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Hello Were Here Welcome To Another Episode Of The

Chrissy Mayer podcast We are on itunes, Youtube, Spotify and Soundcloud and for listening to us on itunes right now go ahead and leave a five star review. I appreciate it Oh so much um I want to shout out some of my upcoming stand up dates I think Sunday August 1st. I’ll be doing a wacky fun secret show on an island somewhere in Goss Cobb um if you’re interested in that show hit up Matt Mead on on Twitter on instagram. I know This is like very vague, but these secret shows are vague and then I’m gonna be in Beach Haven, New Jersey back on the Jersey Shore. August 12th at Bird and Betty’s and then heading to New Orleans.

August 13Th And 14Th, Performing At The Comedy

House in New Orleans and then I’m gonna be. Back to Vegas with communions of the compound, We’ll be performing at the plaza hotel at the Comedy works Club over there and that’s September 10th and 11th and then I’m heading back to Texas, headlining Hyenas in Dallas September 17th and 18th. Then comedians of the compound will be doing the stadium show out in Lakewood, New Jersey. October 16th and then I’m heading to California. So excited booked some shows in Santa Monica at the Broadway Comedy club West October 22nd and 23rd so excited to do comedy all over this wonderful country wherever they will have me and if I didn’t mention your city just tweet at me tag the clubs that you like to go to.

They Do Notice That Stuff And And

they yeah I appreciate the tweets and the and the wrecks so excited to have this guy on the podcast today He came. heavily recommended by many of the fans. He is the proprietor of All Caps Comics. He is the creator of Cyber Frog and the host of comic artist Pro Secrets on Youtube Welcome to the show Ethan Van Skiver. So when you said heavily recommended was that a fat joke did they tell you to do that it’s my people.

My People Are In The Chat

right now they’re the ones. Oh they’re laughing now hello people heavily. I don’t know what you look like I had no idea. I don’t know if you are a person of size or not. I I’m.

I Would Say Im A Proud

person of size, but I have been regularly fat shamed. At this point. I’m a little bit yeah like I I there’s a little bit of resentment, healthy resentment for the fat shaming that I’ve endured every single day really I. I think it what you’re doing Yeah just going out like you are is stunning and brave. Now you’re you’re trying to look great and that means you look great your set looks great.

Im Here With A With A Turtle

in a in a bin so you know can I see him why do you have a turtle in a bin well he’s he’s actually my boyfriend’s sons Oh man I have to dig through the dirt and wake him up ah wake up turtle. He hates me right now iggy he’s my boyfriend’s sons turtle. We got him over the pandemic pandemic whatever he likes to call it and now he’s like about a year old. I know he’s literally was sleeping and now I’m shoving him into a ring light that is a beautiful turtle so during a pandemic, you got one of the most disease-ridden animals. listen no I love them well.

I Think That They Are They

spread all kinds of like trichognosis and what else do they have They’ve got all of those diseases that they can spread and I think so but that’s only if you eat them or they bite you, he doesn’t look like he’s going to be right and actually you know what’s great about this turtle is that it’s um it’s gender ambiguous. Supposedly you you can’t tell the gender of the turtle until it’s like a few years old that turtle’s all men look for something we hope you know we’re a low-key hoping that it’s a boy just because like their name is his name is iggy there I called it a they um so like you know he was are you gonna let him decide his own gender yeah. I think that’s appropriate. I think I’m. I think when the time is right.

Ill Say Look You Can You Can

be a a he a she a they I’ll rescue you Yeah just wait outside the door Pal blink twice if you have woke parents um Yeah, but he’s great and he’s got like it’s really cool as he’s been growing up. You can see he’s got these very turtley little nubs on his like arms and legs so yeah. He almost died he almost died like about six months ago. I’m putting him away. Why did he almost die almost six months ago got very dehydrated and he was 100 limp like I’m talking like whiskey on a saturday night like dead never coming back this terrible terrible metaphor, but I really thought he was dead um just he looked dead and for a few hours he just wasn’t moving and I was like well.

We Tried You Know And Then I Was

like you know what like let me rush him in an uber to the exotic pet place and yeah you spend a you spend a bit a bunch, a bunch of pennies, but I was like you know let’s like let’s do everything we can to make sure this guy like this little guy isn’t really dead, what did they do for him Oh my God. I’m I actually ha I’m so happy that I did not listen to the vet because she first was like well. We won’t know anything until we do. X-rays and the X-rays were like 250 each and she wanted to do like at least two of them. She’s like I won’t even know what’s wrong until I was like well We could we could buy a whole another turtle with the money we spent on these.

No Were Not Gonna Do That And She

was like Oh, or we could just give him a vitamin shot. How much are the vitamin shots 35 Yeah Let’s do that yeah that sounded better yeah good save that turtle’s life and yeah we saved them and we just gave them a lot of when turtles are little they need to be like soaked every day because they dehydrate easily um so you just put them in a little bath and you like splash them. He’s not a sea turtle, so he’s a land turtle. This is not what I expected to be talking about well. I mean that’s listen.

I You Know.

I’m all about the reptiles and amphibians. You know I I wake up you don’t know this about me Chris you know very little yeah no I did I did some research Oh bleep I wake up. Every morning at 5 a. m at first light and I run outside to the swimming pool and I I strip down to my underpants and I dive into the water like Tarzan and there I I’m swimming underwater and I look for frogs and I save the frogs before the pool filter comes on and they get sucked into the filter.

I Rescue The Frogs And I I

extend my hand like this and they go. They kick their little legs and they come sit in my hand because they know I’m there to save them. Wow, I say frogs every single morning so what I’m seeing you do no big surprise to me that’s just what a good human being would do you know what you can always tell when animals like a person that that they’re a good person because that some people are you know repelled by animals that’s always a big red flag. When like you’re you’re at someone’s house and the dog like won’t come near that person you’re like hmm they probably suck well. I’ll I’ll throw my cat out the window and also trash cats and the and the squirrels that get into my garbage.

Ive Got A Bb Gun And Im

working on Oh Yes thank you chrissy chrissy come on the squirrels are so cute. I had a squirrel feeder well. It was a bird feeder, but the squirrels took it over like attached to a window. You wouldn’t think it was cute okay you would they would suddenly become a lot less. You know sweet friendly chipper little creatures in your eyes.

If You Woke Up Every Single Morning And

first of all you know they got into your garbage. They chewed a hole through the lid to allow themselves easy access. Are you sure those aren’t raccoons. Those two they invited the raccoons to the party and the raccoons wake up and they with their little hands. They turn the spigot on the hose and then the hose starts flowing and my wife comes down and she goes the water’s on again.

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Its Pitch Black Up Outside I

don’t want to go out there with the raccoons well. I will that’s why I have a BB gun so I’m armed in New Jersey. Yes don’t tell anyone I won’t I won’t tell anybody it does. Sound like you live in a cartoon you know you have animals you know plotting against you causing mischief They stay They they spread the garbage all over my driveway and then they laugh and my cat doesn’t do anything my cat just watches them out the window they laugh at my cat cats are very selfish animals. They if you died tomorrow they they would chew on your neck like they really just they wouldn’t care okay.

I Want To Know Um Youre Here To

talk about cancel culture generally um I don’t know if you if you want to kick it off talk about your origin story a little bit how you got into um doing comics. I I read that one of your early inspirations was Superman 1978 Superman, but I’m sure yeah every aspect of my life. Superman has slugged away yeah 100 No I. I started working in comics in the early 1990s, and you know ended up working at DC Comics for about 20 years. My first book was called Cyber Frog.

I Drew That When I Was A

teenager into my early 20s and then I started working at DC Comics and I it was interesting it’s like everybody was liberal. Everybody was was lefty, but it wasn’t it wasn’t toxic you were a lefty Did you identify now No I’m a Mccarthyite Conservative. I want to fire a communist out of a cannon into a brick wall asap. You know so we might differ about that like you might prefer to use a catapult.

Im Like No A Cannon Into.

a brick wall so I you know I got along with everybody anyway you know because I’m I’m good like that I’m able to you know keep keep on an even keel and deal with crazy people but I I was drawing for a long time. I was doing green lantern. I was doing flash and then all of a sudden.


Obama was elected president and everything kind of changed. Everybody was rejoicing and very very happy and I was happy that they.


Ethan Van Skiver is the proprietor of All Caps Comics . He is the creator of Cyber Frog and the host of comic artist Pro Secrets on Youtube . Ethan will be doing a wacky fun secret show on an island somewhere in Goss Cobb on August 1st. and then I’m gonna be in Beach Haven, New Jersey back on the Jersey Shore.& August 12th at Bird and Betty’s and then heading to New Orleans. August 13th and 14th, performing at the Comedy House in New Orleans . September 10th and 11th and then he’s heading back to Texas, headlining Hyenas in Dallas September 17th and 18th . October 16th and October 22nd and 23rd . He’ll be performing in Santa Monica at the Broadway Comedy club West October 22th and 23th . He’s excited to do comedy all over this wonderful country wherever they will have me. The podcast is available on itunes, Youtube, Spotify and ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video