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Chrissy Mayer podcast We are on itunes, Youtube, Spotify and Soundcloud and if you’re listening to us on itunes right now please go and leave a five-star review for example, Here’s Oh here’s a nice new review. This is from Christina198484. Love your show and guests always informative and a good time P. s someone should tell Tara Reed Trump made it a felony to harm animals. The bite administration doesn’t give a bleep about humans What makes her think they will care about animals good point Christina I always care about animals.

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You May Recognize Her From Episode

166 with Brittany Venti about a month ago. Also she was here on episode 124, about three months ago she is. a human trafficking, survivor and advocate and she was She was recently suspended from Twitter for her very first time. We can talk all about that because I’m, a veteran on I’m getting suspended from Twitter it’s Elizablue Hi Chrissy thank you so much for helping me. You know it’s wild you are so today you are my only podcast that I’ve done three times wow and it’s almost like.

I Hope Youre Not Sick Of

me yet I just I’m just hoping that you’re you’re not going to leave me. No you want to do a podcast with me and I was like d everybody else. I don’t have time. I don’t have time and I have my friends they’re the only ones. I said yes to yeah did you do dr drew already I do I do dr drew this Thursday on March 18th and you kind of have the do you have the hots for him.

A Little Bit Is That An

open secret um his by far definitely a silver fox crush of mine, But I have developed a very friendly relationship with his wife okay their marriage quite a bit. She is a lovely person and I’m really looking forward to getting an opportunity to talk to Dr drew. He’s been a hero of mine for a long time. I was a teenager living in Los Angeles listening to K-rock when they were doing love line yes. I remember love line.

I Would Stay Up Really Late Because

I shared a room with my sister. We were in high school. We would just like stay up and listen to. together and we would tell each other like okay if it gets really bad. We’ll turn it off.

We Never Turned It Off No.

We raised a whole generation, so I’m really really looking forward to talking to him and honestly. I just think he’ll have a lot of insight about what happens to the mental state and folks that deal with addiction issues that have been trafficked. So I think I think it’ll be a really really interesting conversation sort of a wild moment for me. Though I never saw my life headed in this direction.

So Pretty Cool It Is Very Exciting.

I know I felt the same way I was like Oh my God. I’m gonna be talking to Dr drew like I too in a way felt like he like raised me and like in the sense that nobody was talking to me about like any. kind of sexuality stuff at all and he does give off daddy vibes for sure I’m actually more nervous to do dr drew than I was to do tim pools so like all this week. I’ll be studying my you know statistics and data just in anticipation for the show, so that I can make sure you.

I Did Not Brush Up.

No this is pretty good. I was just like you know what Eliza just show up and look good. The rest will take care of itself. I barely had any time.

I Was Too Busy Being Being Suspended

not banned suspended oh my gosh right yeah so you and I didn’t expect you to come back on come back to twitter you came back onto twitter like just before we started recording um which was pretty amazing and yeah. We had like you had like a mutual friend. Like you know basically delivering messages back and forth and for those of you who do not know um the fact you know why Eliza has been on you know a couple of times already she’s a huge proponent and very very a very passionate supporter. Basically of this ongoing case. This lawsuit against Twitter.

Theres A John Doe Lawsuit Over

a failure to remove child pornography content because it didn’t violate its policies and this has been a topic that’s been in the news for several months now, but it has kind of resurfaced again because Twitter is now officially moving to dismiss the lawsuit citing Section 230 immunity and at this point like we’ve been hearing you know for a couple months now like big Tech Big Tech Section 230. Like it’s they just it kind of allows them and maybe you can describe it better Eliza but like Section 230 basically allows these big tech companies. These social media platforms to take lets them off like Scot-free. They don’t they don’t have to take any responsibility for the content that’s passed through their platforms Yeah I mean basically. Section 230 allows these platforms immunity as long as they’re not acting as publishers and I think that one thing has become abundantly clear since 2020, especially we already sort of had an inkling that this was coming.

There Have Been Major Bans For Quite

some time. Alex Jones was probably one of the first Laura Loomer, Milo Yiannopoulos and other you know all these folks that you can Gavin Mcginnis and then that’s the thing is they’ve been banned for so long now for years now that it’s almost like. You you could very easily like all you hear about you know a Milo or a Gavin would be like what everybody else thinks about them you know it’s like they’ll highlight their mistakes, but never you know, especially Alex Jones was right about so many things that we can see are now coming to fruition but that’s what the mainstream media is so good at they’ll just bury you and then they get to kind of tell the story of you while you’re censored and thank God for these other social media apps that have come along.


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