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Mayer podcast We are on itunes Youtube, Spotify and Soundcloud and if you’re listening right now on itunes please go and leave a five-star review. I read the best reviews every week so long as they’re five stars. It could be creepy it could be flirty. It could be a recipe honestly and I’ll read it. For example, like this review from GJ972.

Sounds Like A Robot Chrissy Is Hilarious And

smart. I have a feeling this show is going to get a lot more popular. Oh thanks thanks GJ bleep bloop wow that’s great thanks for all the nice reviews. Guys also very excited to talk about it’s not really new but they are my sponsor Silk City Hot sauce go to Silk City hot sauce dot com right now use the code Cmp you’re gonna get 15 off your whole order. These guys are gonna throw in a free bottle of cherry sriracha.

What I Really Like About This Hot

sauce company is that they put on the side how hot it is so you know what you’re getting into you know it’s anywhere from mild to WTF to call an ambulance. This is something I’m going to try tonight. It’s a bubonic tonic. It looks like something that would have alcohol in it, but it doesn’t it’s maple syrup hot peppers, ginger garlic cider. This looks like something that’ll take the paint off your car or the poop out of your insides.

I Dont Know Im Excited.

I love these guys so go to Silk City hot sauce dot com use the promo code CmP get 15 off get your free choice sriracha and your free stickers without further Ado I’m so excited to have this guy on the pod. Today he is a comedian author, podcast host Some would say I read it on one bio a political activist. His 11th album is out now called the dying of a last breed. His book No Encore for the Donkey is available now on Audible and his podcast.

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The Doug Stanhope Podcast Can Be

heard on all things comedy doug How are you I’m fantastic. I got up at 7am and took an edible but just enough to put a smile on my face are you taking do you take edibles daily No but I’ve been taking them more and more. It’s a new thing since especially since coving is it helping you. I guess it’s helping your stress or helping you know deal with the uncertainty in the world. It makes me feel like I could write again.

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Oh, But When I Just When Im Just

boozing I get. All bleep I’m never gonna be funny again and then yeah edibles go, Oh Bleep This is a funny idea. Yeah I’ve definitely been feeling that way the last few months like I, I’ve started questioning like am I a stand-up comedian am I just a podcast person like do I need to show my stomach and get on tick-tock more so I just feel like the last few months is like it’s been real weird and you’ve decided to go with a a covet haircut, which I’m liking very much. Yeah I started just shaving one patch a day for the first month until it was and then this was still left and I think I keep that you look like the the cover of like the the fear and loathing in Las vegas like that’s the vibe the whole room you’re in right now but I can change. A pair of sunglasses Oh my God you talking to me taxi driver right there yeah wow let’s see there we go we’re making we’re making online content, do you want to know how I how I found you how I got on Twitter one morning, which is the worst thing to do save that for later when you’re drinking and someone was just talking bleep.

I Forget What Just Evil Nasty Bleep

and so I you know I went into rage mode and bleep you and I’ll kill your family and so I looked him up and he like just joined Twitter this summer and all he had no tweets. It’s like a retweet account, but he had replies like every one of his replies was talking bleep, just being a miserable bleep to what was he talking bleep about just to comics or a bleep late night. talk show hosts Yeah! Just one of those empty you know impotent rage people Yes No so I looked at who he follows and it’s mostly like right-wing people and but he followed you and I go bleep it you know what I bet. I I get on her podcast and that would just make him even more incensed that I’m your guest Oh wow so this was a big an elaborate plot to get back at this guy Yeah you’re like a hate bleep Oh nice okay just to get back at a girlfriend. Do you remember his name or his handle or no and I I I I thought of that I I remembered it this morning and right before we started I go bleep.

I Forgot It And Im Like

I don’t want to give him any credit Yeah no he doesn’t because if if 50 people. Follow you fit the bill They’ll all feel like I’m talking about them so it’s better that way Yeah Yeah it’s better to I’m all for not making feel special people feel special who who don’t deserve it. I’ve seen a lot of that though I don’t know if you have people who have just joined twitter since this all started just to vent and I get it yeah and there’s also people who you know try to make their whole career their whole brand just on taking down comics bleep on comics critiquing everything they do you know writing like a hit piece about a comic they don’t like instead of just I think I think it’s better to just focus on what you do like and support and you know bring up the people who who you love you know yeah I I I I have a really. hard time not engaging and you go that’s the only way these people get noticed is if you engage and sometimes you’re like Oh bleep. I have a really good comeback, but I’m not using it.

Its So Easy Like I Still

definitely fight with people on twitter or respond like because I like to banter and I like sometimes like my responses will be funnier than my original tweet and then you know most people most of my followers. I feel like are kind of kind and good,-hearted and genuine fans and then some people like bleep on me Because I feel like that’s a very male way of bonding. You know like oh you suck. You look like a horse or like whatever the usual comments are for me and then I have to remember like Oh and they check this person is following me okay. They’re a.

They Probably Like Me Im Gonna.

I’m gonna hold back on you know ripping them a new one or whatever but it’s hard sometimes before the before we went live here. You asked your your your person there to send you. The five star review that you’re gonna read yes now do you do that because you don’t want to read them. Oh no I did I did actually I just read one at the very beginning um you know I think it’s something that it’s a trick that I use to get people to leave me.

A Five Star Review And Some

of them are fun like this One says Cm is cool you are funny and stuff and it’s just by this guy named Giraffe killa. You know they’re not all gonna be long paragraphs you know. I’m hoping that one of these reviews is going to be. Like my dad, saying like five stars please call me well yeah! I immediately thought I should steal that and read some five star reviews, but I’d definitely have my producer go through them because I did made the mistake of once. Since the special came out looking at reviews and of course, you only look at the one one star and it destroyed me so now really Oh yeah you can’t focus on like the one hater because you’re you’re a legend man like everybody loves you.

I Its Like You Know When

I watch your act. I’m like oh. This is what so many of my like peers and not peers are trying to be and then you know people watch you and it’s like Oh that’s that’s the real deal, So you know I you know I feel like because I watched your interview with Rogan and it seems you have like a hard time. Acknowledging that you have a ton of fans and people really love you and you know it seems like you’re like Oh, I don’t know I guess maybe it’s a small group, but it’s like a lot of people yeah they’re they’re tenacious. I appreciate what I have yeah the one person, especially if someone says something that you’re thinking about yourself where it’s just seconding the voice in your head.

Youre Like Oh Bleep You Know How To

get to me yeah that’s always that’s something I have to keep in mind. Too like it’s only really bothering me because there’s a little part of me that thinks that they’re right and which sucks then you have to like kind of talk yourself down that because then everybody right when you respond to somebody everybody can see their comment, Whereas like when they’re just tweeting at you not everybody sees it it’s just and the process of responding and continuing a banter is what like elevates their voice so you know hindsight man um I I had one the other night where I’ve had a few that were so innocuous like I I was one of I was starting my six months. All right. This is the start of six months. Now hope everyone’s doing great oh yeah circumstances and someone wrote back what bleep you you bleep hack why don’t you stop bleep tweeting all together like jesus I literally said.

I Hope You Have A Good Day

and someone was bleep on it Yeah that’s because that person is shitty on the inside and anybody who’s like that who’s meeting you know if you tweet pure joy peace love niceness and they come back to you with hate and shittiness that’s because that’s what they feel inside and they want the they want everybody else to feel what they’re feeling which is chaos and and that that I understand that’s not something that hits you in the gut. It’s when someone says yeah. This but that was the one star review something about lazy writing in my bleep like what I thought that was pretty good yeah and it’s probably that’s probably not that review is probably not from another stand-up comic probably from some dude who always wanted to be a comic never had the balls to start or. Know you can’t take that bleep personally, especially when the person doesn’t know you which is most people um I’m interested to hear from you Doug do you think the Manchester would be able to fly today?


Doug Stanhope is a comedian author, podcast host and podcast host . Chrissy Mayer talks about a new sponsor, Silk City Hot sauce . The show is on itunes Youtube, Spotify and Soundcloud . Use the promo code CmP get 15 off get your free choice sriracha and your free stickers without further Ado I’m so excited to have this guy on the pod. I got up at 7am and took an edible but just enough to put a smile on my face are you taking d d ditching ditching the diet? We’ll talk about everything from a bubonic tonic tonic to a hot sauce that will take the paint off your car or the poop out of your insides. I love these guys so go to Silk City hot sauce dot com right now use the code Cmp you’re gonna get your whole order. I’m excited. I don’t know what you’re excited to talk about the podcast. It’s not really new but they are…. Click here to read more and watch the full video

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