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Chrissy Mayer podcast, We are on itunes Youtube, Spotify and Soundcloud and if you’re listening to us on itunes right now please go and leave a five-star review. For example, here’s a really great review from absolutely Bran great podcast that has me laughing frequently plus has great guests and content thank you so much. This episode is brought to you by cushy dreams. They are my number one go-to source for all things CBD related the their products really honestly changed my life. I I was like super anxious.

I Mean I Like Years Ago Would

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Im A Big.

Fan of the pre-roll they do joints and they do um bud in like these little tins. I really like the joints because I just have like a couple pulls and I feel relaxed and it makes it makes a big difference for me so go to Cushydreams. com use a promo code Cmp you’re gonna get 20 off your whole order plus free shipping date states dates I’m doing stand up the domestic terrorist tour continues. March 20th.

Im Gonna Be With The Comedians Of

the compound at Tiffs in Morris Plains. New Jersey get tickets for that I think they just added a late show that’s going to be a ton of fun. A lot of friends, a lot of fans, a lot of Shenanigans and then I’m heading to Florida April 30th at the Boca Black Box theater in Boca Raton, Florida. May 1st the Lake Park black. in Palm Beach, Florida.

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May Second Side Splitters In Tampa.

I think I’m gonna move a couple of those Appleton, Wisconsin dates um But the Sunday May 9th Oklahoma City Show is still on that’s at the Bricktown Comedy Club then May 14th and 15th Comedians of the compound is heading to Texas” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Austin Texas and then May 18th. I’ll be at Zany’s in Nashville. May 19th stand up live in Huntsville, Alabama and then Thursday um. June 3rd.

Ill Be At Hilaritys In Cleveland.

Some of these dates are just me by myself. Some of them are with my my good funny buddy funny buddy funny friend Tim young come after that and if you’re in a city that I haven’t mentioned and you want me to come do stand up near you hit me up send me a tweet send me send me whatever don’t no dick pics. Though this episode is also brought to you by Lucy Nicotine. They are a company founded by Caltech scientists and former smokers looking for a better and cleaner nicotine alternative finally tobacco alternatives that Don’t Suck.

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This Product Contains Nicotine Derived From Tobacco And

nicotine is an addictive chemical you know else is addictive savings go to Lucy.. co right now use that promo code CmP get your money off guys. This is a. This is a very exciting episode for me not only because of the guest, but because of the nature.

Of The Of The Anonymity Of This

guest the the mystery and the intrigue surrounded by them surrounded around them. I’ve i’ve kind of just been admiring a long time of admiring from a far fan he’s been basically I would call him a twitter provocateur in a way the twitter personality a kooky a Kooky Kitty. He is the author of the parody book Adventures in Cow Fart Literally in the sci-fi novel Rabbit Skin Welcome to the podcast it’s cat Turd what up what up can be your funny buddy. I want to be your funny buddy you’re my funny buddy I did not expect a southern accent at all. Oh yeah I’m, an old country boy from the South.

I Dont Know What I You

know you’re a cat your avatar is a cat with glasses so I think I maybe expected maybe more northeastern. Somebody who sounded like they could make a cappuccino you know so this is a pleasant surprise. We drink moonshine from where I’m from we make it in our bathtub so catcher. I must know I mean you’re you’re a huge twitter presence. You you seem pretty humble about it but you.

You Know Youve Been Retweeted By

some of the greats some of the biggest people and I just want to know how you know did was the was this sort of anonymous twitter persona of yours like did you have that right out the gate or did you change it up as you noticed. Maybe some of your opinions were none too popular. No no no I just kind of I’ve never been on social media before ever and nothing facebook anything you was a couple years ago. Maybe two and a half years ago Now so I just one day I was just like I’m gonna get on twitter. I don’t know how to do it.

I Have No Idea What Im Doing

so. I just signed up and I just went through some pictures online. I saw that cat and I said. I just call myself cat Turd and I didn’t know anybody on twitter. Nobody had no nothing and I just got up and tweeted and it’s just like that just so simple.

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Its Like Almost Like Anybody Can Just Do

it yeah Y’all should just do that oh my gosh, but it’s like you’ve only been on for two and a half years it’s wild you’ve got like almost half a million followers it’s it’s pretty well and you’ve only joined Wow You only joined in September of 2018. I joined in 2007. Wow. And I only got 24. 3.

What I Give A Good Even

good attitude about it and what do you attribute to you know that you know you’re getting so many followers relatively quickly. I have no idea it just um. I don’t know how it happened because I just started tweeting and you know. I remember um maybe a month after I started my page. I was like man.

I Got 10 Likes On A

tweet pretty good so it didn’t happen just the first time I started tweeting and I just started kind of taking the personality of the cat or whatever and I just started tweeting and I don’t know how it blew up so big it’s crazy. You know that CBs late show got a monologue about me. The other day which show was it um what’s the angus do John Corbin Oh, John Corden yeah, Oh! Wow yeah is that is that your kind of biggest shout out so far. I don’t know I don’t know other than me Of course yeah yeah, probably I don’t know they they they’ve written a bunch of articles about me and stuff and it’s just it never ends it’s crazy It’s crazy how it’s changed my life in two years too it’s weird how how else has it changed your life other than yeah the shout outs and the articles yeah it’s just I mean it’s it’s nuts. I mean it’s put me in a position.

You Know.

I could talk to my books. My sci-fi writer it’s just it’s just been crazy and then you know people like you asked me to come on podcasts and it just and people you know that dm me you know the people that I used to watch on Tv and they’re. with me all the time you know Dan Bondino and Scott Baio and you know Christy Swanson and you name it. They talk to me.

Are They Messaging You To Be

like Who are you or just to kind of nobody really asked nobody yeah nobody really asks who I am. I don’t think nobody really cares. I never I and I I don’t really care if anybody knows who I am to be honest with you um, but I do we I tell everybody just about everything about my life and everything, but it’s just kind of gotten to where it’s kind of fun to be anonymous yeah absolutely do you find I was gonna say like are you helped or do you think that you’re helped or hurt by the fact that you’re anonymous do you feel like it allows you to get away with saying more than. Like the what the real you, I guess would say may maybe but it’s kind of I mean you’ve seen all the crazy memes people do now captured it’s almost turned it’s like this character like a cartoon character, so it’s like out of your control. At this point Yeah it’s bigger than it is definitely I remember at one point you were saying there was a a couple people that were pretending to be you like they would copy your profile photo and they because your actual handle is cat turd too what happened to cat Turd one you don’t wanna talk about well.

I Didnt I Didnt Cat Turn Two

because number two you know I like Turds there’s no sophisticated reason behind it. Yeah It’s just a number two Yeah yeah I I really I do calculus formulas and everything with my method I just I just. really get scientific with how I do things Who would you say was the most like unexpected kind of like celebrity or higher profile person that you’ve connected with um I don’t even know you’re like some. I know who I could say but I don’t want to because i I don’t think they want me to know that I thought to them.


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