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Hello And Welcome To Another Episode Of

the Chrissy Mayer podcast We are on itunes Youtube, Spotify and Soundcloud if you’re listening to us on itunes. Right now Please go and leave a five-star review. For example, here’s a review from Wang Chung Double D. This review reads Ps please send nudes yep that’s the whole review and guess what I read it because it’s five stars so thank you guys so much for the for the reviews. You know people always ask me started only fans started but i feel like if I did you guys would be like it wouldn’t be good enough.

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Hes A Lawyer.

He’s an author I mean what can he do. I don’t know he’s he’s pretty impressive apparently I can’t apparently I can’t groom my genitals effectively without. The the Manscape emergency kit which I would keep in my car It’s nice to know that you know I’m all big one for burning down the rain forest. You are yeah All I can think of is you know stanley cutting his way through the african jungle.

You Know And And He Comes

here Dr livingston. I presume nope I’m I’m a dick. I just I’m just in here buried under hair. You can manscape your way out then no more embarrassing encounters like this everybody welcome to the stage thank you thank you here all night it’s so great to have you. It looks like you’re in a gilded like hotel bathroom almost I I wish it’s even better.

This Is My Wifes Little Den

of iniquity here see I I literally have to go outside to do podcasts you’re outside right now in a multi-million dollar house. Has one room and a dirt floor so that’s kind of how my lifestyle is there’s literally no room here. My neighbors are actually in my house so wow it’s so I’m I’m like out here and I’ve got these wonderful neighbors who are very deeply religious. So this bleep where do you live Los Angeles the South Bay Okay la oh my god so how is la doing right now other than Oh I’m nearly in flames. You know it’s full of hobos and losers You walk down the sidewalk.

Its Like Youre Stepping Through A Minefield Of

human waste and hypodermic needle Punji sticks. It’s kind of pollen wow so it’s similar to New York in that way yeah it’s New York without well. New York is disneyland for adults. I could take it for about three days and then then it’s like I got to get out. of there and even Vegas isn’t vegas anymore that’s that’s sad too everybody wears cargo shorts.

You You Think Its The Rat Pack But

it’s not the rat pack. It’s just the rat. It’s just the right. I know even even the pizza rat has moved back home. You know everything that was cool and great about New York.

Even The Freaking Pizza Dragon Rat

has has gotten out of town all that’s left are. I guess a few comedians. I think Crackheads and Michael Malus. I think and myself are the few people left in New York. He’s the best who comes out here He comes out here we go to Zanku Chicken.

Im The Only I Think Im

the i’m like the most normal suburban guy He knows he likes me. I provide diversity. I’m not interesting in any particular way. It’s like Kurt what do you do. On Sunday, Do you get up and sleep off a hangover? No I go to church.

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He Also Wants To I I Saw

your CBD product. He also wants to introduce me a marijuana of which I am unfamiliar with yes yeah. I would start it. I would like if if you’re um you know are you an anxious guy do you have body pains No. I I have problems with pot because I think the last thing America needs is a drug that makes you slower and less actually yeah less productive.

I I I Its Not Really Mine.

I mean coke would be good. I think I still have the kind of that because I grew up in the 80s. I still have that kind of Miami vice image of you know was it hart. Bochner and die hard trying to talk Hans Gruber and not capping him.

Thats Thats Kind Of My Thing

and I like I’m intrigued by it. I’m not going to say I’m not good for you. Wasn’t there a scene where he is plowing some secretary on a table and he gets I don’t. I don’t remember maybe maybe it’s a different die hard yeah yeah I would like to get plowed on a desk. Oh well well yeah We are good we all would I mean who wouldn’t um so Kurt tell tell us a little bit about yourself how how you came to be where you are today with the beliefs you have a lot of a lot of people will ask the question of when when did you become red pilled um but just sort of red pilled Oh wow I was watching huntley and brinkley on NBc news because that’s the kind of guy I was by the way.

One Of My Greatest Moments Of

my life was when I got to be on the Mclaughlin group God that’s sad some guys go you know I aspire to do cheerleaders two at a time like Bob Crane on New Year’s and instead I’m like I got to sit next to Pap Buchanan in Eleanor clift but anyway it was 72 watching. It’s about the Vietnam war and for some reason. They had decided that they were going to put big red crosses on military Evac helicopters and I’m about five years old, and I said you know that’s really stupid because the Goddamn Communists are going to shoot them anyway and that I think that was why I got woke Chrissy. I think that was when I got woke so I mean we all have special moments that’s mine wow that’s very early on that’s like it was it was before any pills I had actually had my red pill wow yeah and I’ve never not been conservative. I grew up in the suburbs of San Francisco, about 30, about 20 miles south right between Silicon Valley and San Francisco.

I Hate San Francisco With A Burning

passion um who God who was the guy. I think it was Bobby slate. Who said it best it’s the city whose sidewalks make their own gravy. It’s just a gross place. I I despise it.

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Its Full Of People Who Think

they’re interesting because they have tattoos and piercings and they’re not interesting and it’s the least attractive women in America. I mean yes they are they are gross new York very attractive Los Angeles. Of course they’re very attractive Orange county. It’s ridiculous, but yeah all of Texas is great Yeah I’ve also heard i’ve heard very pretty Ladies are in Kansas or Kansas.


This episode is brought to you by . They are the best in below the waist trimming with precision use a promo code Cmp.& Right now Please go and leave a five-star review. I hope I don’t get dinged for nudity come on it’s a torso if your dude give this a try go to Use the promo code to get 20 o’ for 20 o’s . The episode is on itunes Youtube, Spotify and Soundcloud if you’re listening to us on itones. It’s this whole performance package. Look at this right now 96 of partners think Bad Grooming is a major turn off Abs. We all know what it’s like to have nicking your nuts and then you’re trying to have sex afterwards and it doesn’t. It doesn’t feel great and I think it’s time to step up to step- up your tools. The episode ends…. Click here to read more and watch the full video