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of the Chrissy Mayer podcast We are on itunes Youtube, Spotify and Soundcloud and if you’re listening to us right now on itunes please go and leave a five star review. They can really say anything these reviews. I’ll give you guys an example of some of the dope reviews that I’ve been getting over the years and by years. I mean months um keep that poop chute tight wow that’s the that’s the title of this review. Your pie guess is dope Chrissy would love to hear more swaps with Sam Tripoli, Isaac, Wisept and Jay Dyer.

I Cant Listen To The Porno

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Im Just Hoping My Boyfriend Hears

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Done Swap Casts Together Um Hes Amazing Hes.

He’s probably one of the smartest guys that I know currently Who are you talking about who’s that Jay tyre, How are you imagine? I was good thank you for having me. I was yeah really surprised. We had some amazing reactions to the free Brittany and then the other one. We had like eighty-thousand, hundred and ten thousand a lot of views on those yeah it was really I didn’t think that many people cared about Britney spears.

I Was So Delighted To See That Yeah

you think the pop star stuff like we were doing that kind of stuff me and my circles many years ago and then you kind of think oh people aren’t really interested in that realm of the conspiracy world anymore and then but no it’s actually still pretty hot stuff hot topics it’s still. a thing and do you think that and we went in a little bit to you know talking about Mk Ultra which if people don’t know it’s we know it’s something that was happening kind of with the Mickey mouse club and a lot of people were saying well look at Britney she’s short circuiting over there it’s because of she was basically brainwashed and they bleep with her mind and it’s like they’re controlling every aspect of our life with this conservatorship do you have reason to believe that so whoever the new crop of of starlets is today Do you have reason to believe that you know this same type of you know. Mk Ultra is going on today. Yeah I don’t think that they would deviate their operational plans because they seem to be pretty effective so no need to make any changes when what you’re. doing works really well and when we look at the latest crop of a lot of these rappers, we look at poppy if we look at Billy Eilish, We look at you know who’s the latest in incarnation of all this stuff.

You Really See All Of The Same

stuff over and over and over and they even kind of wheel out. You know in in a like corpses being wheeled out like Madonna They just re try to you know prop up even the older versions of this stuff um she I think is really key for this stuff. I don’t know if you’ve seen the jacket that she wears where she like in the 80s that she would wear like an all-seeing eye jacket. Oh and then the story is that she was actually traumatized at a very young age and and put into this kind of like. Kitten type of stuff right I’ve never been able to.

Ive Never Been Able To Verify That

but I’ve read that in different accounts of the history of Madonna, but point being is that I think that you don’t ever see a deviation from this from this pattern just because it works so well. But I don’t have any evidence that Billy Eilish was taken to a facility and had her mind reprogramming. I mean other than like looking at her you know it’s like this is a girl who’s like not happy dead behind the eyes it’s it’s it’s like you got me convinced just by looking at her like she looks like her as something has happened to her soul and somebody sent me um the story about Poppy and you look at that and you’re like all right well maybe you know this was a girl who. was just taken advantage of by the one guy like the one handler and it had all the hallmarks of an abusive you know relationship and you know I could see because I’ve been in one of those and I’m like Oh this guy he used like the humiliation tactics just controlled like every aspect of her life about that by the way Oh you know it’s all good now come on we moved past have we yeah yeah we’re good now Oh right now I understand the joke you were saying that it was you well. I’ll just cut that part out you were a comedian.

Oh So Does That Have To Go

out like now So I don’t know you’re like this you know blue comedian and I can’t make those kind of jokes you certainly can do I see him blue. I don’t know that’s I did an interview the other day with um Holly Randall. It won’t come out until November, but she asked me if I was a blue comic or a sex comic which I’ve never really gotten that question before I was like I’ve never even heard the term sex comic, but I was like if there are groups. I guess I’m more so in that group like I’m definitely not in the woke group. I’m definitely not like just you talk about the late night topics.

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Doesnt Have To Just Be Sex Like

like you could make Poo Poo jokes and those aren’t sex. I don’t really make Poo poo jokes. I I I do talk about sex but never in a way that’s graphic what about death death could be dark and blue yes. In fact, I’m working on a bunch of stuff right now. That have to do with my my mom died two years ago, like awful brain cancer would not recommend it and she said some funny stuff like.

In The Last Few Months Like She, My

dad would always give her bleep for being a little bit overweight, and she was like Frank. I’m thin now but I have cancer and I was like at the time. I was pretty bleep bad but now looking back. I was like man like mom was bleep roasting him up until the end and I don’t know but I also have a lot of anger because I really feel like my dad handled her death poorly in the last couple months like he was really controlling about it and he should have hired a full-time nurse and I’m. She died two years ago and I’m still so mad at him about that.

He He Was Like Oh We

don’t want strangers in the house and it’s like dude. You don’t want strangers in the house that’s why you’re not hiring another nurse and it was so hard and they had moved to Florida and it was really hard for me to watch him like you know carry her to the bathroom and she was in like a wheelchair and like there were times Oh my god. I’ll never forget there was a time like I was like dad like mom like needs a shower. He’s like well. Then go do it and then I just remember like my mom sort of like she could still stand at the time.

But Like I Was Wearing A

bathing suit and it’s crazy it’s like it’s just it’s a big life lesson. You know I mean like I was like wow I’m actually like giving. my mom a shower and it’s like not that I care about you know. I would rather see my mom naked than my dad for sure um like I tuned out after Poo Poo jokes did you say something could you repeat that did I cut out seriously Oh you’re just bleep around the point was is that like I couldn’t believe I was breaking your balls. I couldn’t believe that I was like giving my mom a shower like at the worst part of her life and I was like I can’t I don’t bleep have more help it was a joke.

I Was Making A Joke Like Well Like

could you re-tell the whole story again because it’s a traumatic story. It was never. I’m busting your balls you’re busting my balls but for sure to get to your point yes they’re um I would like to be. to talk about her death on stage and there’s definitely fun there’s definitely funny jokes. There’s a blue element to you then I think so yeah I’m not.

Im Not Like The Typical Like

bleep on Trump. I feel like a lot of what like the mainstream comedy and even that you will see on late night It’s so by the time it gets to late night it’s so combed over it’s so edited and it’s so chewed up like it has to pass through so many hands like by the time it’s actually on Tv it’s like it’s a there’s filters and it’s like so many. It’s like degraded away from what is like genuinely so raw about what whoever comic is up there so that’s why it’s like being on late night Tv used to be like the biggest goal for me and it just now I realized. Like what it actually takes to get that is you have to really like sacrifice your voice and like make?


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