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And Were Live Welcome To Another Episode Of The

Chrissy Mayer podcast We’re on itunes, Youtube, spotify and Soundcloud and if you’re listening to us on itunes right now go ahead and leave us A five-star review please and thank you doing stand-up this weekend in Vegas I’m going to be with comedians of the compound at the plaza hotel. The club is called the comedy works so I’m really excited to be in Vegas to do some shows and then the weekend after that, I’ll be in Dallas headlining four shows at Hyenas Hyenas in Dallas there and then a bunch more dates coming up through the fall through the winter doing stand-up wherever we can wherever they don’t mandate the Jabs quick shout out to a couple of our sponsors for which this podcast would not be possible without I’m really excited at this new one because. a dating app and we know how terrible dating apps are they’re superficial. It’s a lot of swiping it’s a lot of just kind of mindless like are we even connecting but there’s this new app called Jerome. It’s a free new values.

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be a little bit more up. Maybe you do like an energy if you want to be a little bit more relaxed for bed before bed do like a dream or a piece or whatever um 100 legal ships everywhere in the u. s grown here in the u. s um so that’s why I like it and it’s just helped me a lot with my anxiety and you can join the men and women who are sick of vapes and gummies and want to smoke their CBD so go to Kushydreams. com and use promo code CmP to get 20 off plus free shipping okay I’m excited I’m excited to have this guy on the podcast today he came to my attention really just like.

I Saw On Twitter.

I saw like somebody posted this Tic tac, You guys know my feelings about Tic toc not really on there much, but I do enjoy When Tic Tacs, you know come across my my feed on Twitter and I was like. I must have this man on because he he I think is part of the the fight We’re all fighting right now against these backs passports Vax mandates um. He is a lovely young man. He’s an entrepreneur we’re gonna learn all about him and why he’s inspired to do what he’s doing.

Hes Basically Putting Up Signs In

as many restaurants as he can in New York City to that are for anti-discrimination against vac status and here he is excited to have him on the show today Ari hassan Naj how are you good how are you I’m glad to have you here. is exciting thank you. I’m gonna get this out of the way for those of you who have not seen this tick tock. I know not everyone’s hip and with it and on tick tock you know like me right but I’m gonna play this video really quick so people can see what you’re doing here and to set up um. I guess what’s going to be happening this weekend let’s get this on here okay my technology told me the song gives me chills I was like I saw this I was like whoa we’re doing it that’s why I chose Hey Tick-tock baby um so this is like this is pretty cool you hit up fiacos, which is an Italian specialty spot on Bleecker The blind Tiger, which is on Bleecker cones which is on bleecker all of the in nolita is that I guess.

North Of Little Italy Yeah All Of These

I think are in Greenwich village any all right I’m going to dial it back. What got you to the point where you are running to Fedex and printing out you know hundreds of flyers. So basically how it started was um one morning. I was going to my gym and this was like two three weeks ago and um my gym decided to not let me to not let me go in and work out anymore Because he told me New York sports club okay yeah, so they told me I couldn’t work out anymore. They’re like you can come back once you get your vaccine.

This And That I Was Like Wow

that’s insane you know like on my way back home. I was thinking to myself. I was like why isn’t anybody doing anything about this like I was. also thinking about how it affects like 70 percent of black people you know like most of them are unvaccinated. I was like so why isn’t why isn’t black lives matter doing anything about this if they really care about what’s not an election year Yeah Yeah exactly that’s what I was thinking I was like all right.

This Is Clearly Like So Um

so yeah, Then I I found I had seen a restaurant called Broncos Like two or three weeks ago they had a massive sign on their story was that sign exactly and I was like. This is a This is such a perfect sign it’s also like uncancelable like they can’t say anything to us about it it’s like where is gorgeous is that insane it’s they have. They have a location on oblique street that’s where I saw it the first time because my uncle’s. Restaurant is there too his restaurant is patient pasta so like the whole block oblique street is like very they’re very for like not mandating anything. You know they’re very pro freedom so yeah as I was saying I saw the sign and I was like this is perfect like let’s see what would happen if if I go door to door.

You Know And I Was Like Mate.

Let me see if maybe if I could record and put on my tick tock because I’ve had other tick tocks that have blown up and I was like that would be pretty cool if I can get like an extra like 20 30 40 people to come out with me and little did I know it was gonna absolutely explode and now. I have God knows probably hundreds or even thousands that are gonna be coming out this weekend so. When did you um? When did you post this tick tock? Was it the same day that you went out to all the restaurants Yeah and this was oh no. It was it was a day.

It Was Like A Day Or Two

after because I had like work. You know I was very busy but I was trying my best. Oh and like New York City also flooded so like you have to take care of yeah We had to like help out with the building and stuff. You know Oh Yeah We all saw the videos of the subways like Oh is this a new water park. Oh no that’s the e train great so what was the day that you went around and posted all these signs or hit up it was it was like like I would say like three or four days before the flooding.

Okay, Okay, So Things Got Flooded

like what was it I made this video. I’d say like a week or two ago Okay and I mean this is a. This is it’s a risk ari like it’s. I don’t know if your heart was beating If you’re like you know it’s one thing to like print out flyers and go around but to like post it it’s. I know that feeling you’re like but I’m sure something inside you felt called to action yeah.

I Mean Literally Nobody Was Doing Anything About

it. I was like why the hell is no one saying anything like. I know. People are saying as much like as much as they can about these but nobody’s doing anything about it.

So I Was Like This Is Pretty

simple like this could work let me just try let’s see what could happen and people love. It it’s like a whole global movement right now It’s insane my people from Australia, Canada, New England, like yeah all over the place and it was good that you you’re like you saw a template of a sign that worked that was really good because this is let me see if I can bring it up here because you you actually and you started a discord group which someone invited me to I’m always excited to be invited to things the sign this it says we do not discriminate against any customer based on sex, gender, race, creed age, vaccinated or unvaccinated that’s the important part. All customers who wish to patronize are welcome in our establishment and the sign works so well because I feel like you’re sort of using this kind of leftist inclusion type language, framing it as discrimination which it is literally right, but it’s. In the form that I think is they can’t disagree with it If they disagree with it.

They Just Look Horrible Its Like Wow

you don’t like you clearly don’t care about discrimination you just want to pretend like you do yeah it’s like it’s almost like trying to argue with what do you know you don’t like black lives matter what’s wrong with that so and this isn’t. This is exciting. This is amazing and now since you’ve put this out. I’m sure a lot of people have been hitting you up.

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You Also Have Um A Discord

group which people can join I think there might be an invite in one of the twitter threads, but I can post it definitely in the details of this so this is all leading up to this weekend. You’re planning basically a big protest do you want to um give. A little more detail on that.


Chrissy Mayer will be doing stand-up this weekend in Vegas and Dallas this week . She’ll be headlining four shows in Dallas . She’s excited about a new dating app called Jerome.& It’s a free new values.&-based dating app you pick your deal breakers and deal makers There’s no expert and match percentages you don’t have to addictively check the app as soon as someone matches your deal breaker or deal maker and you match theirs. Jerome is also video only for more human interactions. It’s values-based matching if you’re conservative things are probably not gonna work out with the lib let’s be honest and vice versa same with religion lifestyle. And we’re on itunes, Youtube, spotify and Soundcloud . We’re on ┬áspotify and Soundcloud and if you are listening to us on itnotes right now go ahead and leave us A five-star review please and thank you for your favorite podcast of the week. And if you already…. Click here to read more and watch the full video