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Mayer podcast We are on itunes Youtube, spotify and Soundcloud and if you’re listening to us right now on itunes please go and leave a five-star review. For example, here is a great review from Trivia Whiz 3000 and the subject of the review is long island spell phonetically like us long islanders spell it great podcast super interesting interviewer with a great sense of humor warning She isn’t state approved thank you Trivia Wiz um I’m very excited to mention to you guys some dates that I have coming up right now let me pull up my website here. This is very exciting. So February 6th I’m going to be performing in Costco, Connecticut. February 19th.

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The Only Thing I Love More Than

shoes is New York and I have on the show today a few candidates that are running for mayor of New York. I’m going to bring them on right now We have Bill Pepitone and Eddie Cullen and I know Stacey Pressman will be joining. us shortly Oh good we’re just gonna go like three of us like this . I’m so excited to have you both on welcome Bill Welcome Eddie. This is very exciting and again.

This Is Like You Know Just Like An

informal chat really and I think maybe you guys could both you know talk a little bit about yourselves why you are running for mayor and just anything that you think the the good people should know about you. We’ll start with bill sure my name is Bill Pepiton. I am a candidate for New York City Mayor. I was born and raised in Brooklyn. Currently live on Staten Island as a New York City police officer for 20 years, a police officer, an academy instructor and training coordinator.

I Have Over 30 Years Experience In Law

enforcement, public safety, private security and operational management and the reason I’m running for mayor is because last June as I was sitting home on my couch, watching the riots and watching our city be destroyed and this mayor sit back and do absolutely nothing and allow our police officers to just stand there as targets. I decided I could do one of two things. I could go on social media and curse the mayor and and vent my frustrations that way or I could step up and do something about it and I believe with my skill set. I am uniquely qualified to step in at this point and change things around in the city for sure yeah it was it was very hard to watch that this whole. I mean it was for months and months it kept going it.

Was Really Crazy And I Think A Lot

of us are concerned to see what will happen to New York Eddie what would you like the good people to know about you? So I am a Bronx native. I was born on 231st in Kingsbridge Avenue in the Bronx. I come from a pretty unique Bronx family. My grandfather and his seven brothers fought in World War Ii and they all survived and came back so that was something that was really special to my family Blue collar family. I grew up in Manhattan.

Im 64Th And Last To A 32 Bj

union worker and My Mom was a small business employee. So I was afforded a lot of the opportunities in my life to them went to Xavier high school downtown on 16th between 5th and 6th Fordham University and I did the Jesuit volunteer course so I. taught high school after after school went to Australia to play professional rugby. They call it amateur over there, but I call professional because it was at the level of play pretty much equivalent to AaA baseball. Then I came back and I went rogue into the startup world.

So I Went From Being A Teacher Into

the startup world. I’m, an entrepreneur teacher and I’ve helped really accelerate companies over time. So probably over 800 startups have helped accelerate over a period of 10 years and to Bill’s point same exact thing. I was sitting in August at home. You know I think there was just a number of different issues.

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I Saw Homeless On The Street.

I saw the way police officers were being treated. I saw the way the community was being treated and I think it’s just been mismanagement. So I was shocked into action and the drawing point for me was the tribute in lights, So the tribute of lights was canceled. I don’t actually blame anyone for that, but it was mismanaged four days.

No One Spoke Up About It.

There needed to be a you know a petition to celebrate our heroes from 9-11. and that was kind of the last drawing straw for me went to a number of friends in the community and Nypd and after Ui just people. I’ve known my whole life and said I’m gonna run for mayor. I can sit on the couch or I can do something so dropped everything and went into it and I’m running as a democrat and I’m literally willing to speak to anyone and any anything about fixing the city.

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So Thats Thats Where Im Coming

from yeah um was it hard. I. Mean I don’t know do you have to tell like when you decide you’re running for mayor? Do you have to tell them right away like what if you’re running as a Democrat or Republican, or what do they need to know your party right away or does that can you just say that whenever and if these are dumb questions just let me know I’ll go first or bill do you want to go all right good right I was going to say you know I you declare I guess when you when you join the the campaign. You know finance board and you start to build, but I’ll give an example historical examples. So when Ed Koch ran against Mario Cuomo.

They Actually Had Both Run As Democrats They

went to a runoff. Then they faced off and Mario Cuomo lost and they ended up turning around running. As an independent, so I think local races are very different in approach for me. You might as well. You know I am running as a democrat, but I’m literally running almost straight down the middle because I I think we need to listen to people because I think a lot of our politicians are just politicizing things.

So Im Running As A Democrat, But

I will literally speak to anyone from the homeless guy to you know the billionaire down the street so yeah the homeless people are very chatty. I do a show on compound media on 35th near like the Pens Penn station area and like the those are sometimes the only people. I I talk to on my way to do my show, um what was the sense like how how did your friends and family react to the news do they all. I mean I would assume they would know at this point, did you get any kind of backlash? Did you get positive negative mostly support how how did your friends and family react my friends and family were all supportive. I think my father was in shock for a little bit.

He Might Still Be In Shock But Everybodys

been supportive. I’ve I’ve been in politics before several years ago So it wasn’t you know out of left field for me to get involved like this so again Everybody’s been very supportive. We’ve garnered a lot of support and just to touch back on Eddie’s point he’s absolutely right no matter what party you’re running on right now you have to find the center. You have to find you have to care about people and talk about people because it’s not about Republican or Democrat anymore. It’s about new.

York, So Youre Absolutely Straight On

Eddie Yeah and my friends too were pretty supportive. You know came out of the left field. You know I had my moments when I announced and said man should I really be doing this but over two or three months you build confidence and just like anything else you know my friends and family have.


Chrissy Mayer is on itunes Youtube, spotify and Soundcloud and if you’re listening to us please go and leave a five-star review . She isn’t state approved for this episode . She is excited to talk to you about a brand new sponsor . One Seoul is the original interchangeable shoe.& It began in 2001. It’s an interchangeable soul that you can change hundreds of tops on different souls in a snap in seconds. It is known for its comfort and the perfect shoe for traveling because you only need one sole and a handful of tops. Don’t I know it.& This is how I feel I say this every time.& I pack why do I need to have like three and four shoes and shoes take . I pack. I packed why do . Why do I . need to be like 3 and 4 shoes and I need like three or four shoes, and shoes and take like a few times in a row. I don’t need like 3 or 4 shoes…. Click here to read more and watch the full video