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Going Live Going Live Hello Hello, Whats Up Guys

Hey Guys welcome to another episode of the Chrissy Mayer podcast coming to you on itunes, Youtube, Spotify and Soundcloud and if you’re listening to us on itunes right now go ahead and leave a five star review. I appreciate very much all the reviews that have been left so far um really quickly before we start I want to tell you guys about some of my stand up dates. I’m going to be back on the Jersey shore at Point Pleasant Beach for two dates. July 17th is going to be comedians of the compound at Uncle Vinnie’s and then July 20th I’m going to be at Jinx on the boardwalk. Both of those are in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey, kind of near like the Jersey Shore area and then August 13th and 14th I’ll be in New.

Orleans Um.

September 10th and 11th Communions of the compound will be in Vegas Doing I think at least four shows at the plaza hotel, the Comedy Works Club down there and then September 17th and 18th. I’ll be back in Dallas, Texas performing at Hyenas in Dallas Love that Club love Texas just a big fan of states that are not new York quick shout out to my sponsor cushy dreams They are my go-to for all things. CBd related. They specialize in very high quality smokable CBD basically, but there’s no thc in this stuff Whatsoever you’re not gonna get high.

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gonna get 20. Check it out get you some smokeable CBd feel less anxious. I know I know it worked for me. I felt I felt less anxious you know you got to get over this this pandemic somehow right all right. I’m so excited to have this guy on the podcast today.

I Have Done His Show He

is half of the infamous Kato gottfried show They cover current events. He’s gonna talk to us about Florida another state that is better than New York in many different ways. We’re also going to talk about his new book so very excited to have him here today Joseph Condo how are you buddy doing well Chrissy. I hope you’re doing well too I’m doing great you look like you’re about to start like singing on a street corner like you look like you’re part of an acapella band well thank you This is. The hat I always wear when I go out so I don’t get you know cancer on my scalp, but it’s a boater hat.

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Theyre Theyve Been Around For A

long long time, and I guess you could say they sort of fell out of fashion, but I think they have permanent fashion ability. So I wear it when I’m out and eventually I started wearing it for Conor gottfried when I decided to wear the golf shirt, which is what I typically wear instead of the jacket and tie because that day my hair looks terrible, so I just figure. I’ll throw this on and it eventually became part of my get up for the show and I now wear it on basically everything that I do when it comes to live streaming podcasting I love it you look like just it’s like summer joe. You know it’s like. I don’t know it? I think it’s one of these things that like you know they’ll say you’ll hear like lame male pickup artists saying Like this was very much a thing like probably in the 90s like Oh, You need a funny hat.

You Need Like A Piece Of Interest, But

that genuinely is a cool hat and I feel like if you were like walking around like that’s the kind of hat that a lady would be like I’m going to talk to this guy ahead of me at the deli like I don’t know it’s just interesting maybe I’m just a hat girl maybe I’m getting into hats in my old age. I don’t know well. You’re not that old but anyway as I was gonna say the hat. I never thought of it in that context, but that’s good to hear really it is and it. looked like it May or may not have come with a harmonica, but that’s fine how is Florida Joseph What what part of Florida are you in I was just there In May I did um a show in Tampa.

I Did I Was In Boca

Raton and I was in like a west Palm beach area. I I know all those areas but I am well. I’m not terribly terribly far from temple, but I am far from West Palm and Boca Raton. I’m in between Gainesville and Orlando and central Florida in an area that has a lot of horses and at least traditionally a lot of manufacturing a very interesting combination There so it’s it’s pretty nice you could get to Jacksonville in two hours. Tampa within about an hour and 20 minutes Orlando within about an hour 15 minutes and there’s a whole bunch of other.

Stuff In The Area Too Daytonas About

an hour and a half so it’s it’s it’s pretty cool. Yeah Florida really is a great place to be for many different reasons, but I’ve seen the state not having some sort of prolonged shutdown Is definitely one of them yeah were you guys ever really shut down Yes we were and we had a I mean it wasn’t as bad as it was in in a lot of states. But there was a time when most people were working from home. They’re you know everybody’s wearing masks when they went out. There were massive ordinances here, but they’ve all since been axed and it it was it was a lockdown.

But It Was Not As You Know

insane as what you’d see in other places. There was no like as there was in Michigan, where if you go to your neighbor’s. House, you get to get a fine or go to jail So it was there was a lockdown, but it was very manageable even though it was very annoying and it ended fairly soon. I. It was only for a few months and things have been normal around here for so long that when you hear about people still having you know these various lockdown issues, especially places like Ontario.

Its Its It Sounds Like You Know

something completely completely out of this world. It does and I really do think the one of the big reasons that our country is not in in such a horrible like endlessly locked down situation. It’s like well. I’m sure like 2a might be part of it, but I I feel like more so is our governors like desantis. I feel like he he truly like paved the way and and like really.

Set The Standard Just What It Means

to be brave and what it means to like stand up for your state. I mean I I wish that like New York, right Michigan Jersey. I mean there’s so many states that were like so locked down, but like he really him and like Who’s the guy in Texas Abbott Greg Yeah two two of the best and I really think if it weren’t for them. Like I think the whole country would be so much worse off. I suppose a shout out to Christy Gnome is due as well out in South Dakota.

They Never Actually Locked Down At All But

yeah very it was easy for them not to do that because there’s such a small population and not to be mean, but hardly anyone ever goes there so it’s sort of you know they have been a. more manageable state of affairs, but it’s quite remarkable that places that have a lot of not just you know interstate but international travel like Florida and Texas did not have these draconian lockdowns, and they did about as well or even better than states that had this insane lockdown period. So certainly yeah the the fact that governors and even local politicians did not go along with the lockdown to the extent that a lot of folks would have liked that certainly I think made the lockdowns far less onerous than they otherwise would have been, and like newsome came out with this thing and he was like what they’re not doing anymore. State-sponsored travel to like what Florida Texas to me that just seems like a petty like bleep almost like I don’t know high school move like what what is that like you’re not shutting down all.

And Its Like Its Just Such A

small thing that’s it. I feel like it’s literally just something to get a headline and literally just something to be like news Just so he can like be like and that and like we’re gonna keep our people from coming to see you. I just I don’t understand the benefit. I think that it had to do with that trans bathroom thing or sports thing.

Whatever I You Know All This Stuff

sort of just like runs together at this point in my mind, and I I think that that was the rationale it could have very well been because of Kobe he was angry and the rationale was just the trans stuff but yeah California is in an interesting situation well. I mean it’s in many different interesting situations, but what I’m referring to is that the state has so many. of mineral resources, It obviously has so many opportunities for tourism. It could be a place with an economy that is second to none.

But At The Same Time Its Losing Population

losing business and it’s it’s rather sad to see all the wasted potential There that just basically is set on fire and I I do anticipate obviously the news and will will pull it through the the runoff but the people in California just seem to like voting themselves into squalor which I find really perplexing because their state even though I’m not a fan of it. I have to say it’s the most beautiful one in the union by far there’s no comparison to you mean California or Florida California is the most beautiful yeah yeah They got the wine going like I’ve only been to La I was in L. a last year like right as.


Chrissy Mayer will be back on the Jersey shore at Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey for two dates . He’ll be back in Dallas, Texas performing at Hyenas in Dallas . Cushy dreams are my go-to for all things.& CBd related. They specialize in very high quality smokable CBD basically, but there’s no thc in this stuff Whatsoever you’re not gonna get high.& You can get all the health benefits of CBd without getting high. Join the men and women who are sick of vapes and gummies and want to smoke their CBd they’ve they’re are are different indica sativa strains here so if you want to be a little more up maybe do like a hustle or an energy, but if you . want to relax before bed do like dream or relax . The podcast is available on itunes, Youtube, Spotify and Soundcloud . Go ahead and leave a five star review of this episode. Going live…. Click here to read more and watch the full video