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Were Gonna Get Through To You

guys um it’s all good love you so much. I’m so excited to have this gal on the podcast today She’s an investigative journalist a. public health expert, a functional medicine consultant, We’re going to learn all about what that is She is best known as a filmmaker. She’s the director of Vanishing Bees, which is a documentary about the declining Bee population, which is narrated by Ellen Page please help me welcome Miriam Hennane that’s great Chrissy happy to be here hi great so miriam you’re coming to us live from Costa Rica right now yes it’s not live well. This is for him, but it sounds weird.

Yes Say That Youre In Coaster.

Why are you in Costa Rica because I felt something was gonna go down and I’ve been getting the call to leave America. Although I’m very much thinking of going back. So I can be on the ground reporting and serving in whatever way to restore our constitutional rights but I was covering Samoa and I witnessed 200 000 people. getting mass vaccinated in a month and then I was speaking to a ebola whistleblower Jane Bergmeister and so many of us, including Dr Sherry Tenpenny were sensing something was coming, but we thought it was ebola.

We Didnt Think It Was Going To

be the corona virus. So Zack Voorhees and I did a man on the street is that your boo no that’s yes that is your boot Oh yes yes okay and he was the facebook whistleblower yes no no no that’s zach Mcelroy Never mind. I’m good google whistleblower. I’m confusing my zacks yeah you have a whistleblower boyfriend that’s the rage. These days you gotta get a whistleblower.

You Gotta Get Your Whistle Blind.

I am a whistleblower as well cause you blew Oh, whoever blows the whistleblower, Oh my God that sounds like a porn category. I’m here for it and here I thought. This was gonna be the serious episode What would be better than blowing a whistle blower? Probably nothing I mean God my God you’re so brave let me see that dick so no I meant. I blew the whistle on bear and I’ve been blowing the whistle on poisons all over in our water in our earth in our food supply and now we’re receiving you know genetically modified disinformation poison so when did and we weren’t planning to talk about agriculture, but this is a real thing when we’re born when did you think that America’s food started being like really bleep with because we’ve known about gmos for a few years now like everybody’s seen the fruit that seems too big to be natural.

We Joke About It And Then Youll

hear well gmos are natural. This is how you get bananas with no seeds in. them and this is how you This is nor we’ve been told that it’s normal but um it’s not normal. I mean hybridization has been going on for a long time where they it’s not quite genetically modified genetic modification, but when you find out that Billy Boy gates is also very much involved in gmo foods and poisoning our food supply. I I learned about gmos in 2007 when or to end of 20 2006 when I started doing research for vanishing of the bees and that wasn’t the direct kind of core of what colony collapses but certainly let’s say.

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For Instance, When Theres Nothing Around And

the bees are in a monoculture, and the corn is tasseling, which is genetically modified. Then they go and they pollinate the corn and we are eating genetically modified foods what does that do on our body and now we’re contemplating. An RNa DNa never been used vaccine that’s gonna maybe genetically modify our human body no thanks like what and I’ve been reading about this that so bill gates he he sort of got on board with what what’s this company called Monsanto like years ago, which is a big vaccine company. Monsanto is a food supply and they Monsanto’s the food agent orange that are now part of Bayer crop science which is at the heart of systemic pesticides. In the heart of my movie Wow Monsanto and Bayer bought Monsanto for 66 billion dollars and arguably just recently No this is like passes so fast maybe four years ago, now okay okay so bear bought Monsanto yeah, oh my freaking satan right right so how does this tie in with your movie or what you know about um I guess our food supply well certainly Gmo foods came.

Across The Radar In Our Research, But We

focused on systemic pesticides so systemic pesticides, meaning that the plant the seed is is enrobed in the pesticides and they’re nicotine based their neurotoxins and then they become part of the plant and then the bees take them back in the form of nectar and pollen, and then it impacts the further generations. So it’s just big big pharma and if you look back at the history of bayer at the history of Mon Satan and arguably Monsanto had a bad name and rolled into Bayer So I say about I don’t know now Maybe three years ago is the 10-year anniversary of making the film and it was coincided with or. The 10-year anniversary of discovering that these systemic pesticides were at the heart of colony collapse disorder and it coincided with Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring 50 50th anniversary where she was blowing the whistle on DDt and systemic pesticides are five to ten thousand times worse than DDt, and they’re arguably not only killing honeybees, but native bees, birds, bats and butterflies, other other pollinators, and they continue to be used in America, And then you find out that there’s a deliberate dumbing down of Americans of of people. I mean we’re we can look around and like literally studies that show that that humans are robbed of Iq points because of all these toxins because we are so generationally becoming like we’re kind of less bright or we’re not reaching our potential because our foods are not as nutritious as they were when our parents or our grandparents were growing up. Eating in this country Yeah the zombies are here The future is now and more so now that we’re seeing a big lack of critical thinking skills.

It Definitely Seems That Way From Looking At

my social media feed and I’m like wow anybody who even a little bit thinks outside the box. Anybody who challenges authority even a little bit is called a conspiracy theorist and you’re crazy and you’re disregarded but I’ve been comforted by the fact that I’ve been seeing more and more people. The silent majority as we say coming around and and a lot of things that a few months ago were not kind of in the our conversation are are kind of seen as normal like people are talking about the sex trafficking Pedo-ring. People are talking about that people are wary of vaccines in a way that I didn’t think that they. would be which is very exciting Yeah, maybe because Orange man is talking about operation warp speed that in a way just like with HCq.

If He Pumps Something, Then They

just people automatically. The real virus is one of hate is one of fear because to try to let’s say on a facebook with my supposed FB friends that have known me for a while and then make a post on the masks and why they’re useless and why they’re muzzles and I’m trying to liberate people from fear and then they’re calling me a racist or they’re telling me. I’m a religious seller which is crazy because you don’t look like a white you know what I mean like I don’t know what you’re like but you definitely come off like you could even pass for antifa if you really wanted to if you just shaved the rest. of your head girl you’d be in you’d be like an embedded journalist, So you do not like I come off like a typical like. I have I could be a karen, whereas I don’t think you could be a karen that’s what I’m saying or religious or they just sell it or they’re talking about me in the third person.

On My Own Post, Weve Lost Another

one to the dark bleep relax bleep like we’re just studying but the thing is they’re engaging in ad hominem attacks. No like like I thought for a minute a hot minute that the masks were working but I’m I’m in service to the truth no matter where that leads me so even like for instance this whole HCq presser debacle I I tried to reach out to stella. I believe Emmanuel who was the black woman who was like a firecracker. I’m like I’d love to like interview this woman so I reached first of all. I saw her twitter feed like her followers as like Meanwhile, I’m so Shadow band, but hers like just doubled.

I Mean It Went It Skyrocketed So

I and what was she best known for what did she blow up over well. She spoke at the presser yesterday that was heavily censored speaking about HCq and how people don’t necessarily have to die wow okay so hydroxychloroquine yeah and this will come out tomorrow so this will still be okay yeah So she was the most vocal of of the several that spoke and so I reached I reached out to her the the number to her clinic. There was no voicemail it just went dead her. I called she she heads a ministry that went dead the blog. I couldn’t it was not found.

So I Reached Out Also On

Facebook and in here on both the the clinic and the ministry Nothing So a daily beast story came out um smearing her, but that doesn’t mean anything to me. They’re called the Daily Beasts. The daily basis they’re kind of garbage people yeah, but but so I’m going to look up another one of the doctors. So I was wondering regardless it served its purpose.

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We Were Wondering Whether President Trump Was Going

to retweet it and he retweeted it and then today in the presser. They brought up the fact that she’s saying that you can um you can have you can get demons by having sex with someone which I actually you know they talk about sexually transmitted diseases, but there’s also sexually transmitted demons. Yeah. There’s a transference of energy for sure like talk about like yeah vibes they say.

You Are The Culmination Of The Five

people you hang out with tell me how that doesn’t translate sexually. You know if you’re if you’re if you’re sexually engaging engaging with like even toxic people. You know we’ve all been in those relationships that are like UgH.


Miriam Hennane is an investigative journalist a.& public health expert, a functional medicine consultant . She’s the director of Vanishing Bees, which is a documentary about the declining Bee population . Miriam is coming to us live from Costa Rica right now . She is best known as a filmmaker and best known for her work on the Bee population decline . She will be on the ground reporting and serving in whatever way to restore our constitutional rights but I witnessed 200 000 people. getting mass vaccinated in a month and then I was speaking to a ebola whistleblower Jane Bergmeister and so many of us, including Dr Sherry Tenpenny were sensing something was coming, but we thought it was ebola.& We didn’t think it was going to be the corona virus. So Zack Voorhees and I did a man on the street is that your boo no that’s yes that is your boot. Oh yes yes okay and he said your boot OhYes yes okay…. Click here to read more and watch the full video