subways are the cleanest i’ve ever seen them really okay okay and the ubers and I was like wow I like every you know I just think it’s like it took a pandemic for people to wash their hands and be more. Don’t know not me I can’t wait to going back and eating stuff off the floor. Did you feel amory at any point when you were in the city. like you were gonna get mugged or jumped or no.

I Just Felt Like I I Was

just like because New York is so dirty. I was like oh my god. I like kept my mask on tight okay so nobody was like sizing you up like well. I gotta say a lot of people. Don’t size me up in general, but I think that comes with territory in my height like I’ve never been like no one ever like threatens well you and I did that show in ac and that guy threw a sandwich at me yeah it came down to being an eagles fan and sports fan but yeah besides eagle fans like no one really messes.

With Me, I Have Never Seen

that in all of my 10 years of comedy, I haven’t I’ve seen heckles. I’ve seen people jumping onto the stage. I’ve seen people throw drinks. I have never in my life seen somebody chuck a sandwich at a comedian on stage, and we were like what is that and then we were like damn. I think that’s a bleep blt.

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You Know Youre Like Thats We Were At

the ac beer fest like one of my all-time favorite gigs in this huge indoor I don’t know convention Center Convention Center yeah and we were doing like 10 000 people there we were doing jokes at the porta potties. It was called dirty jokes and they were like what 20 porta-potties around us. We had to stand in the middle and just sniff that in for like hours a day like what was it. In a row, We did that Yeah that was like a lot of comedy, but it was so it was the most it was like boot camp comedy it’s like all right It’s your turn get up you’re doing an hour like just a quick hour. It’s a quick thing, but chrissy I’ll actually I don’t know if you remember like I think I because I was hitting on some people um one of these kids he was really young are you talking about ac jokes Yeah see nothing nice the beer fest.

Yeah One Of The Young Kids At Ac

beer fest Dm to me the other days like I know you told me I was too young for you at ac beer fest, but I thought I would just hit you up and I was like Oh God what this is Crystalia level of keeping track of an. age and then following up to have somebody follow up like that a year later to the date Well. I was telling him he was too young because I think he’s like 20 or 21 or something okay. Nobody all right Yeah. He’s too young for you, but he’s old enough for the law.

Its True True True True Um.

It is hard. It’s it’s tough it’s tough for amory because she is a she’s a tall. She is a woman of height um and you call me a tall you’re a tall you’re a tall it’s a different you’re a different species. You’re like you’re an exotic Oh all I want is to be I would love a couple more inches like i.

M 53.

I can’t even reach the top shelf of my own apartment um well they’re always you’re always in heels. I’m always in heels, but since the choir I sort of stopped because I was like I’m not getting on stage Why am I walking around the house. I gotta wear heels to go pick up the mail like maybe maybe I should do that maybe that would get me laid a little more often but um start worried Yeah Yeah just like I’m just making the bed nude in here like your leggings just but amy my feet have changed 180 like they now feel like feet, whereas before they felt like Raccoon Paws Yeah so that’s good like all natural like not getting mani Pedis like no paint. I just got one.

I Just Got My Mani Pedi And I

swear to God. I came instantly like I could not have been happier like I had to make an appointment. I had to get there early there was. Only three ladies at my place and everybody in there you could see was so grateful to be getting their their feet fixed and yeah. It was really thrilling.

Im Doing My First Soul

cycle class this week they open soul cycle. It’s outdoors and you know how I feel about soul cycle and not I i’ve never been filled with so much joy because it was taken away from me just like stand up sports and sex. All my favorite things were taken away from me so um it’s terrible and soul cycle is spinning. It’s like a cultic a cultish type spinning class where oh yeah very cool.

You Know You Have To Have Theres Vibes

involved. There’s gays they have their own clothes. it’s a whole thing dancing on a bike yeah but it’s intense. It’s an intense workout You sweat your ass off there’s.

Little Teeny Tiny Weights At The

back of your seat. You just lean back and all of a sudden. You have two pound weights in each of your hands.

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Chrissy Mayer says she hasn’t been in New York City since March first . She says it was just so weird seeing New York like half dead off dead yeah dead. She says she feels like New York gets you going like I love the ene . Marie is a longtime friend of the show and co-host of the Heart and Skull podcast, which is all about the Minnesota Vikings and you can hear that on Jim Jack’s Media she also will be hopefully doing a skull to the Bowl comedy tour this coming fall . Amory says she’s glad to have a friend on the show, but it was a collaboration during a snafu and she’s back in the studio this fall. Amory is back to the show. She’s back and forth to the podcast. We’ll be back in touch with Chrissy for the next week. We need to talk about the next episode of this week’s episode. We’re back in contact with each other again. Please share your feedback with us….. Click here to read more and watch the full video