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Good Internet, Hello, Hello And Welcome To Another Episode

of the Chrissy Mayer podcast We are on itunes, Youtube, Spotify and Soundcloud and if you’re listening to us on itunes go ahead and leave a five-star review Guys. I’m doing stand-up I am coming to a town near you. In the next few months. I’m going to be in Vegas September 10th and 11th. With the comedians of the compound, We’ll be doing four shows at the Comedy Works Hotel, Not the Comedy Works Hotel, the Comedy Works Club in the Plaza Hotel and then I’m heading to Texas doing four shows at Hyenas in Dallas.

September 17Th And 18Th Then Back

to Jersey headlining actually doing a whole show with the communities of the Compound. October 16th, The Blue Claws Stadium in Lakewood, New Jersey and then Oh My God. I’m going to California so excited to see. left of that beautiful state I’m gonna be there October 22nd and 23rd. Doing four shows out at the Broadway comedy Club West in Santa Monica with Sam Tripoli and Bridgette Fedeci and then I’ll be headlining Tiffs and Morris planes.

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November 6Th Wow I Already Have

dates through November yeah so my little declaration of not performing anywhere that’s gonna mandate Vaccines has been has been going okay so far. I’ve been managing I have been losing too much work really which is great a quick shout out to our sponsor cushy dreams without them we would be nowhere we wouldn’t be here. Cushy dreams, K-u-s-h-y dreams They are my go-to for all things Cbd if you’re sick of vapes if you’re sick of gummies if you would like a kind of a natural solution to deal with your anxiety. Like I did check out Cushydreams. com it’s grown right.

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checkout to get 20 off your order. I’m so excited to have this guy back on the program. He is one of my absolute favorites favorite people. He’s one of my internet Daddies. He is the author of democrat to deplorable.

Own Youtube Show Hes The Founder Of The

Liminal order So happy to have him back here Jack Murphy Chrissy I’m back I’m back. I was about ready to hit send on the cushy and then you’re like you’re not gonna get high. I was like Oh just kidding. I ordered ten packages Oh wow yeah it’s it helps me with my anxiety and I was a I was an adderall kid way back when not kid young adult and then I realized I didn’t want to be dependent on something that cost so much and that made me a little Kooky so a lot of bit Kooky a lot a bit Kooky happy to get that Cbd I’ll get some cushy cushy cushion guys um thanks for having me back thanks for coming back you’ve been a you’ve been a regular. I think you’re becoming a regular now on.

Tim Cast You Know I Was

Tim’s very first guest on IrL Yep number one guest first ever it was just me and Tim in his house outside of Philadelphia. I think it was back in the end of 2019 and Yeah I was number one and the first thing I did when I got to the show. I was like Tim when are you gonna go Maga baby When he still wow he was not was he even a little bit he was sniffing on trump. You know he was milk toasting around as usual, but Yeah I spent that whole day just you know giving him say gee come on man it’s warm over here the water’s nice come on and in the comments everybody was saying hey this is what we’ve all been changing the Tim for the last year come on. Tim do you remember when that first appearance was it was fall of 2019 and then I did another one during covid like the intense covid scene and then we just started doing regularly after after he moved away from Philadelphia and we did every other week there for a while and I had white boys summer to tend to so I did that and now I’m back and starting September 1st and every 14 days thereafter I will be at Tim cast irl so come check it out wow nice yeah so he went from trump curious to full on full on full on it was good it’s been I mean look at this point in time it’s like there’s nothing left to hang on to if you got a thinking brain and you’re halfway cool and you want to see something good for the future of America there’s.

Just No Way You Can Just

be like Yo woke up everything woke it all up. Let’s go that’s what we’re seeing today in Afghanistan that’s what we’re seeing all over the place so there’s nothing there’s no other place. How do you stay How do you keep your spirits up like I. I don’t know I know I want to talk about Australia and I I get confusing information about Australia because some folks will say the people here love this authoritarian takeover. They love having people govern them they are govern govern me harder daddy types.

They Love Being Told What To Do They

are fine with being able. Oh my God. I get to leave my house an hour a day now two hours a day now and then I have a guy who does my clips and graphics over in Australia and he’s like this is. Horrible like Thank God. I can focus on work because I would be depressed and this is this is bad.

This Is It Would Be Ironic For

a nation founded by ex-cons, criminals, debtors and thieves and such to be all in for the authoritarian vibe that’s not what I would have assumed but yeah I mean look I haven’t been to Australia. I don’t know too many Australians but I do read the news reports and from what I can see they see things like hey guys. We have now allowed you new freedoms. You can go outside for two hours in a day and then there’s like kids hanging out at the beach getting arrested and they’re like tracking they like we saw this man in the elevator if you see him anywhere we’re gonna arrest him tell us and I was reading the other day too that. Building a thousand bed quarantine camp Yes they and the same woman some leader in Australia.

I Dont Remember Who It Was Who

was announcing this thousand bed quarantine Kids horrible like Brunette Yeah, I was like I gotta do a character of her. I was like I gotta like just just draw my eyebrows on with a sharpie and be like look you know like we want to keep you safe get we’re not calling them camps just get on this train here and we will take you to our camp in the desert and not you logs on the same. In the same day okay, there’s she’s tweeting about how excited she is that they’re gonna open up this thousand-bed facility, which is stimulating the economy right so they’re like leveraging covid quarantine and scariness in order to boost the economy that’s that’s saying something right afterwards. She posts like their daily Covid stats and it was literally two new cases that day not hospitalizations not deaths not it two two cases. So I don’t know I think what it is it’s like you know the commonwealth countries right you get England You got Canada, you got Australia and others New Zealand.

They Are All In On This

right. They like in Canada. They’ve been doing the lockdowns in the quarantines and and the vax requirements for air flight and train travel. Now you know in England you can’t you don’t even really have free speech you got guys going to jail for doing the heil Hitler joke with his dog and whatever oh right you know that guy yeah that was real that was real and you know so they’re they’re like 10 years or five years maybe ahead of us in this this woke insanity. But it all comes down to the same basic principle which is that like through science and technology and technocracy and institutions, We can make everything in this world perfect.

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We Can Have Zero Covid Guys

zero covet. All you have to do is stay home. Don’t work wear a mask. Don’t see your family Don’t Hug your grandma Don’t go to weddings take 25 vaccines get the re-up every six months. I mean four months.

I Mean Three Months And So Theyre

chasing this impossible zero and it is just part of the whole progressive mindset which is that through science through technology and through modernity and through the future we can fix everything we can solve every problem except human nature hasn’t changed like that we’re all human still there’s still good and evil in all of us and good and evil everywhere you will never get to. And in the effort of trying to get to zero evil zero bad zero, Whatever in your wake is tyranny, There’s no way there’s no like amount of obeying and and behaving perfectly that’s gonna that’s gonna result in in freedom again and and even with like Australia it’s like they’re doling out your freedoms like teaspoon by teaspoon you’re supposed Oh wow look we get to do this and and I was like you know you listen to progressives and they’re like you know you they’re obsessed with listen to people smarter than you listen to the science. It’s almost like to me. It sounds like okay that takes a weight off your individuality using your own common sense using your own brain because if you just obey and and they have like they’re snotty about it they’re arrogant about it and condescending about it well we have to. Listen to the science we have to you know it’s the New York Times.

Its The Washington Post And You Know

it’s the head of the World Health Organization. It’s the head of the CdC. It’s this esteemed epidemiologist from the University of Harvard. Yeah, you know what that doesn’t do anything for me at all anymore. I remember when I was a little kid or growing up.

I Thought That When I Got Out

into the professional workplace. Everybody was gonna be so smart and super-focused like you were an adult now and I remember looking around at all my high school. You know colleagues and fellow students be like you guys are all can I swear on this one yes you guys are all bleep idiots and I can’t wait to just grow out of this field of bleep idiots and just land in the universe of. mature responsible educated adults that actually know what’s?


Chrissy Mayer is coming to a town near you in the next few months . She will be doing stand-up in Vegas September 10th and 11th . She’ll be doing four shows at Hyenas in Dallas, New Jersey, Texas, California and November 6th . A quick shout out to our sponsor cushy dreams. They are my go-to for all things Cbd if you’re sick of vapes or gummies if you would like a kind of a natural solution to deal with your anxiety. it’s grown right.& quality CBD but in these tin cans here and in pre-rolls they come in these lovely little five packs very portable take them with you different Indica sativa blends like dream hustle energy create relax whatever you want to do with your day.& I just smelled a whiff of it.& Cushy dreams has your back. The podcast is on itunes, Youtube, Spotify and Soundcloud ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video