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Hello, Hello, Were Going Live Hey Guys

Hey Guys Welcome to another episode of the Chrissy Mayer podcast. We are on itunes, Youtube, Spotify and Soundcloud and if you happen to be listening to us on itunes go ahead and leave a five-star review. I very much appreciate all the reviews that you guys have left so far a quick shout out to some of my stand up dates. I’m going to be on the Jersey shore next month June 17th. Comedians of the compound, We’re going to be at Uncle Vinnie’s so come check that out and then a couple days after that I’ll be at Jinx on the boardwalk also in point point pleasant beach so that’ll be July 20th on Jinx on the boardwalk check that out Guys um I want to make sure this stream is good that we can see this on Youtube okay.

Good Were Good And Then Yes More

dates coming up. I’m going to be in New Orleans August 13th and 14th at a new theater open up down there and then commands of the compound are coming to Vegas. September 10th and 11th, Then I’ll be back in Dallas at hyenas. I love that club in Dallas September 17th and 18th. Tickets for these shows are on my website and if they’re not they will be soon check them out we’d love to see you guys at some shows quick shout out to our sponsor Cushy dreams they are my go-to for all things.

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Im So Excited To Have This

guy on the podcast today. I feel like we’ve been friends for years. He is a comedian um his album number one album of the year is available right now for Purchase also has a wonderful podcast called We Don’t deserve dogs and I love dogs too we’re gonna get into all of it Richie redding how are you chrissy look up you’re looking good you’re looking flushed you’re looking youthful yeah I I underestimated how long it takes me. Peloton workout so yeah, I look like maniac right now the peloton is the bike that you have at home right Yeah you don’t like go to a class for that did you get into that like during the pandemic No we were pretty early adopters for it. You couldn’t actually get them during the during the bandy.

Oh Wow Yeah It Was Pretty Sweet To

have then how often do you do it. I do it maybe once or twice a week that I’ve I’ve been to the gym for like 16 months. I’ve got a pretty sweet circuit in the basement. I keep meaning to go like I have I have little weights. I have like bands but like I just I don’t know I have a hard time.

I I Will Prioritize Just About Everything Else

before fitness like I’ll be like Oh I gotta do some. Podcast stuff or like Oh, I gotta clean or like Oh, I gotta work. I don’t know I just really like working out in my underpants, so I don’t think like unless there’s a gym that’s very underpant-centric. I don’t think I’m going back yeah yeah yeah you could you could probably just show up they make long like long underwear. I just bought them for frank.

They Were Like Longer Like Boxer Brief Types

but yeah I just went to an orange theory class when I was with my sister out in Vegas last weekend and I I love it. I think I want to try to maybe join one up where I live like they just kick your ass like you go on autopilot and then an hour goes by and you’ve burnt like 500 calories. It’s just like these quick stations. It’s Like weights? It’s running but they do circuits so you don’t you’re not just like on the treadmill wanting to kill yourself, so I’m a psycho that does that to myself, But I still look like bleep with my shirt off but I really busted but yeah This is this is the gym well the gym by the way Yeah children’s rec room are you in a daycare right now. What is that um this is the the mural from Lisa, My girlfriend’s bot Mitzvah Oh you gotta keep that Lisa saves the planet and the animals and yeah.

She She Did Go On To Become

a vet which is pretty crazy but urinarian not you know her in not like I wasn’t, so we shouldn’t thank her for her service. Although keeping animals healthy is is pretty good. You know she’s for sure my primary care physician does she. Give you like animal vitamins and like animal pills it’s. I mean it’s all the same bleep right how different could we be Yeah.

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Its The Exact Same Stuff.

I I’ve been to the doctor like once Since I started dating her like seven years ago. Oh Wow okay that’s really exciting. I I can’t believe she saved a huge mural from her bar mitzvah, so it’s like you’ve had that what like 20 years now she saved it for like well. She’s 14 so no just had it the year Yeah, But are we talking about Cosby what’s happening.

Oh God Yeah, Cosbys Off Hes Free All

of our efforts worked crazy hooray. We did it guys we all all of our prayers have been answered all those dance parties we had at the outside of the prison, so he could see us Oh my God celebrating him do. You think he’ll go back on tour, Do you think he’ll do you think he was writing in prison or um wherever he was It would be wild. I would go see it. I would absolutely go see him.

I Mean Dude That Yeah I Mean It

would it would be be it’ll be so far beyond like the tension in the room of like like with louie it was like okay are you gonna talk about it. You know Like it’s like Hey Bro Are you going to mention that time that you got accused of raping 55 women or whatever the bleep endeavor was Yeah or he could do like an off-broadway like stage show and like bring them all on and then like they could be you know they could be part of it. Like we could get Lin-manuel on it and it’d be very diverse and um Yeah. I think if he came out like guns blazing yeah like to just sort of like a tell it like it is commenting on society and like yeah he could he he could of course have like a prepared like you know I was always innocent. I don’t know I guess they probably would tell him what he could say as far as that stuff goes because they wouldn’t want him to like.

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I Dont Think He Can.

again for it wow and it was basically a technicality right like Yeah, Somebody told him he wasn’t going to be tried, but then right like it was something sounding so lame well. It was that there was a. There was a verbal agreement that anything that he said in the in the civil suit wouldn’t be used in pursuing a conviction after that and then they changed da’s and the next ea was like read those transcripts. It was like Oh Yeah remember that time that he admitted to giving women quaaludes, so he could bleep them while they were sleeping Yeah and like so so Yeah that apparently is like inadmissible, but Chad is fired up the chat is having differing opinions Gogo thinks Cosby is not guilty of what he was charged with Hmm.

I Mean He Did Admit He

did admit to some things it’s. It’s a it’s an interesting heuristic to look at it through because if you read the Miller report and decide that trump was completely cleared. You’re Republican and if you read the cosby case and think that he was innocent you’re black it’s how we should I would watch him do a show what would that be called Don’t sleep on me Yeah Yeah Don’t sleep on the cars Yeah I don’t know everybody gets free pudding it’s really it’s really wild. I think it would sell I think people would go see him I’m curious he he had a tour between getting arrested and being on trial really Yeah. He did some dates that were like Super Bleep awkward, but he was still doing three hours of sitting still and yeah there was some he made some kind of of joke about it and that’s what and and it.

Like You Know It Obviously Drew

heat and that was when they’re like okay The tour’s over it’s just like that well Yeah that’s all it takes Do you think he shouldn’t be allowed to tour. Do you think he should be because there’s going to be people trying to I guess cancel him. If this tour happens right. I mean I I no I mean I don’t think anybody should be disallowed to talk um and I mean there’s there’s a free market to it right that like if I mean it was the same like drastically different between him and Louis, but it was like the the people that were trying to shut him down from being being able to appear at comedy clubs is like he could he could sell out msg six months from now.

You Know Yeah As Soon As He Has

the time so. I mean, I think there’s kind of a free market speaking just for for this right that like who’s really been canceled in in comedy that like their own audience, isn’t allowed to see them. I can’t think of I can’t think of anybody that they wouldn’t be the closest okay right Yeah I was going to say like I could think of a lot like some a few smaller examples, but yeah Owen Benjamin like where’s like had their own audience and then like we’re seriously thwarted from doing.


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